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All types of surplus manufacturing, refining, processing, electrical and industrial equipment are purchased and sold at Industrial Surplus Inc. Further info is available at: Industrial Surplus 6532 Rupley Circle, Houston, TX 77087 (713) 644-4011 ‎

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Industrial Surplus, Inc.

Demolition Contractor

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Industrial Surplus, Inc. started out as a small family business. It’s President and Founder, Gino Parker, started out by helping companies clear out their yards from outdated surplus items they had.

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We also aim to become the chief demolition contractors and Asset Recovery for power plants, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, and any other industrial facilities.

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At Industrial Surplus Inc., we utilize Evaluation and Development of Safe and Cost Efficient Demolition Methods such as:

  • Development of a Cost Estimate

  • Valuation of Used / Surplus Equipment to Potentially Offset Project Costs

  • Valuation of Architectural Salvage and Wood salvage to potential offset  Project Costs

  • Valuation of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap Metals For Recycling

  • Evaluation of Onsite Concrete / Brick / Masonry

  • Onsite Crushing as a Cost Savings Alternative to Offsite Recycling; Disposal.

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We bring superior expertise to demolition projects of all sizes and types by offering our customers the most cost-competitive solutions possible.

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Working for industrial clients nationwide, our commitment to professional standards is widely recognized. We carry out all work with the utmost respect for the demands of our clients.

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Industrial Surplus Inc. works in partnership with clients to offer a range of estimating services, from initial assessment to ongoing representation as the project moves forward.

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Depending on your needs, we can employ equipment as large as cable cranes and excavators down to bobcats and hand wreckers to tailor a demolition project to fit any requirement.

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Our extensive experience enables us to focus on each project with superior professionalism, as well as to encompass a complete cycle of capabilities.

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Industrial Surplus, Inc. with superior professionalism, as well as to encompass a complete cycle of capabilities.

6532 Rupley Circle

Houston, TX 77087

(713) 644-4011 ‎