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Relief S taff Group Consultation Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Relief S taff Group Consultation Meeting

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Relief S taff Group Consultation Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Relief S taff Group Consultation Meeting. Why are we changing. Continued efforts to increase zero hour staff has not been as successful as planned. Introduction of relief spreadsheet to move people around the business to be more efficient.

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Relief S taff Group Consultation Meeting

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Presentation Transcript

Relief Staff

Group Consultation Meeting


Why are we changing

  • Continued efforts to increase zero hour staff has not been as successful as planned.
  • Introduction of relief spreadsheet to move people around the business to be more efficient.
  • Turnover of relief/bank staff within Childbase is 34% (103 leavers).
  • Within 3 months, (Oct, Nov, Dec 2013) 20 relief staff left us.
  • Hours lost through SMILE – Over 1000 hours. Increased requirement for us to fill these gaps moving forward.
  • Agency spend would cease. We would not incur any future charges at the current run rate of £14.25 per hour (level 2).
  • Based on what we are currently spending on agency £124,911 (Nov – Jan) we used 8815 hours; under the new contract we would receive an additional 4417 hours for the same cost.
  • This equates to 117 weeks of free relief staff (2.4 practitioners for 1 week in every setting)


  • Kangacrew will supply all relief staff to Childbase in a partnership contract.
  • Childbase will no longer seek to employ future relief staff.
  • All staff currently contracted to work less than 10 hours per month will TUPE to Kangacrew.
  • Relief staff will continue to be offered work within Childbase and remain an integral part of our business.

Our people matter ….

  • Our commitment to people remains a core part of our business.
  • We recognise this announcement and consultation has an impact on our people and it is our intention to ensure a smooth transition for you all.
  • The transferred relief staff remain an integral part of our business.
  • Transferring staff will retain all existing contractual terms and conditions.
  • Transferring staff will also have the added benefit of accessing other work when this is not available through Childbase.

What does this mean for your employment?

  • We are obliged to consult with you because it is a change to your contract.
  • Consultation started when you received a letter from me and will consist of:
      • Letters
      • FAQ's
      • Group consultation meetings
      • 1:1's
      • Email/telephone support from HR
      • Support from management teams and partnership council

What is TUPE?

  • TUPE stands for Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment
  • Regulations designed to safeguard your employment terms and conditions when service provisions change.
  • This means, because Kangacrew will now service our relief needs, the provision has changed and you are protected by TUPE
  • Your existing terms and conditions protected
  • You will become an employee of Kangacrew
  • You may be given opportunity of more hours – a choice
  • Aim to complete consultation and for transfer to be effective 16th June 2014


  • We will write to you by post regularly – please keep your contact details up to date on MyBase
  • Information will regularly be updated on the Intranet under People Matter
  • Contact Sheet – you can contact any of us
  • You can tell us what you think, ask questions and put forward ideas by contacting anyone on the Contact Sheet or emailing
  • You can request a 1:1 with HR over the telephone or face to face

What if I don’t want to transfer?

  • TUPE is designed to ensure you’re protected, therefore during this process your position will still exist and will move to Kangacrew
  • If you do not want to transfer, you need to ‘object’ to TUPE, which means you will be resigning from your position.
  • We urge you to come and talk to us before taking this decision so that we can support you

Who are Kangacrew ?

  • Kangacrew have been trading and working in partnership with Childbase for 10 years.
  • We currently have 5 branches covering the Childbase geographical spread.
  • We will be bringing on a new team to service this contract.
  • The ethos behind Kangacrew and how this will ensure a smooth transition of practitioners transferring.

Lead the way, step into Childcare


People matter to Kangacrew

  • The transferred practitioners will be offered work in the Nurseries they have transferred from as a priority.
  • Options to work in a wider geographical spread should they wish to increase hours worked / increase potential earnings.
  • Opportunity to have work outside of the Childbase group as and when work is not available within Childbase.
  • Reward and recognition incentive implemented for all practitioners.
  • Practitioner of the month scheme.
  • Referral scheme.

Lead the way, step into Childcare


What can Kangacrew offer?

  • An understanding of the standards and expectations that Childbaserequire.
  • All new pracitioners recruited for this contract will be fully inducted to service the contract in line with the TOR set out by Childbase; this will include the Oli Training Childbase currently provide.
  • Opportunity for practitioners to earn a higher wage due to more hours being offered.
  • Kangacrew will help retain the transferred staff by offering work at times when Childbase has no requirement.
  • Continuity of quality and standards amongst our practitioners.

Lead the way, step into Childcare