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Gill Nutt. CCIM Ltd CEO. Background. 1989 Contact 24 – Outsourcing call centre Supervisor - Call Centre Manager 1995 Ionica – Telecommunications National Call Centre Manager 1997 Pell & Bales – Outsourcing call centre Operations Director 1999 CCIM Ltd – call centre consultancy CEO.

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gill nutt

Gill Nutt



  • 1989 Contact 24 – Outsourcing call centre
    • Supervisor - Call Centre Manager
  • 1995 Ionica – Telecommunications
    • National Call Centre Manager
  • 1997 Pell & Bales – Outsourcing call centre
    • Operations Director
  • 1999 CCIM Ltd – call centre consultancy
    • CEO
ccim ltd uk 1999 to 2003 consultancy and interim management
CCIM Ltd UK -1999 to 2003Consultancy and Interim Management
  • Sanderson – Head of CS and Sales
  • Virgin Net – Senior Project Manager
  • Bush Internet – Head of CS and call centres
  • Fuller Peiser – Project Manager
  • Matthew Clark Wholesale - CC Director
  • Royal Bank of Scotland – Comms PM
  • Capita – CC Bid Team Planning PM
  • Kingston Communications – General Manager
  • Tiscali – Consultant
  • Tiscali – Customer Services Director
ccim ltd india 2003 2004 migration and management consultant
CCIM Ltd India 2003 – 2004Migration and Management Consultant
  • Tiscali – IB Technical support, pre registration and Email
  • Time Computers – IB Technical support helpdesk
  • NTL – IB Technical support helpdesk
  • Supanet – IB Technical support helpdesk
  • Demon – IB Technical support helpdesk
  • NTL – Outbound sales Consultancy
  • KCC – Consultant (performance management)
  • Mainstay – Consultant (HR processes and operations)
  • CPP – Consultant to migration teams in UK and India
ccim ltd india 2004 present ccim projects
CCIM Ltd India 2004 – presentCCIM projects
  • Inbound Technical Support
    • Time Computers
    • Supanet
    • V21
    • Murphx
  • Outbound sales
    • T mobile, 3G, Orange
    • Homecall, OneTel, Talk Talk
    • V21
  • Consultancy (India & UK)
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Own call centre
migrating tiscali case history
Migrating Tiscali – case history
  • One of the UK leading ISP’s
  • Growth through acquisition – Purchased Gateway, Line One and other ISP customer bases
  • 2002 – over 1 million customers
  • Technical support and customer services through UK outsourcer
  • Service level at 24%
  • High cost and poor service
  • Poor relationship
  • Quoted as being the worst customer service
  • 3 customer bases needed help to migrate
  • Billing platform issues resulted in claims of fraud and incompetence
  • Call centre had only 60 agents
  • Sweat shop
  • Paid seat per hour – micro management
  • Customers churning

Things had to change

the change
The change
  • Provided consultancy in October 2002
  • Reviewed the end to end service delivery
  • Reviewed the customer service strategy
    • Insource at Milton Keynes
    • Outsource to alternative UK outsourcer
    • Outsource offshore
      • India
      • South Africa
      • Other
  • Reviewed centres across India
  • Sent out RFI – tough questions to assess actual ability to provide service
  • Spent 2 days with each centre drilling down and monitoring behaviours
  • Got through the smoke screens, empty promises and enticements
  • Researched the centres and conducted due diligence
selected the centre
Selected the centre
  • Selected KCC in Bangalore
    • Owner occupier call centre
    • Experienced international management team
    • Dual network links and strong technology
    • Purpose built centre of exceptional quality
    • Enough seats for entire project and ramp up
    • Right mind set and ‘can do’ attitude
    • Good quality agents
    • Sound HR and training processes
tiscali results
Tiscali - results
  • Migration commenced November 2002
  • Go live Jan 2003 25 seats – IB sign up support
  • Ramped up to 400 seats across all services
  • Service levels rose to over 90%
  • Cost saving of £1.3m
  • Customer churn reduced by 38%
  • March 2003 quoted as being one of the best ISP CS support in UK (Internet magazine)
migration key learning
Migration – key learning
  • Manage from both sides
    • Work with client to put together a joint project team
    • Create a joint project plan and work to it
    • Understand the risks and issues and jointly address
    • Daily war rooms / conference calls
  • Make sure client has all processes in order in UK before transferring to India
    • Don’t let them transfer their problems to you
    • Migrate one process at a time
  • Ensure the client provides comprehensive up to date process and training manuals / documents
    • Documents should address the audience – your managers and agents
  • Prepare your centre while the client prepares
    • Recruitment and soft skills training
    • Management selection and training
    • IT and networks – set up and thoroughly tested
    • Processes, structures and culture
    • Rostering, facilities, HR processes
  • Send your managers and trainers to them / their trainers and managers to you
  • You must be ready by the time the product and process training commences
  • Support from client during ‘Go Live’ they push – you pull
  • Ramp down in UK and ramp up in India simultaneously
    • As agents leave – you replace with staff in India
  • After stabilising – migration team hand over to operations team
ccim migrations

Ntl outbound

Tiscali – IB broadband TS, sales, chat, correspondence centre

P&B - OB fund raising

Ionica – IB & OB sales


Tiscali – IB TS, Email, SUS

Time Computers x 3

Supanet - IB TS

Ntl – IB TS

Demon – IB TS

CCIM Migrations
understanding the issues of offshoring
Understanding the issues of Offshoring
  • Remote management
  • Inexperienced management teams
  • Culture of over promising and under-delivering
  • Ask for one thing and get another
  • Outdated and inappropriate recruitment methods
  • Voice and Accent
  • Do not understand our culture or our customers
  • Over complicated and drawn out processes
  • Communication gaps
  • Hierarchical structures and culture
  • Quality in customer service and sales
remote management
Remote management
  • Managers from India should attend the client site
  • Must understand the company culture, priorities and objectives
  • Instructions should be clear and concise and double checked – much can be lost in translation
  • Customer retention is paramount – UK companies want to stay close to them – help them by getting to know the culture of their customer base
  • Take time to get to know each other, do not be faceless voices
  • Something goes wrong – they get scared – how do they fix it from 5k miles – keep communicating and building confidence
inexperienced management teams
Inexperienced management teams
  • Agent to manager in less than 1 year
  • Must take up references and conduct intensive assessment centres
  • Run an ongoing comprehensive management and development programme
  • Managers understand part of the big picture – need to work alongside professionals to gain end to end knowledge
  • With a lack of inbound voice experience need professionals to mentor
  • Managers say ‘yes’ but mean no or maybe – ensure that yes means yes and deadlines and agreements are kept
  • Managers should not operate a Closed Door policy
  • Managers should take or listen in to calls – so that they understand the floor and customer facing issues
  • Departments must meet on a weekly basis so that all work in a common direction and all understand how they fit into the big picture
  • Senior managers must be available and not be remote to the team
  • Junior managers must learn to manage upwards and keep their managers aware of the issues and risks to achieving the common goal
over promising
Over promising
  • Do not say yes when you mean no or maybe – better to manage expectations
  • Do not say that things can be done today when you mean:
  • Tomorrow
  • In 2 days time
  • Next week
  • Say that something can be done when it can’t
  • Say that something is understood when it isn’t
  • Say you know how when you don’t
  • Say it’s okay when it’s not
  • And tell a client not to worry

Because they will

ask for one thing
Ask for one thing
  • And get another
  • 25 technical agents with experience of UK
  • 10 non technical agents, experience of US
  • An OOH message from 8pm – 8am
  • An OOH message from 8am – 8pm
  • Do not change any of the fields on this report
  • A report with 3 of the fields changed and 1 added
  • It’s not necessary for agents to have a degree
  • An Indian recruiter should not listen for UK accent
  • Ensure assessment is pertinent for each role - written essays are not needed for a voice role
  • Keep interviews to a minimum – time is precious
  • HR must be fully briefed on the skills required
  • Tests should assess the right things and at the right level
  • Tests should assess the behaviours as well as the skills
  • Sales agents should be recruited by a sales person
  • Walk in recruitment should be well organised with enough people to manage it effectively
  • After all the tests we normally only recruit 10% - 20%
voice and accent
Voice and Accent
  • Britishisation or Nuetralisation – Clarity
  • Test listening and understanding skills
  • Mother tongue influence – some cannot be trained
  • Should be developed incrementally not just at induction – weekly sessions
  • Question or statement – which is which?
  • Tone of voice cannot be clearly heard
  • Managers should be more skilled than agents
  • We select only 30% of agents after voice analysis
  • Managers who have been to the UK should share their experience and learning
  • Most managers and agents have not been outside of their own state
  • Know little about the UK people, their culture, customs or what customer service means to us
  • UK companies do not teach enough about their customers and how to deal with them
over complicated and drawn out processes
Over complicated and drawn out processes
  • 10 stage processes that need only be 2
  • HR policies and procedures should be less complicated and more straightforward
  • Technology should be used more
  • Britain in the 1950’s – need to enter the 21st century
  • Parkinson’s Rule
  • Outdated methods – most are paper driven
communication gaps
Communication gaps
  • Senior Managers need to adopt an open door policy
  • Call centre managers need to be seated on the calling floor
  • Hierarchical structures can prevent good communication
  • Don’t allow misinterpretation of directives and requirements between UK and India – keep clarifying
  • We need to understand each others culture and customs
  • Always tell the truth – lies will be found out
  • Agents should be encouraged to raise issues to managers
  • Procedures must be put in place for good company wide communications
ccim scope of services
CCIM scope of services
  • Projects – inbound, outbound, non voice
  • 17 years of experience and expertise
  • Strategy, project planning and implementation
  • Communication, Culture, managing the client; building the relationship and bridging 5K miles
  • IT and technology planning, implementation and management
  • Recruitment and training – agents, TL’s, quality and trainers
  • Selection, Training and development of the management teams
  • Managing upwards – influencing the senior managers / owners
  • Resourcing, rostering, reporting, analysis
  • Operational management – reactive and proactive
  • Building and farming the business, ramping up and developing the operation
  • UK account management
key learning across the uk
Key learning across the UK
  • Choose your vendor carefully
  • Cheapest is not always best
  • Think about the brand implications
  • They have much less basic knowledge than UK centres would
  • Can’t do enough training
  • Transferring voice calls needs experience don’t try to do it yourself
  • Don’t move multiple processes at once – one step at a time
lessons learnt
Lessons learnt
  • How do you manage your customer relationships from 5k miles
  • Need to be careful – Indian managers love to say yes
  • We only recruited 20% of the workforce our outsourcing partner wanted
  • Use professionals to help both the UK and outsourcing partners to achieve their joint goals
  • Don’t try to move the world – be selective, some things work and others do not
  • Don’t let out of sight become out of mind
  • Choose a consultant who can provide continuous professional support
call centres
Call Centres
  • UK has half a million seats
  • India has achieved huge success
  • Pakistan has:
    • Skilled and talented labour force
    • Excellent telecommunications and IT
    • Ambition and foresight
    • Finance and government backing

With the right support - Success is assured