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Learn about the features, developmental history and tips for the top photo editing program Gimp.

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  • The day Photoshop is killed by a zero cost, top quality picture manipulation program is still in the coming years, but if any program can manage it, it will be GIMP. Like Photoshop put together out of less expensive components, GIMP can look rough-hewn and ungainly to lifelong users of proprietary image editors. However, the darling of the freeware universe packs a wallop.

  • GIMP is capable of a lot of things, from simple picture retouching to batch image rendering. One excellent thing about GIMP is its capability to expand functions making use of plug-ins and scripts. Using plug-ins, scripts and extensions, you may replicate just about any attribute native to Photoshop, like red eye removal and noise reduction.

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  • GIMP” is an acronym GNU Image Manipulation Program. Two UC Berkeley students designed GIMP in 1998, Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis. Without any graphic arts background, they believed it would be awesome to write an image manipulation software. We have volunteer designers from all around the world to thank for the current GIMP.

  • We include only the basic characteristics of GIMP, as it will take many hours to examine each feature. GIMP has image adjustment tools, painting tools, animation tools and file handling tools. If you think that’s a restricted feature set, GIMP has several others. And you can always go to the GIMP plug-in library if you need more tools. As of 2011, GIMP has over 100 plug-ins available. You can find a considerable list of features and add-ons on Gimp Download.

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  • To change graphics, GIMP uses layers and channels, selection and transformation tools, vector tools, editable text layers, multiple undo and redo, quick masking and foreground extraction. GIMP has about 150 built-in effects like Blur, Drop Shadow and Noise.

  • GIMP has the Brush, Pencil, Airbrush, Clone, Gradient and Blend tools. It also works with custom brushes and patterns. GIMP has Frame Navigator, Onion Skin, Bluebox and MNG support for producing sleek animations.

  • You can also use GIMP as a file converter. GIMP supports the following file formats: bmp, gif, jpeg, mng, pcx, pdf, png, ps, psd, svg, tiff, tga and xpm.

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  • Let’s take a look at some cons. There is no CMYK support, actions, layer groups and clipping layers in GIMP. Bugs are usual with GIMP, and documentation can be missing.

  • Features may steep in development for too long without ever seeing the light of day. On top of the steep learning curve is getting used to GIMP’s several windows. There’s a big room for improvement on the user interface and workflow.

  • Then again, GIMP overall has a very powerful set of tools. Like commercial image editors, GIMP gets work done effectively. GIMP can be made even more potent with personalization. Frequent changes also give you much more tools along the way. By being open-source, GIMP can run on all operating systems.

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GIMP decide to sell the software. But it is totally free, and delivers professional results. GIMP is still king of free picture editing applications. In a planet with no Photoshop, GIMP is the best free alternative.REVIEWSBy