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  1. Necklaces Student Created

  2. Wearing a pendant • Wear a pendant necklace with a v-neck to fill in the space. Look for a necklace that just hits the sternum. • Wear a pendant necklace with a crew neck to soften the boyish lines.

  3. Wearing a Choker • Off the shoulder top: sweaters with wide open necklines look best with chokers, a choker will not interfere with the dramatic scoop of the neck • Strapless dress: chokers look best when on bare skin. • Chokers will exaggerate a wide or short neck

  4. Multistrand • Jackets: multistrand necklaces fill the neckline, and make the neck appear longer. Bright colors help liven up a conservative jacket. • Dress shirts: a plain shirt with a bright multistrand necklace will create contrast.

  5. Lariats • With a Tunic, the necklace will fill in the open area. Shorter strands draw the eye to the opening of the tunic. • Wear with a plain camisole for a dramatic and more dressed up look.

  6. Tips • A necklace that cascades over the bust line will make the bust appear larger. • Small pendants are a good choice if you are petite. Big, heavy necklaces will weigh you down. • People with long necks look great in any kind of necklaces. But, avoid chokers, which elongate the neck even more • Short necked people should wear delicate pieces that hang between the neck and chest.

  7. Tips • If wearing a crooked lined shirt, it may be best to go without a necklace. • "One dramatic piece of jewelry is a good option for plus sizes," says Brooklyn jewelry designer Allyson Smith.

  8. Untangling Necklaces • On a piece of wax paper, place a few drops of baby oil on the chain. Then use pins to pull apart the knot.

  9. Take Care of Your Necklaces • Clean non-porous Jewelry like pearls and opal by soaking it in warm soapy water for ten minutes • Store necklaces separately so that they do not scratch each other • Put on your jewelry after applying makeup and hairspray • When swimming, chlorine can damage gemstones, and gold. • Many stones fade or change color when left in the sun. • Always store bead necklaces (such as lapis, pearls, etc) flat as silk stretches over time. Also, this avoid kinks and knotting various chains together.

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