fire cause determination n.
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Fire Cause Determination

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Fire Cause Determination - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fire Cause Determination. Fire Causes. Hot Water Heaters. Electric water heaters almost never cause fires. One of the most common ignition sources of fires involving utility rooms are gas water heaters. Find the source of gasoline. Hot Water Heaters (con’t.). Did they just cut the grass?

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Presentation Transcript
hot water heaters
Hot Water Heaters
  • Electric water heaters almost never cause fires.
  • One of the most common ignition sources of fires involving utility rooms are gas water heaters.
  • Find the source of gasoline.
hot water heaters con t
Hot Water Heaters (con’t.)
  • Did they just cut the grass?
  • Overuse of aerosol products.
  • Storing combustibles too close.
  • Children playing with unit.
electric heaters
Electric Heaters
  • Are used in areas like garage apartments and trailers used by contractors.
  • If temperature drops low enough they will come on.
  • Used under sinks.
electric heaters con t
Electric Heaters (con’t.)
  • Placed against walls and other combustibles.
  • A heavy load on a bad cord.
  • Used with long extension cords.
  • Drying clothes.
  • You may find signs of carelessness.
  • You will not find the butt that caused the fire.
  • A smoker may smoke 50/day, but, he will know where everyone went…
    • “Just ask him!”
cigarettes con t
Cigarettes (con’t)
  • If you suspect smoking in bed check underside of the mattress.
  • bed fires
  • grass fires
  • trash fires
  • couches - chairs
cigarettes con t1
Cigarettes (con’t)
  • In just 10 minutes smoke will appear.
  • Fire will begin in approx. 30 minutes but no longer than 4 hours.
  • It must be insulated.
  • Temperature inside padded furniture maybe 1400-1600°F.
cigarettes con t2
Cigarettes (con’t)
  • Annealing of springs used with other signs.
  • Smoldering fire will be deep seated with heavy charring.
  • Do not rule it out -- do not overuse.
exterior attic fires
Exterior & Attic Fires
  • Lightening 50,000°F (act of god) 200,000 amps
  • Sweating pipes.
  • Fireworks
  • Ridding pest
  • Wiring
exterior attic fires con t
Exterior & Attic Fires (con’t)
  • Birds, Squirrels, Rats
  • Children Playing with fire.
  • Arson
  • Discarding ashes on porch and in outside trash can (signs of smoldering fire)
exterior attic fires con t1
Exterior & Attic Fires (con’t)
  • Thawing pipes
  • Roofers
  • Removing paint with heat
  • Sparks popping
  • logs rolling out
  • combustibles too close
  • flammable liquids too close or misuse
  • construction members too close to fire box
  • Modern central heat and air units rarely cause a fire.
  • If a gas line caused the fire the occupant may mention there has been an odor of gas early in the investigation.
heaters con t
Heaters (con’t)
  • Space heaters
    • standing too close…trial by fire
    • usually self correcting
  • Boxes stored too close
  • Drying clothes
  • Toddler placed item on heater
heaters con t1
Heaters (con’t)
  • Floor Units
    • Rugs
    • Boxes
    • Clothing falling over unit
    • Hangers found on vents
    • Debris build up..dust & trash
stove fires
Stove Fires
  • “It come on right by itself”
  • Never mind the knobs, find the pot
  • The occupant was
    • not home
    • sleeping
    • drunk
stove fires cont
Stove Fires (cont)
  • The occupant was (cont):
    • drunk and sleeping
    • on the phone
    • watching tv
    • looking at the other fire down the street
    • just purchased a new cordless phone
stove fires cont1
Stove Fires (cont)
  • “The hood light” caused it.
  • “The gas stove shorted out”
    • “It Did” “Really”
bed fires and bedrooms
Bed Fires and Bedrooms
  • Find the 4 year old
  • If children in the house question them but do not lead them
  • Fire will begin on side or under the bed
bedroom fires cont
Bedroom Fires (cont)
  • A point of origin in the closet is almost always children.
  • They are trying to hide to play with fire
other causes
Other Causes
  • Electric Blankets have to be folded or rolled up to start a fire
  • Fans a curtain will over heat a fan
  • Extension cords
  • Water bed heaters
other causes cont
Other Causes (cont)
  • Cigarettes
  • Incense
  • Candles (for that special moment)