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working with city government for your skatepark development PowerPoint Presentation
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working with city government for your skatepark development

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working with city government for your skatepark development

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working with city government for your skatepark development

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  1. Working with City Government for Your Skatepark Development

  2. Once you have the petitions, details gathered from user surveys, the existing skatepark research and local community help and support, it's about time for the skatepark board members and skatepark supporters to deal with the city. The main element to being successful when approaching city government is to be humble, polite and all set.

  3. Many men and women will advise you that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Perhaps it is true that breaking down doors and insisting your rights as citizens gets you notice. Then again, it's not the solution I like to recommend and I have serious worries that this is correct whenever suggesting a skatepark in your community.

  4. What exactly does work is research and documentation of support from inside the community? Bring in the petition sheets and the details from your user survey, the end results from the present skatepark survey, a summary of possible donors and site evaluations, and prospective skatepark design plans (when possible). Create a list of all of the basketball, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, playgrounds and various activity locations that can be found near you. Report the number of folks in fact make use of them and assess that to local skate sites. Have as much persons as possible to go to the first conference to show their support for both the skatepark and the skating community.

  5. Toward the end of most city council meetings, there is a time frame saved for public feedback. Whenever you go up to the podium, you'll have to state your name and address for the record. Then, speak your piece. Remember that most city council members are professionals who have actually put in a full days work before the council meeting. Make your ideas, try not to be repetitive. If there is a large turnout of supporters, you might want to recognize the group in general, but only let 6 or so supporters talk.

  6. Commence your presentation to the city by describing that a skatepark can be like every other sport or recreation spot and could be evaluated from that position. Explain your side by side comparisons of use from other recreation spots to your details of the potential use of a skatepark. Illustrate the down sides with legislation against skateboarding in public areas, and point out that baseball diamonds were created in order that kids will not play in the roads. This is comparable to what needs to happen with skateboarding. Make them aware of that the aim is to have a safe place to participate in your sport. On the other hand, do not expect a big handout. Have the city know that the skatepark committee members are committed, willing and able to help in in any event that the city requires and will allow. Simply express your case for a community skatepark and submit the petition and various items for the record.

  7. Do not be shocked if the city authorities won't show a viewpoint that night. City council meetings are open to the public and quite often noted on by the local media. There are other conferences, closed to the public when the city authorities is free to discuss issues with candor. Remember that a team of non-skaters will probably determine the destiny of your skatepark development during a meeting that you will not be invited to. Your only representation may be the information and personal impressions supplied by your group up to that point.

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