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Online Automobile Insurance Quotes PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Automobile Insurance Quotes

Online Automobile Insurance Quotes

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Online Automobile Insurance Quotes

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  1. Online Automobile Insurance Quotes Visit:

  2. What is a Car Insurance Policy and How Does It Work? • A policy is a contract between the insured (car owner and listed drivers) and the vehicle insurer. The auto insurer promises to pay for damages and injuries incurred or caused by the insured driver in the event of a road accident, theft, fire damage, weather related losses and other perils listed in the policy. In turn, the insured pays the agreed fee (the premium) in the fashion and time determined at the start. An important point to note here is that non-payment is generally taken as cancelation of the policy. In such cases, you must contact the carrier to reinstate the cover and clear the arrears if you still want to be insured by the firm.

  3. Types of Car Insurance • Liability Insurance • Collision Insurance • Comprehensive Insurance • Uninsured Motorist Protection • Medical / Personal-Injury Protection • No-Fault Insurance • Gap Insurance

  4. About Us • Although we have brokerage background we have abandoned active practice a few years ago. Recently we decided to offer our knowledge and experience on this blog. Please note that the posts in this website are general observation, news and opinions. We are not brokers or advisers of any sort and we cannot give specific suggestions as we are not licensed to do so. Anyone who needs policy recommendations should seek independent advice from professionals. • The principle adopted here is based on assumption that visitors are able to make their own choices. And in the true online fashion we do not intent to interfere with those choices in anyway. Motorists should educate themselves on available options and how auto insurance work. Then they can make their own minds in the comfort of their home. • To supplement these posts and offer a quick way of getting quotes we utilize a quote platform. Once a visitor enters their zip code in the box provided they will be taken to our results page. There they could choose from the latest offers from reputable vehicle insurers. Upon choosing an offer you will be directed to the official site of the provider. Any information you provide on that site will be submitted to such company, not to us. More information: