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Amazing Places You Never Heard PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazing Places You Never Heard

Amazing Places You Never Heard

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Amazing Places You Never Heard

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  1. Amazing Places You Never Heard

  2. If you ever dreamed of gorgeous paradise places unknown to tourism, it is time to brush up your bucket list. Discover 5 amazing places on Earth that, chances are, you have never even heard of before.

  3. Ningaloo Coast (Australia)

  4. Australia’s remote western coast, the striking Ningaloo Coast is comprised of both marine and land-based treasures In the water off the Ningaloo Coast, you’ll find one of the longest near-shore reefs in the world and a wealth of diverse sea life, from sea turtles to an annual visit of whale sharks. On the land side, a network of underground caves and groundwater streams helps support the coast’s biodiversity.

  5. Saloum Delta (Senegal)

  6. Over 200 islets and islands dot the Saloum Delta, along with dry and mangrove forests and marine habitats for the rich fish and shellfish life. • The area is also home to 218 human-made shellfish mounds, some several hundred meters long.

  7. Wadi Rum Protected Area (Jordan)

  8. The majestic Wadi Rum—the largest desert valley in Jordan—was the famous stomping ground of the real-life Lawrence of Arabia. • In addition to photo-perfect desert landscapes marked by caverns, narrow gorges, and massive cliffs, there is evidence of 12,000 years of human habitation here.

  9. Ogasawara Islands (Japan)

  10. South of Tokyo, this archipelago of over 30 islands is often called the “Galapagos of the Orient” because of its diverse ecosystems, landscapes, and native species. • Since the islands have never been near a continent, the native flora and fauna have developed through unique evolutionary processes.

  11. The Persian Garden (Iran)

  12. It may not be the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but its influence is just as notable. Comprised of nine gardens that date back to different periods since the 6th century B.C., its sites are prime examples of the diversity of Persian garden designs, which traditionally paid homage to Eden and the four Zoroastrian elements . Dotted with historic pavilions and walls, as well as sophisticated irrigation systems, the Persian Garden has inspired garden design as far away as India and Spain.

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