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2018 Predictions for Process Manufacturers PowerPoint Presentation
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2018 Predictions for Process Manufacturers

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2018 Predictions for Process Manufacturers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manufacturing is one of the high growth sectors in India. Year 2018 has started with some expectations, wishes, apprehensions and speculations that may directly or indirectly have an impact on manufacturing sector. Read on to get Industry-wise predictions for process manufacturers in the coming year.

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2018 Predictions for Process Manufacturers

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Presentation Transcript
2018 predictions for process manufacturers

2018 Predictions for

Process Manufacturers

in India

an overview

An Overview

• Introduction

• The IDC Report

• Predictions :

i. Food and beverages

ii. Pharmaceuticals

iii. Paints and coatings

iv. Specialty chemicals

v. Cosmetic and personal care

• Conclusion




Manufacturing is one of the high growth sectors in India.

Ranked 6thamongst the world 10 largest countries, India is moving towards its goal of making 25% GDP by 2025

Manufacturers are finding innovative ways with top quality products to lead the market place

For process manufacturers, formulas and manufacturing recipes are key to success

They include : Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, Paints and Coatings, Specialty Chemicals and Cosmetics &

Personal Care

the idc report

The IDC Report


Advanced technologies such as analytics, Internet Of Things(IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and social

collaboration will gradually reign

Customization scaling will be customer’s choice and companies would work for it

Majority of supply chain interactions will happen across cloud- based commerce networks

Use of industry clouds, business analytics, big data, business intelligence, block chain will enhance the

supplier capacities

Rebalancing the critical supply based on capabilities rather than units and quantity would be initiated

New and improved product designs through cloud crowdsourcing, virtual reality and product

virtualization will improve success rates.




Year 2018 has started with some expectations, wishes, apprehensions and speculations, that may directly or

indirectly have an impact on manufacturing sector.

Read on to get Industry-wise predictions for process manufacturers in the coming year.

food beverages

Food & Beverages


#1 Going Natural :

Increased awareness of health will focus on making top quality products with nutritional benefits

“Natural” and “ functional” terms will be added to meet customer demands

Growth slated in terms of volume can be increased by 10%

#2 Process Automation :

Process automation will be a key to success for processing plants

Operational efficiencies and customer order fulfillment will improve

Enhancement in quality would help business processes transform

Automating processes will reduce human intervention and human time

food beverages 1

Food & Beverages


#3 Alternatives consumption will rise :

Gradual increase in dairy alternatives due to consumption of soya, coconut, oat and hemp milk can be observed

Projected growth can be expected by 10% in substitute products of dairy

#4 Food safety testing services will soar :

Safety concerns will rise very high

Strict food testing to outbreak food illness will be considered on priority

Increasing global food trade will enforce strict food safety regulations

Development of advanced technologies will rise for testing services

Expected growth estimation can be at a rate of 8.0%




#1 Focus on specialty drugs and rare diseases :

Rise on orphan drug development for rare diseases

New strategies will be developed to promote quick access and reimbursement

$240 billion pharmacy revenue generation for specialty drugs by 2021 can be estimated

#2 More M&A :

Drug patents with high whopping amounts will expire

Replacement of revenue loss will call for smart strategies to run in the race

Can lead to new mergers & acquisitions, new products, expansions and rebranding

pharmaceuticals 1



#3 Technical breakthroughs :

Growth of technology will rise in this sector

Molecular engineering, gene editing and genomic technology will help in eliminating complex diseases

such as cystic fibrosis

#4 Increase in generics :

With patents getting expired, there will be more generics than ever before

Lenient guidelines will make more generics getting approved

Prices will gradually decrease forcing traditional pharma companies to focus on innovations

paints coatings

Paints & Coatings


#1 Rise in industrial coatings :

Infrastructural impetus and the boom in the industrial sector is likely to drive GDP growth

Consumption of industrial coatings would increase by industrial project on full swing mode

#2 Rise in decorative & automotive coatings :

Tremendous rise in ability to spend amongst growing middle class people could be seen

Adding a major thrust to housing demands as well as automotive sales

An emerging growth in mega cities and large villages can be visible in this segment

paints coatings 1

Paints & Coatings


#3 Focus on greener products :

Adoption of go-green strategies will be considered

Customers will prefer using eco-friendly paints

The industries will be pushed to go for creating greener and safer products

#4 Lower VOC paints :

Issues related to climate change and environment concern will continue to affect the companies

Strict rules pertaining to VOCs( volatile organic compounds) can be regulated over this year

specialty chemicals

Specialty Chemicals


#1 Accelerated demands :

Demand centers will shift from global countries to growing countries such as India

Rise in demand will be seen getting enormously high to which the Indian manufactures have to respond

Can be a rapid growth year as more opportunities will arrive for chemical segment

#2 Safe products :

Scarcity of raw materials will make regulatory requirements more stringent

Actions will be taken to reduce the impact of industrial waste and emission on environment

Integrated eco friendly system for manufacturing process will be preferred

specialty chemicals 1

Specialty Chemicals


#3 Digitalization :

Digital technology will offer unparalleled support in accessing, processing and analyzing data

Cloud, IoT and block-chain will be the game changers for chemical industry

#4 Value over volume :

Focus on increasing value by improving overall performance will be added

Revamping customer offerings, differentiated service levels, achieving pricing excellence will drive sales

efficiency and results

cosmetics and personal care

Cosmetics and Personal Care


#1 Focus on going green :

Customers will prefer environment friendly products rather than chemical ones

Purchase activity pattern may change due to choice preferences between customers

Customers will choose a product with knowledge of raw material and source origin

Manufacturers may avoid animal skin material, implementing go green strategies

#2 Innovation and Technology :

Use of technology to create innovative products with least impact on the environment will be scrutinized

Natural resources can used as a raw material to exhibit the go green effect

cosmetics and personal care 1

Cosmetics and Personal Care


#3 Men care :

Grooming will increase the customers of male population

Use of skin care and hair care products will improve the market share

Companies may introduce more products to cater the urban Indian men’s need

#4 Products for HD beauty generation :

Social media strategy will remove the gap between celebs and the common people

Exposure of the products that celebs, artists and experts use would be showcased more on social media

High definition solutions will be in great demand

Beauty brands will fulfill the needs, which the customer demands for




Year 2018 will be a year of transformation for manufacturing industries. Businesses will adopt the

changing times and technical enhancements at a high pace

Irrespective of all the predictions, what holds the key for process manufacturers is Enterprise Resource

Planning software (ERP)

ERP will keep on playing an integral role for businesses, managing all operations and fulfilling complex


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2018 predictions for process manufacturers in India

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