skybox view enterprise suite 6 0 release what s new summary for partners n.
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Skybox View Enterprise Suite 6.0 Release “What’s New” Summary for Partners PowerPoint Presentation
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Skybox View Enterprise Suite 6.0 Release “What’s New” Summary for Partners

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Skybox View Enterprise Suite 6.0 Release “What’s New” Summary for Partners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6.0 Release Summary. Skybox View Enterprise Suite 6.0 Release “What’s New” Summary for Partners. Skybox Partners Only Overview

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Skybox View Enterprise Suite 6.0 Release “What’s New” Summary for Partners

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skybox view enterprise suite 6 0 release what s new summary for partners

6.0 Release Summary

Skybox View Enterprise Suite 6.0 Release“What’s New” Summary for Partners

Skybox Partners Only


The Skybox View Enterprise Suite version 6.0 includes powerful new performance enhancements and capabilities for superior security management and continuous monitoring against cyber security threats. The most significant enhancement to this release is the performance upgrade made to Network Assurance Access Analyzer query speed--now at seconds or less. Competitive solutions may take as much as 50-100 times longer to complete queries across a large, complex network. With 6.0's enhanced performance , Skybox solutions can easily run in daily operational environments within the largest, most complex networks in the world.

In addition to performance, enhancements were made to the product suite look and feel, network map controls, patch management, workspace risk and KPI metrics, access controls, and NERC firewall compliance reporting. The Skybox 6.0 release is simpler, faster, and the perfect solution for large, complex network environments.

Enhancements Summary

Access Analyzer Performance (Network Assurance)

  • Network Assurance Access Analyzer query times have been improved by 10-50 times, delivering sub-second to a few seconds query time for 90% plus of typical and complex customer queries. This enhancement delivers the high performance requirements end-users need to continuously monitor large, complex networks for security and compliance issues. Today, Skybox assessment times are now orders of magnitude faster than alternative solutions.

New Skybox Suite Look and Feel(Full Suite)

    • The new Skybox 6.0 layout and menu structure is simpler and more attractive for a better overall user experience. Industry-standard Cisco network icons have been incorporated throughout and new 3D charts and graphs, organize and add graphical effects to the overall look and feel.

6.0 Release Summary

Network Map Enhancements (Network Assurance)

    • Network Assurance has new network map controls allowing customers to create filters and specify map groups for simplified navigation and more intuitive control. Customers can now export any map view into VISIO format with ease.

Online Patch Check and Download (Full Suite)

    • New online patches gives customers an easier way to keep updated with the latest releases. A new dialogue box allows users to check for needed patches or releases on demand as well as schedule the online check to automatically run and download at different intervals.

Risk Control Workspace and Metrics (Risk Control)

    • Skybox Risk Control 6.0 gives customers a powerful way to analyze and manage enterprise risks. New snapshot summary pages of KPI and Exposures help communicate important, prioritized risk information to management. Current workspaces for KPI, Exposure, and Analysis have been combined into one workspace for a simpler, more intuitive experience. The KPI workspace, includes a new metrics wheel chart giving managers a visual snapshot of business unit contribution to corporate risk levels.

New Permissions by Region (Risk Control)

  • Administrators can now set granular access controls by region allowing them better options to limit the access and distribution of sensitive risk information.
  • NERC Compliance Report (Firewall Assurance)
  • Firewall Assurance now includes reporting for the portions of the NERC standard that Firewall management addresses, including asset identification, maintaining secure electronic perimeter, etc. For energy and utility companies who must comply with the NERC standard, they can use Skybox Firewall Assurance to continuously monitor their firewalls for compliance, and deliver evidence to auditors that maps to the NERC standard.