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NATALIE STOCK PROPOSAL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. FRONT MAGAZINE’S TARGET AUIDENCE Front is seen more as a lifestyle music, drinking and fun. The magazine inspires people to enjoy themselves with festivals, music and generally a party life style. Front targets both genders because although seen as a ‘lads mag’ its done in a editorial manor which makes it attractive to both male and female. Age range they target is 16-24 year olds because that’s the age of the people that go to the events covered and the age of the girls within the magazine. Consumers buy this magazine because it has the information about up and coming events, it is seen as a ‘lads mag’ however because its done in such a editorial way it appeals to both male and female . The magazine is £4.99 every month which sets a divide in the type of people that buy it because although only once a month still no one would part with £5 unless they have interest in what the magazine was selling.

  3. Different text styles that are interesting to the eye also they provoke feelings and thoughts within the reader in this example makes me think of sweets and a childlike element. LAYOUT & TEXT Small logos though out to remind the reader of the company when enjoying the product Graphic hand drawn images give the magazine its quirky, personal image, also relates with article Small text to fit In all the information as well as the importance of the images To go with the child like text is the color scheme which is happy and bright, makes the reader feel upbeat before even reading the article. Pull quote used throughout to get the readers attention

  4. FRONT TRENDS -Cover in the style of front: -Large image -Logo -Small text but LOTS of information -Colors I’m going for pin up tattoo colors so reds, greens, navy blues. -Information presented in a memorable manor -Tease element -Keeping brand loyalty

  5. INTERVIEW ABOUT EDITOR OF FRONT STEVE BEECH From intern to editor 10’o’ clock start rule First place readers go for reviews and line up news Customer Front started in 2006 London based Importance to keeping a young mind Importance of interns and why have I chosen to study him