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Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course PowerPoint Presentation
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Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course

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Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course
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Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course

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  1. Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course Today, Internet criminals are going after families. • They try to guess your passwords and steal your credit card information. • They try to empty out your personal bank accounts or to steal your identity. • And some Internet predators are after your children. • It is very important to keep your whole family safe on the Internet, and that is why we created this course for you.

  2. Features • This is a brand-new, high quality web-based interactive course made in 2013. • There are 8 sections using real-life examples that show how someone got in trouble using the Internet and what you need to do to stay safe. • Each section has a live Kevin Mitnick video with your security do’s and don’ts, and each section has a fun ‘security check’ quiz at the end.

  3. Topics Passwords Learn the 10 important rules for safer passwords – how long they should be – what a ‘pass-phrase’ is – what type of website gets which password – how often to change passwords. Giving Out Personal Information Learn what exactly personal information is – whonot to share with – and how to share it if you have to. Online Banking Learn how to protect your money when you use online banking – get four important tips so you do not get hooked by a phishing attempt. Protecting Children Online Read about 12-year old Emma – how she ran away with a 32-year old man she met online. Learn how to protect both your children and teenagers when they are on the Internet. Protecting Your Identity Find out how fraudsters steal your identity and cause enormous trouble – Learn how you can prevent your identity from being stolen with the S – A – F – E system.

  4. Topics continued Securing Your Computer and Home Network Find out what the six things are you need to do on a regular basis to make sure that hackers do not break into your computer or home network. Spam, Viruses and More Here are 8 important tips that will help you protect your computer from dangerous spam and viruses. Opening up Email and Attachments Learn about phishing and its evil cousin ‘spear-phishing’ and how the bad guys are trying to trick you into clicking on bad links or open infected attachments – Learn what ‘social engineering’ is, and how to defend against it. BONUS: Social Engineering Red Flags Cheat-sheet with the 22 ways that hackers try to social engineer you into giving them control over your computer system. Security Checklist: All The Important Points All the important points you learned in each section are on a checklist in PDF format at the Resources Tab that is top right on the Main Menu.

  5. Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course • Content and pricing based on thorough research of over 1,000 consumers. • Demographic: Families with 2 or more kids and income bracket $40-75K /year. • MSRP $49.95 – street price $29.95 for a 5-user pack. • The course uses Kevin’s extensive hacking experience – shelf life of several years, tailored for an audience that is not digitally educated. • Being created in the new HTML5 format, delivered via the cloud. • Simple to rebrand for organizations like Banks, ISP’s etc. • Sold via Home Shopping Network starting Feb 2, 2013.