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What Drug And Alcohol Detox Centers Say About Drug Detox?

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What Drug And Alcohol Detox Centers Say About Drug Detox? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Transcript

What Drug And Alcohol Detox Centers Say About Drug Detox?

Do you want to get better understanding on drug detox? Let me share with you what the experts in the

drug and alcohol detox centerssay about “drug detox”.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is a medical procedure that a person diagnosed with high levels of drug or substance

abuse will undergo to remove all the harmful toxins brought by alcohol or drugs. This is the initial step to

help a person reach sobriety.

Is drug detox an quick procedure?

Undergoing drug detox is considered a quick process, although it’s considered as an integral part of

treating a person’s addiction problem. The person admitted for a drug detox may experience the

following withdrawal symptoms:

Muscle pain



Rapid heartbeat

Feeling of anxiety


Difficulty in sleeping (insomnia)

The severity of the symptoms a person will experience will depend on the type of drugs or substance

taken, length of usage as well as the medical condition of the patient.

Can a single detox treatment ideal for all patients with addiction problem?

The drug detox treatment can vary and may depend on the patient’s addiction problem. There are

patients who will only need to be confined an average of two days while there are individuals who have

consumer larger doses of drugs to take a longer detox treatment to completely remove the drugs into

the system before they can fully recover.

What is the purpose of a drug detox?

According to the experts at the drug and alcohol detox centers, the purpose of drug detox is remove the

drugs from the patient’s system and prepare him or her for a rehab treatment. There are instances

wherein a patient after a detox will go back to his or her addiction problem. When this happens, the

tolerance of the user to the drugs increases in dosage. There’s a huge possibility the patient will become

totally dependent on the drugs.

Why do some drug dependents have to undergo several attempts?

The road to full recovery isn’t an overnight process. There are cases where a patient will need to

undergo several attempts, in order to achieve full recovery. Why? It could be due to lack of willpower to

change or no strong support group. If the patient failed during the first or second attempt, another

round of drug detox is recommended.

Is there really a need to undergo rehab treatment?

As I’ve mentioned, drug detox is the initial step to help a person achieve full recovery. If the patient is

really determined to put an end to his or her addiction problem, the inpatient rehab is recommended.

What to look for in a rehab facility?

Below are some of the things that you should look when visiting an alcohol detox rehab facility:

Safe and secured environment for patients

Licensed doctors, counselors and therapists

Wider range of drug detox and rehab treatment programs

Affordable packages

Well-maintained facility

Other concerns that will help you make a wise choice on the rehab facility:

Reputation in the marketplace

Number of years operating as a rehab facility


Mission statement of the facility must be aligned to the patient

What to expect while undergoing a drug detox?

Here are some of the procedures that a patient will undergo during a drug detox:

 Patient is admitted for an intake process where a therapist will discuss the various procedures

that will be undertaken to achieve full recovery.

One-on-one discussion with be facilitated to learn more about the patient’s history on drug

addiction. Patient is required to provide honest answers in order to receive appropriate care

and treatment.

After the intake process, a staff will tour the patient to the rehab facility and later taken to his or

her assigned room.

After the patient has completely settled in his or her new environment, a series of physical

exams will be done to check the overall medical condition prior the detox treatment.

The length of detox may last for days depending on the drugs or substance taken by the patient.

Medications will be prescribed to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.

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