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Your Senior Y ear

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Your Senior Y ear. Important Meeting Notes Meeting #4. To Start …. What is in my hand ?!? Drum Roll Please… Curbing Senioritis

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your senior y ear

Your Senior Year


Meeting Notes

Meeting #4

to start
To Start…
  • What is in my hand?!?
  • Drum Roll Please…
  • Curbing Senioritis
    • “The main symptoms of senioritis include chronic procrastination, lack of motivation, a drop in academic performance, and “coasting,” which is the act of going through classes with very little concentration or application of intent. This usually happens in the last year of high school, college, or graduate school. One of the most notable symptoms of senioritis, is that all attempts by educators to curb senioritis tend to actually increase senioritic symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please make an appointment with “Dr. Jamie” as the best cure is a strong dose of reality. If not properly treated, failure to graduate may be the probable prognosis. Attack this before it is too late!”
  • Open Q & A
what you don t know can hurt you
What you don’t know can hurt you…
  • Without balance=anger/stress
    • I am NOT lying~ you don’t know it all.
    • The Senior Project is only ONE part of your senior year!
  • Remember deadlines??
    • University of Rochester is January 1st
    • RIT & Nazareth is February 1st
    • Scholarships
what and who you know can help you
What and who you know can help you!
  • Jamie
  • Seniors who have been successful/done it already
  • Senior Handbook
  • Advisors
  • Idonia & Coretta
  • College Reps you have already met
financial aid
Financial Aid…
  • Why do you file?
    • To get funding to attend college.
    • To share critical, personal information regarding your family/financial situation.
  • How do you file?
    • Online (
  • Where and When do you file?
    • At home, College Goal Sunday (1/27), MCC, REOC or other colleges
    • After the first of the year.
financial aid cont
Financial Aid Cont’…
  • Do I file as a dependent or independent?
  • Parents submitting information does NOT require them

to pay for ANY of your college expenses.

  • How should I prepare?
    • Get a PIN for both you AND your parent (
    • Gather ALL important financial documents
  • See handouts for both!