retail promotion n.
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Retail Promotion

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Retail Promotion. Any form of communication used to inform the public about the business’s merchandise or services. Types of Retail Promotion. Sales Promotions -techniques used by retailers to get customers into the store (contests, coupons)

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retail promotion

Retail Promotion

Any form of communication used to inform the public about the business’s merchandise or services

types of retail promotion
Types of Retail Promotion
  • Sales Promotions -techniques used by retailers to get customers into the store (contests, coupons)
  • Publicity and public relations -unpaid mention of the business (sponsor a team, trash pickup)
  • Advertising -paid message a business sends to the public (Internet, TV, magazine)
  • Personal selling -contact directly between the retailer and the customer (salesperson)
promotional mix
Promotional Mix
  • The way a retailer combines the four types of promotion to communicate with customers
  • The four parts work together to enhance the store’s image
promotional objectives
Promotional Objectives
  • Increasing profit
  • Manage stock
    • Reduce inventory
    • Move inventory through
  • Build goodwill
customer service
Customer Service
  • Personalized service increases sales
  • Contributes to a favorable image
  • Part of relationship marketing-strategies a business uses to stay close to customers even after the sale
  • Goal is to make customers want to come back
traditional customer service
Traditional Customer Service
  • Courteous sales people
  • Helpful employees
  • Employees take an interest in customers
  • Employees practice tolerance
  • Employees are friendly
customer service today
Customer Service Today
  • All of the traditional methods AND
    • Child care while you shop
    • Restaurants close to or within the store
    • Gift wrapping
    • Free delivery
    • Check cashing

Can you think of any other customer service methods used today?

online customer service
Online Customer Service
  • Chats
  • 24 hour telephone representatives
  • Email in concerns or questions
it all works together to meet promotional objectives
It All Works Together to Meet Promotional Objectives

Visual Merchandising


Personal Selling

Customer Service

promotional ethics
Promotional Ethics
  • Greenwashing
    • Pretending to be environmentally conscious to cover up activities that are not
  • Bait and Switch
    • Lure the customer in with a deal , but only offer a higher priced option once they get there
  • Shilling
    • Paying people to appear as unpaid spokespeople
    • False endorsement to inspire other people to buy
  • Spamming
    • Emailing unwanted emails (junk emails)
  • Marketing to Children
consumer bill of rights
Consumer Bill of Rights
  • In 1960
  • President Kennedy
  • 6 rights

What are these rights?

What do they mean? Give an example.

customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee actions and attitudes
  • Management actions and attitudes