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Chapter 7 and 8 Presentation of the Scarlet Letter PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 7 and 8 Presentation of the Scarlet Letter

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Chapter 7 and 8 Presentation of the Scarlet Letter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Y a boi Fabian Fuentes brings you. Chapter 7 and 8 Presentation of the Scarlet Letter. Summary.

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  • Chap 7: Hester decided one day that she needed to deliver some embroidered gloves to the governor’s hall. Her true intensions for going were to convince Governor Bellingham that she should retain custody of Pearl. The governor feels that Pearl should be put in into a more Christian environment. Hester puts Pearl into a "crimson velvet tunic …abundantly embroidered with fantasies and flourishes of gold thread(Hawthorne 105)”. On the way to the mansion, some local children see Pearl(who they do not like) and try to fling mud at her. Pearl retaliates by charging at them while making threatening gestures. They then reach the mansion and inside they find a gold plated suit of armor. When Hester and Pearl look into the suit, they can see the letter is enlarged in the reflection. Pearl then looks into the nearby garden and demands to have a red rose.
  • Chap 8: The governor, Roger Chillingworth, the reverend John Wilson, and Arthur Dimmesdale are there to greet Hester and Pearl. The governor then states that Pearl looks like a red rose due to her outfit. The governor says that Hester is not fit to raise the child but Hester argues back. They then question Pearl to see if she is being raised correctly. They ask “who made thee( Hawthorne 115)”, to which Pearl replies that she was plucked from the rose bush. The governor decides that the child should be removed which, Hester testifies that she would rather die. Dimmesdale steps forth with a hand over his heart and argues that God has obviously given Pearl to Hester for some divine reason, and that it would meddle with the ways of the Lord to take Pearl away from her. The governor is persuaded to let Hester keep Pearl to which, they go about their day. As the two are walking home, they are spotted by Mistress Hibbins. She invites Hester to go in the forest and meet the “Black Man”. After Hester declines the mistress says “"We shall have thee there anon!(Hawthorne 120).
  • The theme presented by the author in these chapters are morality and consequence. Hester’s decisions have landed her with the consequences of being shunned and the responsibility of child rearing. There is a figurative link between the letter, Pearl and the rose bush. They represent a wild passion between Hester and her lover.
literary devices etc
Literary devices, etc
  • Chap 7: The author compares Pearl to the red rose when she demands to have one in the garden. She also represents fury when she chases off the children on the way to the mansion.
  • Chap 8: example of foreshadowing is when Mistress Hibbins invites Hester into the forest to meet the Black Man. This figure is not a positive one, and experiences later on won’t be positive either. Another example is when Dimmmesdale puts his hand over his heart since he feels pain from his past and Hester’s. Pearl also makes a gesture with Dimmesdale’s hand that shows the two have some sort of connection.
  • Hawthorne chooses a rose to represent the wild passion within Pearl. Think of an object that represents your qualities and write or draw it.
  • 1:Who does Mistress Hibbins want Hester to meet?
  • 2. What gesture does Dimmesdale make when he steps forward to protest the decision?
  • 3. What object does Pearl demand to have in the garden?
  • 4. What object does Hester look at to see the enlarged reflection of the letter.
  • 5. Who does Pearl think is her maker?