most powerful women ruling the business world n.
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The World’s Most Powerful Businesswomen

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The World’s Most Powerful Businesswomen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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They are touching each and every industry and not to surprise, winning it all. From automotive industry to technology and from healthcare to Media and entertainment; women around the world are ruling businesses today.n

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The World’s Most Powerful Businesswomen

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mary teresa barra chairman and ceo general motors

Mary Teresa Barra

  • Chairman and CEO, General Motors Company
  • “My definition of ‘innovative’ is providing value to the customer.”
  • The first female CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra holds first position in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women of 2017.
  • She owns the credit of solving GM’s huge crisis of 30 million vehicles recall caused by faulty ignition switch.
  • She rolled out strong domestic sales for GM in Europe and China’s SUV markets.
safra a catz co ceo oracle u s i have many women

Safra A. Catz

  • Co-CEO – Oracle, U.S
  • “I have many women on our leadership team at Oracle, it’s really fantastic. They bring something additional to the game.”
  • This self-made American billionaire began her career as an executive at Oracle Corporation in 1999 turning up as the co-CEO of Oracle in 2014.
  • Leading the Oracle’s assertive acquisition strategy, she is known to bring in profits to the company.
  • In 2009, she was ranked as the 16th and 12th most powerful woman in business as per Forbes and Fortune respectively.
ginni rometty chairperson and ceo ibm growth


  • Chairperson and CEO, IBM
  • “Growth and comfort do not co-exist.”
  • The chairperson and CEO of IBM, GinniRometty is ranked among The 100 Most Powerful Women in the World.
  • Her adamancies in investing in the newest technologies have proved a beneficial turn for IBM.
  • She is also a member of the board of managers of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and the board of trustees, Northwestern University.
indra nooyi chairperson and ceo pepsico


  • Chairperson and CEO– PepsiCo
  • “An important attribute to success is to be yourself. Never hide what makes you, you.”
  • The Indian-American businesswoman is the chairperson and CEO of the world’s second largest food and beverage company – PepsiCo.
  • She redirected PepsiCo’s strategy towards innovation that proved largely successful for the brand.
  • Elected as the chairwoman of the U.S.-India Business Council in 2013, Nooyi was ranked among The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women from 2008 to 2014 by Forbes.
sheryl sandburg coo facebook careers are a jungle

Sheryl Sandburg

  • COO – Facebook
  • “Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder.”
  • The co-founder, Chief Cooperating officer of Facebook, Sheryl also served as the vice president of global online sales and operations at Google.
  • Her leadership and the strategy of relying upon advertising have boosted Facebook’s revenues after holding the position of COO.
  • In 2016, she was catalogued as number 6 in the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business by Fortune magazine.
meg whitman president and ceo hewlett packard

Meg Whitman

  • President and CEO – Hewlett Packard
  • “Do what you love and success will follow.”
  • Majorly known for escalating the sales of eBay from $5.7 million to $8 billion while being the former CEO of the company.
  • The American business tycoon and political activist is now the President and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
  • Also a member of the board of Procter and Gamble, Whitman was ranked 20th in the 2004 100 Most Powerful Women in the World by Forbes.
oprah winfrey media mogul chairperson

Oprah Winfrey

  • Media mogul; Chairperson and CEO – Harpo Inc.
  • “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”
  • American proprietor, influential talk-show host, actress, well-known media personality and philanthropist!
  • Oprah Winfrey is the first black woman to own and run a television network OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (launched in 2011).
  • Born in 1954, into extreme poverty in the rural Mississippi, she is a self-made billionaire – the second richest African-American best known for The Oprah Winfrey Show.
ursula burns chairperson and ceo xerox impatience

Ursula Burns

  • Chairperson and CEO – Xerox
  • “Impatience is a virtue.”
  • Beginning her career as a summer intern at Xerox, Burns is now the first African-American woman CEO to lead Fortune 500 Company.
  • She is also a board director of American Express Corporation and Datto Inc.
  • Born in 1958, she was named 22nd among The Most Powerful Women in the World by Forbes in 2014.
susan wojcicki ceo youtube right now offline

Susan Wojcicki

  • CEO – YouTube
  • “Right now, offline and online are coming together because of smartphones.”
  • America’s self-made business magnate ­– Wojcicki is the present CEO of YouTube
  • Working as senior VP of Advertising and Commerce at Google, she is known for two of Google’s largest acquisitions - purchase of DoubleClick and YouTube for $3.1 billion in 2007 and $1.65 billion in 2006 respectively.
  • She was also named among the 100 most influential people by the Time Magazine.
anita roddick founder the body shop if you think

Anita Roddick

  • Founder – The Body Shop
  • “If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”
  • The pioneer of ethical consumerism in the cosmetic industry, Anita Roddick opened her first cosmetic store The Body Shop with only fifteen products to sell in 1976.
  • By 2004 – 1980 stores and over 77 million customers throughout the world. L’Oreal bought her company at 625 million pounds in March 2006.
  • Queen Elizabeth titled her with the Dame Commander of the British Empire. In 2010, she was catalogued at 5th position among the Top 10 British Business Figures.
angela ahrendts senior vice president of retail

Angela Ahrendts

  • Senior Vice President of Retail – Apple Inc.
  • “If you can't control everything, you can't control anything, not really.”
  • A former CEO of Burberry, she oversees Apple’s 478 brick and mortar stores as the Senior Vice President of Apple Inc.
  • She is the first woman in executive team of Apple CEO Tim Cook. She is believed to earn more than any other executive at Apple – over $70 million in 2014,
  • In 2010, CNBC accorded her as the European Business Leader of the Future.
marillyn hewson ceo chairman and president


  • CEO, Chairman, and President – Lockheed Martin
  • “I do work hard, but I have a passion for work. That's just who I am.”
  • Former Chair and current member of the Executive Committee of the Aerospace Industries Association, MarillynHewson is named as one of the “50 Most Powerful Women in Business” in 2016 by Forbes.
  • Her efforts towards building military hardware enabled Lockheed Martin purchase the Sikorsky Aircraft, giving the corporation its own helicopter building capability.
  • She will receive the 2017 Howard Hughes Memorial Award from the Aero Club of Southern California on February 7, 2018.
cathy engelbert ceo deloitte don t stand still

Cathy Engelbert

  • CEO – Deloitte
  • “Don’t stand still.”
  • An American business executive, Catherine "Cathy" Engelbert is the current CEO of Deloitte LLP that gave her the virtue of becoming the first female U.S. CEO of a Big Four firm.
  • Deloitte’s growth strategy is known to be highly influenced by her leadership as the CEO.
  • She is also listed as one of Fortune’s 2016 and 2015 Most Powerful Women and one of Most Productive People by the Fast Company Magazine in 2016.
irene rosenfeld ex ceo and chairman mondelez

Irene Rosenfeld

  • Ex-CEO and Chairman – Mondelez International
  • “Don't let 'having it all' be defined by someone else.”
  • The eighth wealthiest women CEO of Fortune 500 companies by 2016 (Fortune 500 ranking), Rosenfeld served as the CEO of Mondelez International, Inc. until November 2017.
  • She serves as the CEO and Chairperson of Kraft Canada Inc.
  • Featured in the list of 100 most powerful women in the world by Forbes, she was ranked sixth on The Wall Street Journal’s list “50 Women to Watch”.
phebe novakovic ceo and chairperson general


  • CEO and Chairperson – General Dynamics
  • “Chasing revenues that don't have good earnings doesn't help us or shareholders one lick.”
  • Novakovic is the CEO and chairperson of General Dynamics – the one of the world's largest defense contractors.
  • Her immense intelligence in growth strategies led the company to a remarkable order to design the next version of the U. S. Navy's ballistic-missile submarine worth $5 billion (Sep 2017).
  • She was also listed as the 56th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2015.
abigail johnson ceo and president of fidelity

Abigail Johnson

  • CEO and President of Fidelity Investments
  • “At the end of the day, you know yourself best.”
  • The American businesswoman, Abigail Johnson, is the world’s 10th-wealthiest female billionaire by net worth (15.1 billion US$).
  • In 2016, she was ranked as the 16th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.
  • The CEO and President of Fidelity Investments is the first and only woman to serve on the board of the Financial Services Forum.
ruth porat svp and cfo google alphabet inc unless

Ruth Porat

  • SVP and CFO, Google, Alphabet Inc.
  • “Unless you stay focused on innovation, you can be disintermediated.”
  • Previously the CFO and executive vice president (January 2010 to May 2015) of Morgan Stanley, Porat is the CFO of Alphabet Inc. and Google.
  • Institutional Investor named her the "Best Internet CFO" for the "2018 All America Executive Team".
  • “Since she became CFO in May 2015, shares have jumped more than 70%; it’s currently the world’s second-most-­valuable company after Apple.” (Source –
lynn j good chairman president and ceo duke

Lynn J. Good

  • Chairman, President, and CEO – Duke Energy
  • “I find, at times, people underestimate me. That's really an asset.”
  • An Ohio native and a Miami University graduate, Lynn Good is the head of one of America's largest energy holding companies – Duke Energy.
  • Under Good's leadership, Duke Energy was named to the Forbes list of "America's Best Employers" in 2017. (Source – Duke Energy)
  • She was ranked 11th among the "Most Powerful Women in Business" by Fortune Magazine and one among the "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women” by Forbes.
helena foulkes president cvs pharmacy the best

Helena Foulkes

  • President – CVS pharmacy
  • “The best career advice I’ve ever gotten is to be focused, yet flexible.”
  • Foulkes is the President of CVS Pharmacy and Executive Vice President of CVS Health.
  • She oversees 9,700 retail stores, 20 distribution centers and e-commerce sites, as well as merchandising, supply chain, marketing, real estate, front store and pharmacy operations. (Source – CVS Health)
  • She is listed as one among the Most Powerful Women in Business by Fortune and one among the Most Creative People in Business by the Fast Company.
tricia griffith president and ceo progressive

Tricia Griffith

  • President and CEO – Progressive
  • “Allow your leaders to lead, and know when to get out of the way.”
  • Tricia Griffith is ranked as the ninth-wealthiest women CEO of Fortune 500 companies by 2016 Fortune 500 ranking (120).
  • Since becoming CEO of Progressive, Griffith has expanded the company’s reach into the home insurance market increasing premiums sold by 14%, to $23.4 billion in 2016. (Source – Fortune)
  • She was ranked as 18 in Fortune Magazine’s the most powerful women in business list in 2016.
pam nicholson president and ceo enterprise

Pam Nicholson

  • President and CEO – Enterprise Holdings
  • When I started in California, people would say, ‘Enterprise who?’
  • Under Nicholson’s leadership, the world’s largest car rental company Enterprise Holdings has grown its revenue to more than $22 billion.
  • She started her career at Enterprise as a car-washing management trainee and is now expanding the company overseas, adding branches and franchises in some 70 countries. (Source – Fortune)
  • Forbes ranked her at number 89 among the 100 Most Powerful Women of the World in 2009.
adena friedman president ceo nasdaq

Adena Friedman

  • President-CEO, NASDAQ
  • “Be the optimist in the room.”
  • Formerly the managing director and CFO of The Carlyle Group, Adena Friedman is now the president and CEO of NASDAQ – a major US stock exchange company.
  • Acclaimed for the launch of Nasdaq Analytics Hub, Friedman is known for the purchasing of eVestment Inc. – a data provider for institutional investors and hedge fund investors.
  • Forbes named her as the 31st most powerful woman in the world in 2017.
isabelle kocher ceo engie if diversity brings

Isabelle Kocher

  • “If diversity brings so many benefits, don’t we all have a responsibility to foster it?”
  • The French businesswoman Isabelle Kocher is the CEO of Engie (previously GDF Suez) – the world’s biggest non state-owned electricity company.
  • Her three year transformation plan has led the company ahead of schedule with a big deal to sell Engie’s stake in an oil and gas production business to Neptune Energy for $3.9 billion.
  • She is ranked as number 23 by Forbes on the list of Most Powerful Women of the World in 2017.
lucy peng ceo ant financial services alibaba

Lucy Peng

  • CEO, Ant Financial Services, Alibaba Group
  • “Consumers expect a safe, convenient, and affordable globalized payment platform.”
  • One among the founders of Alibaba Group – a major name in China’s ecommerce industry; Peng is the CEO of Ant Financial Services.
  • In 2010, she was named as the CEO of Alipay, Alibaba’s online payment services platform. This payment system has over 800 million registered users (Forbes).
  • Under her expertise, Alipay has achieved immense profits – around $60 billion. Forbes listed her as 34th on the list of the world’s most powerful women (2017).
amy hood chief financial officer microsoft people

Amy Hood

  • Chief Financial Officer, Microsoft
  • “People don't just show up in the C-suite overnight.”
  • Under the management of the company’s first female CFO – Amy Hood, Microsoft achieved $85 billion in the year 2016.
  • Previously the head of Microsoft’s Business division, Hood is also known for the company’s much talked about acquisition of LinkedIn ($26 billion).
  • This American businesswoman holds 37th position in the catalogue of the 100 Most Powerful Women of the World by Forbes (2017).
mary callahan erdoes ceo j p morgan asset

Mary Callahan Erdoes

  • CEO, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • “There is no substitute for hard work.”
  • As the CEO of J.P. Morgan Asset Management – a global name in investment management and private banking, Erdoes brought the profits reaching $1.9 trillion to the company.
  • Opening an asset-management business in Shanghai was a big hit went to his name.
  • As per Forbes, she earned $19 million in 2016 and was ranked as 53rd on the most powerful women list. (Forbes 2017).
zhou qunfei founder and ceo lens technology

Zhou Qunfei

  • Founder and CEO, Lens Technology
  • “I don’t want to die regretting what I didn’t do.”
  • The Chinese entrepreneur and one of the richest self-made women Zhou Qunfei is the founder of the major smartphone screen maker Lens Technology.
  • According to Forbes, her net worth is $10 billion and that makes her the richest woman in China.
  • She was listed as number 18 on the Most Powerful Women of Asia-Pacific list in 2016 by Fortune.
roshni nadar malhotra ceo hcl technologies


  • CEO, HCL Technologies
  • “It’s very difficult to measure the impact of institutions in a short span of time.”
  • The CEO and Executive Director of HCL Enterprise, RoshniNadarMalhotra is named to be 57th on the list of 100 Most Powerful Women of the World by Forbes.
  • Formerly a news producer, Malhotra is also one among the trustees of the Shiv Nadar Foundation focusing on education.
  • She received the awards – NDTV Young philanthropist of the year 2014 and Vogue India Philanthropist of the Year 2017.
marianne lake cfo chase it s impossible to have

Marianne Lake

  • CFO, Chase
  • “It's impossible to have zero defects.”
  • The technological innovation of Marianne Lake as the Chief Financial Officer of the bank JP Morgan Chase brought the organization the earning of $24.7 billion in 2016.
  • She is known for introducing automation technology like a new firmwide platform to the bank.
  • Fortune listed her at number 24 on the list of the Most Powerful Women. She was ranked as 64th among The World's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2017 by Forbes.
gwynne shotwell president and coo spacex

Gwynne Shotwell

  • President and COO, SpaceX
  • “The key is to join an industry that you have a passion for.”
  • Shotwell is the President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX, a company providing services of space transport.
  • Before joining SpaceX, she worked at The Aerospace Corporation’s El Segundo research center for ten years.
  • She received the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame award in 2012. Forbes included her at number 70 on The World's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2017.
judy faulkner founder and ceo epic systems

Judy Faulkner

  • Founder and CEO, Epic Systems
  • “Do good, have fun, make money.”
  • The founder and CEO of the healthcare software company Epic Systems; Judy Faulkner is called the most powerful woman in healthcare by Forbes.
  • The giants in the Healthcare world of America such as Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins are the clients of Epic Systems.
  • In 2015, she signed the Giving Pledge and committed to give 99% of her wealth for philanthropy. Her net worth is estimated to be more than $2.4 billion by Forbes.
debra cafaro ceo ventas you can maximize luck

Debra Cafaro

  • CEO, Ventas
  • “…You can maximize luck.”
  • The American businesswoman, Debra A. Cafaro, is the Chief Executive Officer of Ventas, Inc. – a Real Estate Investment Trust with enterprise value of over $37 billion.
  • Under Cafaro’s management, Ventas won the acquisition of a portfolio of life-sciences properties for $1.5 billion.
  • The Financial Times selected her as one of the Top 50 Women in World Business. She will begin her term as the chair of the Real Estate Roundtable from July 2018.
belinda johnson chief business affairs and legal

Belinda Johnson

  • Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer, Airbnb, Inc.
  • “Every challenge that comes up is just a problem that needs a solution.”
  • The highest-ranking woman of Airbnb, Inc., Belinda Johnson oversees the legal issues of the company in 191 countries.
  • Formerly an employee of at, Johnson joined the board of PayPal in 2017.
  • Forbes listed her at the number 96 in the catalogue of the 100 most powerful women of the world in 2017.
kirsten green founder forerunner ventures

Kirsten Green

  • Founder, Forerunner Ventures
  • “I couldn’t lose other people’s money, but I could invest in my own learning.”
  • The American businesswoman, Kristen Greene, founded Forerunner ventures in 2010. She is also the Managing Director of the company.
  • Forbes included her at the number 95 on the list of the 100 Most Powerful Women of the World in 2017.
  • Last year, Green's Forerunner closed a $122 million fund, its third and largest, bringing its total raised to $242 million. (Source: Forbes)
kathryn petralia co founder kabbage if i wasn

Kathryn Petralia

  • Co-founder, Kabbage
  • “If I wasn’t an expert in the field, I was committed to becoming one”
  • Formerly a corporate development executive with CompuCredit Corporation, Kathryn is the co-founder of Kabbage – a major disruptor in the finance industry.
  • In August 2017, she raised the total equity funding of Kabbage to $500 million.
  • Ranked #98 among the 100 most powerful women of the world in 2017, Petralia also created a consumer rights organization – Consumer Financial Data Rights. (Source: Forbes)
beth brooke marciniak global vice chair public

Beth Brooke-Marciniak

  • Global Vice Chair - Public Policy, Ernst & Young
  • “We like to say you can be what you see.”
  • One among the board members of the Audit Advisory Committee for the U.S. Department of Defense, Brooke-Marciniak is the Vice Chair of Public Policy for EY.
  • She also serves as a Pathways Envoy for the U.S. State Department.
  • NCAA awarded her the Theodore Roosevelt Award in 2017 for her efforts to improving diversity in the workplace. (Forbes)
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