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How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

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How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business
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How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

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  1. How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business?

  2. Why LinkedIn Is The Most Effective Social Media Platform For B2B Marketers? • There are now 433 million registered Linkedin users.  • Two new members join LinkedIn every second.  • Each month, 106 million unique users visit LinkedIn.  • 40% of users check LinkedIn daily.

  3. LinkedIn is used in 200 countries and territories, with 70% of LinkedIn users being based outside of the US. • 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn. • In total, there have been 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn. • The average CEO has 930 connections.

  4. Create Your Company PageCreating a company page on LinkedIn gives your business a separate identity than your individual profile. It gives you ample of chances to showcase and promote the products and services offered by your organization. It also allows interested users to get in touch with you to discuss business opportunities.

  5. Grow Your NetworkOnce you create a company page, the next important step it to grow your network and connect with those who matter to your business. A high number of connections and followers enables you to put across your messages to a larger target audience and gain significant traction. Remember: Do not rush to send excessive invitations. Gradually work towards building your connections.

  6. Participate In GroupsYou will find several highly active groups on LinkedIn who provide a platform to opinion leaders, experts, professionals, business executives to discuss new developments, challenges and opportunities in a particular industry. Participating in such groups and sharing your views expands your ambit and helps you get known among the larger fraternity.

  7. Share Useful Information LinkedIn can be a great platform to spread awareness about your industry, products, solutions and services. Sharing useful content such as blogs, articles, whitepapers, PPTs, infographics and more will help you educate your potential clients and create significant demand for your offerings.

  8. Regular Status UpdatesRegular status updates help your brand create a recall value. It is important to ensure maximum exposure for your brand and keeping your connections updated with latest developments in the industry and advancements in your products and services.

  9. LinkedIn Polls LinkedIn polls lets you create opinion polls and share the same with industry experts, your connections, groups and more. These polls may significantly help you read the pulse of the market and analyse changing trends in your industry or product offering.

  10. Introduce Yourself To Potential ClientsLinkedIn allows you to send messages to other users. A marketer can use the platform to introduce their brand to potential clients and educate clients about their company’s offerings. It also gives marketers the opportunity to understand clients’ challenges and requirements and accordingly serve them. However, refrain from spamming users as it may have negative repercussions on your brand.

  11. Getting Recommendations Your connections on LinkedIn can help you connect with those who maybe looking for the products and services that you offer. Connect with your past and existing clients on LinkedIn and request them to recommend your brand to their fellow connections. In this way, your connections can help you generate more business and reachability.

  12. LinkedIn AdvertisingLinkedIn provides B2B marketers with one of the best platforms to connect with their most potential clients. LinkedIn’s paid membership gives you additional options to get in touch with your target audience and also gives you benefits in terms of your Sales, recruitment and other operations . Upgrading your page to premium helps you gain significant insights into your page visits, interested users and so on.

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