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FYP projects 2012-3

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FYP projects 2012-3. Supervisor : K.H. Wong See Projects under my webpage http://www.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/~khwong or http://www.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/~khwong/proj/. KHW1201 Robotic music player (2 x CE).

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fyp projects 2012 3

FYP projects 2012-3

Supervisor : K.H. Wong

See Projects under my webpage http://www.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/~khwong



FYPs supervised by KH Wong

khw1201 robotic music player 2 x ce
KHW1201 Robotic music player (2 x CE)
  • The aim is to develop robots that can play traditional musical instruments. The first investigation is to build a robotic flute player. The basic hardware has been built (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ7wv2z8Wgk ) and the next target is to develop a system that accepts gesture commands (finger or body movement) from a virtual reality input device (e.g. KINECT). So an untrained person can play a real musical instrument through the virtual reality interface. This project is suitable for those who love music and hardware development.

FYPs supervised by KH Wong

a new music playing concept use kinect to control the flute
A new music playing concept Use Kinect to control the flute

embedded system




Blow hole


FYPs supervised by KH Wong


khw1204 computer vision hardware development 2 x ce
KHW1204Computer vision hardware development (2 x CE)
  • Many computer vision tasks (e.g. object tracking and recognition) cannot be executed in real-time because of their complexity. In this project students will use the Field programmable array logic (FPGA) technology to implement these complex computer vision algorithms in hardware, so the complex algorithms can be run in real time. We have already developed hardware for interfacing the camera to an FPGA board, and basic edge detection algorithms have already been implemented. Further work may include feature point detection or target tracking etc. This is a project for those who would like to enhance their hardware development skills.


FYPs supervised by KH Wong

In Hardware Acceleration for a Projector-Camera System by

FUNG, Hung Kwan, CUHK CSE M.Phil. thesis (supervisor K.H Wong) 4.2012

Hardware already built

to be used in the following system viewing products in 3d
To be used in the following system (viewing products in 3D)
  • Hardware acceleration for this system


Fixed projector


Mobile projector




In Hardware Acceleration for a Projector-Camera System by

FUNG, Hung Kwan, CUHK CSE M.Phil. thesis (supervisor K.H Wong) 4.2012

FYPs supervised by KH Wong

khw1203 3d vision based video summarization 2 x cs ce
KHW1203 -3D vision based video summarization (2 x CS/CE)
  • Video summarization is a technique for extracting useful scenes or shots from a long video, for example, a several hours movie can be shorten into a few minutes video with all the essential shots. Traditionally the methods are 2D based; we propose using the 3D information developed from the 2D pictures inside the video to give the clues for summarization. For example, the 3D information extracted can tell how the camera has been repositioned or how the actors/objects are moving, so stationary shots can be removed or reduced. It is a project for those who love graphics or multimedia processing.

FYPs supervised by KH Wong

similar projects
Similar projects
  • Related work:
    • Content-Aware Dynamic Timeline for Video Browsing
    • Video Player and summarization tapestry with continuous temporal zoom sample "Home"


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sh4HTz0uaQ&feature=relmfu

FYPs supervised by KH Wong

khw1204 home brew 3d scanner using kinect technology 1xcs ce
KHW1204 Home brew 3D scanner using KINECT technology (1xCS/CE)
  • Plastic surgeons mainly deal with reconstructive problems in patients with deformities of contour and or volume due either to disease processes (e.g. tissue atrophy), due to treatment of disease (e.g. surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer) or due to harvest of healthy tissue for transplant (e.g. ‘flap’ surgery). 3D scanning will improve the assessment of these conditions by providing objective measures, allow better monitoring of the effectiveness of treatments which may then be modified for better results. Commercial scanners cost a great deal of money and so the challenge is to develop an alternative system that meets the required specifications and is cheap and easy to use using widely available KINECT technology. This is a collaborative project with Dr. Tor Chiu of the Prince of Wales hospital.

FYPs supervised by KH Wong

khw1205 open project on computer vision 1 x cs ce
KHW1205Open project on computer vision (1 X CS/CE)
  • A student can work on a self-proposed project related to computer vision or KINECT.

FYPs supervised by KH Wong





  • 1 new 3d scanning device
  • Related work
    • Home 3D Body Scanning using the Kinect


FYPs supervised by KH Wong