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  1. SecureSpace Founding Team Yash Raj Singh (4th year, Mechanical Engineering) Abhishek Kumar Jha (4th year, Information Science Engineering) Yash Bharadwaj (3th year, Information Science Engineering)

  2. Problem Statement The Storage System and the Data Generation Rates are always suppose to complement each other, but with High Level of Warehousing Requirement, Machine’s and its Sensatory Data Productions, and the exponential generation due to the presence of Internet in Everything we have far surpassed that balance causing Time consuming data entries on a Blockchain network Security of data for Enterprises and SMEs alike. A lot of data to store Huge Bills for Data Storage for SMEs Limits to Speed and Performance of Technology based on Huge Data Processing

  3. Value Proposition What do we do? We have developed a proprietary technology, which helps us to solve the problem of the secure data storage at a much lower cost. We have: Blockchain based universal file storage system. Compressing the data in individual blocks by our proprietary algorithm which provides by far the industry best standard in compression ratio and time. Enabled search in each compressed block without decompressing it. New Proprietary Hashing algorithm to perform parallel hashing operation on multiple blocks at a time.

  4. Solution The ‘How’ of our business We are proposing a Blockchain based data storage system for industries requiring high level of security and speed. Some of our target industries for data storage purposes will be: Medical Banking Insurance FMCG We will create an internal Blockchain network for companies in each of these industries with compressed data. This will enable them to have both ultra high level security and efficient storage.

  5. Ability to Build Business We have a diverse set of experience within the team, which will be helping us build the company to provide secure data storage and more such facility Globally, Yash Raj Singh, have had patents signed with other companies in past, which were fully funded by a International Technology Solution Company, and have more such ideas and technological achievements in his portfolio. Abhishek has been running a service company called Service4StartUp, providing Web, Android and such services to early stage companies and now running a Product Development Company UtkarshiniEdutech, Registered March 2019. Yash Bharadwaj Is the Development Engineer for the prototype, and will continue to build such products for the company in future. Having a Degree in Engineering, from PES one of the top technical college in Bangalore and Guidance from people with 30 plus year of experience will enable us develop the company

  6. Need for NSRCEL We have a enthusiastic team, of Engineer with a basic understanding of Business but, we will need guidance for the following Development of Strategies for Right Market Fit Preparing the Product for the chosen fragment Contacting and Preparing for Fund Raising from Venture Capital Other then that, Hiring, Building a Software Development Company, Legal and other such activities.

  7. Milestone Achieved We have developed the Proprietary Algorithm [May 2019] Prototype Development Stage is done [July 2019] We have developed a Sample Tool for Currency Exchange to Show as a Proof of Concept, to potential Investor and Customer.