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internet marketing Lake Charles

internet marketing Lake Charles

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internet marketing Lake Charles

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  1. INTERNET MARKETING LAKE CHARLES Decisive Minds is for entrepreneurs who aren’t scared of rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. We will never sugarcoat things. We tell it like it is because we work with clients who take decisive action. They want to be told what works and what doesn’t work. With a detailed and actionable approach to building business at Decisive Minds we show you the strategies used in online and offline marketing, pricing, revenue projection, sales, team building and much more. The strategies in the “Decisive Minds Business Building Method” are used to build businesses that make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.

  2. BLOG MARKETING LAKE CHARLES New bloggers and veteran bloggers alike worry about how to get more sales, visitors, and readers. They are often looking for a different blog marketing technique that will give them the results that they are looking for. Unfortunately, they are usually looking for an easy way out or worse yet they do what I call blog and pray – LOL! It’s time for the hard cold truth about blogging: You can not just start a blog, write a few posts, and expect for the world to find it.

  3. BUSINESS CONSULTANT LAKE CHARLES As a third generation entrepreneur my beliefs are strong:  Treat all people, whether they are customers, employees, friends or family with respect.  Going the extra mile is a way of life that is not to be questioned.  Customer service is your word.  People appreciate a firm handshake (even from a woman) and for someone to look them in the eyes when they are speaking.  Bad things happen in life but how you respond to those things is your choice. (My kids are really tired of hearing that one)  We learn from failure and I have done my share of learning.  Success is attainable by all that are willing to keep going till they reach it. My expectations are high when it comes to life and business.  God gave us two ears and only one mouth for a reason. People want you to listen to them and hear what they are saying.

  4. INTERNET MARKETING EXPERTS LAKE CHARLES If you are just beginning to discover the secrets of social media and content marketing interested in an upcoming Virtual Summit that takes place between May 6 – 10th. I’m very excited to be a speaker at the event. you will definitely be You won’t want to miss all the tips and strategies to connect and engage your ideal clients! The beauty of this summit is that it is a virtual event which means you can listen to it from the comfort of your home. Once you register to will receive full access to all the calls. You will be able to listen via your phone or access through the Internet via your computer. During the event, all recordings will be available for participants to listen to for Free – as many times as you like while the event is on – and also during the follow up challenge program.

  5. SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING LAKE CHARLES BUT, you don’t want to miss the live calls and Round Table Sessions because that’s where you get the opportunity to ask questions and get Free coaching from our experts! If you like, you can upgrade to VIP and download the audio files and listen to them whenever you like. The Summit is going to be set out in three parts – Part 1 – Set Your Mindset & Plan – Get clear on your vision and Define Your Big Purpose and Plan Part 2 – Discover New Strategies – Find out the best strategies and decide on how you want to use social media and content marketing to attract your ideal clients. Part 3 – Find Out the Best Tactics – What are the best ways to attract and engage clients with social media and content marketing? You’ll learn how to improve your marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and blogs.

  6. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS LAKE CHARLES It is important to understand that people (your potential customers) do not join social media sites to spend money. They are there to reconnect with old friends and family, make new friends, research products and get recommendations from their friends and family. They are not there to be sold and they will quickly block you or delete you if they feel like that is your main objective.

  7. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING LAKE CHARLES So knowing this, how can a retail business benefit? You must focus on building a relationship! People need to know you, then they start to like you, then hopefully they will start to trust you and at that point, once they trust you, they will buy from you. They are then referred to as qualified buyers. already made up their mind that you are a good person for them to do business with. Top 3 things to do or not do with social media! 1. Add value to their life – You can do this by sharing valuable information. Not just about your products or services but about things relating to your industry. example that you own that monogram shop I was talking about – maybe you can find articles or videos about babies or weddings or back to school that would add value to your potential customers life. monogramming but if it was that would be helpful. They have Let’s say for Not necessarily about

  8. 2. authority(expert) status – People prefer to buy from those they think are experts in their field. How can you do this? You could blog and post your blog entries on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any of the many other sites. You could make videos and post them to YouTube and then to all the other sites. You could write a short book or ebook about your industry. Use social media to build your leading Don’t try to sell to them – do things to move your 3. relationship off of the social media sites to sell. Offer them something for free to opt-in to your email list. Yes retail stores should have a mailing list. Post your blog entries so that they will visit your website and once there check out your products and services. Create contests or challenges to get them involved with you off of the social media sites. Social Media Marketing Plan Lake Charles

  9. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY LAKE CHARLES Social media sites offer you, as the retail business owner, the ability to expand globally. The number of people on them at any one time is staggering. Do yourself a favor and pay attention to what is going on in the world of social media.

  10. Internet Marketing Lake Charles