how to use blog commenting to get valuable backlinks and traffic n.
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Best Free Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List – Toll Free:1-844-296-4279 PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Free Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List – Toll Free:1-844-296-4279

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Best Free Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List – Toll Free:1-844-296-4279 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This is very easy task to improve huge traffic within very short period by proper blog commenting. so not to be worries about this matter is providing the Best Free Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2017 for your website promotion globally

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Best Free Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites List – Toll Free:1-844-296-4279

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how to use blog commenting to get valuable backlinks and traffic

How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Valuable Backlinks and Traffic

Before you get all bent out of shape about how blog commenting is a horrible link building strategy, I want you to take a moment and approach this strategy with an open mind. What I’m talking about here is using blog commenting to build relationships and authority in your industry, and how those two things will ultimately lead to organic links and new traffic.

Forget Everything You’ve Read So Far

This approach to commenting is not about dofollow, nofollow, using keywords, or any of the other things you normally read about comments for links. We’re not going to be searching for articles with great PageRank or lots of backlinks.

Finding the Right Blogs

When you’re searching for places to comment, you’re looking for blogs in your industry. And not just any blogs, but ones that receive some good traffic and engagement. They don’t have to be the top blogs, mind you, but you want them to have some significant amount of active commenters already.

One great place to start is to PostRank. Look up your topic of interest, say SEO, and you’ll find a list of some of the top blogs on that topic based on the amount of social shares and comments those blogs receive.

Another, for the Internet marketing industry at least, is Sphinn. Posts on their homepage are generally from blogs that have great content and therefore a good bit of discussion happening.

Once you’ve found a few great blogs to start with, then continue to branch out by following links from commenters to their blog. This will help you grow your base of sites to comment upon.

Also, on sites with many different authors, such as this one, check out the author bio to see if the writer’s have their own blogs and join their community as well, assuming those are also in your industry.

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Only Comment if You Have Something Valuable to Add to the Discussion

This factor is huge! Kind of like the line you might have heard while growing up about how if you don’t

have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Well in this case, if you don’t have something

useful to contribute to the comments, don’t try to comment. You will want to leave a comment that

others can learn from and that the blog owner will be impressed by.

Become a Regular

Again, this goes against the link building grain of getting lots of links from lots of different domains. But

we’re not here to build links by spam commenting, right? Good, then that shouldn’t matter.

You will want to become a regular face around the community. Which reminds me, if you don’t have

a Gravatar yet, then please do so. Or if the blog uses Disqus, sign up for a commenter account with

them and get your profile photo up. Whatever commenting system the blog uses, make sure, if possible,

it will have your photo associated with your comment.

This way the blog owner as well as others who frequently visit the blog comments will begin to

recognize you and associate your valuable insights to your personal brand.

Go Above and Beyond

Don’t just stop with your comment. Take that extra step to really get the blog owner’s attention and

tweet the post. If you took a closer look at my Google Reader, you will notice I did something a little


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