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Hungarian Wind Energy Association PowerPoint Presentation
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Hungarian Wind Energy Association

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Hungarian Wind Energy Association
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Hungarian Wind Energy Association

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  1. Hungarian Wind Energy Association Practical experiences in wind energy project development in Hungary Website: Address:H- 4010 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1., Postbox 13Phone.: 00-36-52-325-816, Fax:, Andrea Kircsi Secretary of HWEA

  2. Introduction • Hungarian Wind Energy Association • Wind energy potential in Hungary • Installed wind energy capacity in Hungary • Wind project in Hungary • Administrative barriers - experience • Licensing procedure • Environmental aspects • Grid connection regulation • Support mechanism • Future of wind energy in Hungary

  3. Hungarian Wind Energy Association • HWEA is a civil organization and it was formed in 1999 by university lecturers, researchers, meteorologists, entrepreneurs and other civilians who are concerned in wind energy use in Hungary. • HWEA has a nationwide competence in wind energy in Hungary. • We have several regional workgroups to encourage the use of wind energy in Hungary and co-operation of the institutes and organizations. • Our main purpose is to presented and popularize the utilization of wind energy in Hungary.

  4. Activities of HWEA • HWEA follows with attention the theoretical and practical results of research dealing with wind energy and popularizes them. • HWEA collects data and information about current status of wind energy in EU and in Hungary. • HWEA keeps an eye on conflicts between investors and authorities.HWEA is drawing recommendations to minimalism problems. • Workshops, symposiums, conferences and other forums are organized by HWEA regularly.

  5. Connections • HWEA joined to EWEA in 2001 and this membership gives the opportunity to provide up-to-date information on wind energy between Hungary and members of European Wind Energy Association. • HWEA got in touch with EREF (European Renewable Energies Federation) in 2005. EREF is a federation of associations from EU Member States, which work in the sector of energy produced from renewable sources, such as small hydro, wind, tidal, wave, bioenergy, solar and geothermal sources.

  6. Wind energy potential in Hungary • Hungary located in the Carpathian basin, which is unfavorable for wind potential. • So Hungary is not so windy as Poland. • The assessment of wind energy potential was made in 2005. • Prevailing wind directions in Hungary (Wantuchnt al.,2005) The prevailing is the north-westerly wind.

  7. Distribution of wind speed Above 10 m from surface Above 75 m from surface • Windatlas made by Hungarian Meteorological Service in frame a national research competition. • Main database was ERA-40 reanalysis between 1992 and 2002 • Dynamical downscaling method with a numerical forecast model • One grid is 5x5km • It was made from 10m to 125m above from surface.

  8. W/m2 Specific wind energy potential on 75m [W/m2]

  9. Cummulated installed wind energy capacity

  10. Wind energy projects

  11. Electricity from wind [GWh]

  12. Yearly installed wind capacity Status: 31 July 2007 • In Hungary have a great interest in utilization of wind energy. • There are investors, but the development is not continuously.

  13. Licensing procedure in Hungary • Environmental license • Plan and Permit for construction • Network connection agreement with Transmission System Operator (TSO) • Network connection agreement with Distribution System Operators (DSO) • The simplified license relates to the selection of the primary energy source, establishment and electricity generation of small power plantsbetween 0.5 MW and 50 MW from Hungarian Energy Office.

  14. Environmental license

  15. Potential area for establish wind turbine

  16. Permit for building • All wind turbine and park have to provide application for Hungarian Trade Permitting Office. • This is the main authority for construction licensing and no local governments!

  17. Network connection agreement • High priority of technical aspects • wind parks connected to 20kV line • 330MW capacity limit for wind • For new projects is very difficult to gave this agreement!

  18. Bottle neck is license from HEO • Only in 2006 was 139 request for HEO license with 1787MW capacity demand! • 49 project gave license with including all wind turbine which is in operation. • 83 project refused!

  19. Main reasons of refuse • HEO provide safety operation of electricity systems. • There is a capacity limit to wind plants until 2010: 330MW • Already have license for 330MW wind project No license for new project Difficult to meet the requirements: • Network connection agreement before 11 November 2005 • Application for license before 1 March 2006.

  20. Support mechanism in Hungary • Hungarian feed–in tariff • Feed-in price is 24,71HUF which is follow inflation. • Limited time period – approx. 15 year • Reducing factors: • Subsidies • EU or national supports • Benefit from emission trading ect. • HEO determine producing quote for every type of wind turbine: approx. calculated with 24% capacity factor. ≈2171 kWh/MW/year

  21. WHY? • In 2006, 47.2 billion HUF KÁP, which is associated with the feed-in obligation of electricity generated from renewable energy source. This amout is near 1.5 times more than the KÁP payment in 2005.

  22. 3.6% Share of RES-E to electricity consumption in Hungary

  23. Future of wind energy in Hungary

  24. Planned wind parks inNW of Hungary

  25. Mosonmagyaróvár

  26. Planned wind energy projects and possibilities ? plan

  27. What can we do? • Buying project company which has license from HEO • Generate electricity to liberalized market to a balance circle with market price • No connection to grid

  28. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact withHungarian Wind Energy Association! Contact with staff of HWEA: Chairman:Péter Tó ; Vice-chairman: Károly; Mátyás Hunyár ; Secretary:Klára Panká ; Károly ; Andrea ; Leaders of regional workgroup:Klára ; Miklós Board of the supervision:József Má ; János Puská; Szabó Árpádné

  29. Thank you for your attention!