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GCSE in Computing

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Computing is the study of how computer systems work …. GCSE in Computing. … and how computers are made and programmed. “ You look at the countries who are successful in the digital world and, guess what, they ’ ve all got Computer Science on the curriculum “.

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dr ian livingstone eidos

“ You look at the countries who are successful in the digital world and, guess what, they’ve all got Computer Science on the curriculum “

Dr Ian Livingstone (Eidos)

eric schmidt ceo google

"Your IT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software, but gives no insight into how it's made.”

August 2011

Eric Schmidt (CEO google)

The GCSE in Computing teaches you to make software

dfe department for education

”Over 10% of jobs in IT in the UK need computer scientists.”

”There is a real shortage of people leaving college and University with these skills”

DfE(Department for Education)

you will learn

How to think like a computer

How a microprocessor works and how they are made

You will learn …

How to split a problem down into parts to solve it

How to make mobile apps

The Python programming Language

what skills do you need

Be quite good at maths

What skills do you need?

Be interested in solving problems

Interested enough to work at home to learn a programming language