driving the hcai agenda widening the net n.
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Driving the HCAI agenda, Widening the net PowerPoint Presentation
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Driving the HCAI agenda, Widening the net

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Driving the HCAI agenda, Widening the net - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Driving the HCAI agenda, Widening the net

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  1. Driving the HCAI agenda,Widening the net Gaynor Evans

  2. Health economy approach • Changing the focus from acute trust surveillance to a healthcare provider approach • The dual role of PCTs (commissioner/provider) • Defining community HCAI and identifying the impact on non NHS healthcare facilities • Establishing multi organisational networks to address the burden of HCAI • Embedding the responsibility for reducing HCAI within the culture of all healthcare providers • Coordinating action across defined population areas by implementing joint responsibility action plans

  3. Acute trusts PCTs Mental Health trusts Ambulance trusts Private hospitals Learning disability units Laboratories Local Authorities (Including Social services) Care homes Hospices Voluntary services CSCI StHA HCC DH Improvement teams Interface between healthcare providers|

  4. Setting rules of engagement • Clear organisational roles and responsibilities • Formal agreement of accountability • Clear reporting mechanism for compliance with governance in health economy HPA SHA Stakeholders

  5. Reducing HCAI- Targeted strategies • Leadership responsibility/ accountability • Communication developing public health information • Surveillance addressing the gaps • Training and developing skilled workforce. • Research • Improving joint actions with RMN (inc antimicrobial prescribing) • Commissioning • Governance

  6. Accountability Resistance to change Organisational change Personal ownership at all levels of the organisation Protected time training Governance Challenges to success Poor leadership

  7. work with health economy to develop robust and timely communication mechanisms. In collaboration with StHA to implement lessons learned from the outcomes of RCAs across the WM work with PCTs to improve commissioning post discharge info for GPs and patients work with other organisations to create robust interagency networks Challenges to success Communication

  8. What target?Finance, A&E waiting, surgical waiting versus HCAI Are the targets sustainable long term? Performance targets- are they unreasonable or a way to focus action? Challenges to success Competing Targets

  9. Challenges to success • Human • Financial • Skills deficit -workforce development • Training and education • Poor / lack of facilities Resources

  10. Contemporaneous data Communication with labs Interpretation and analysis Meeting the needs of stakeholders Is it reflecting a health economy perspective? Is appropriate skill mix reflected in modern infection prevention and control Challenges to success Gaps in Surveillance

  11. “ If there is a choice between changing human behaviour and new technology, go with the new technology every time!” • Rob Weinstein MD.