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Jack London

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Jack London
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Jack London

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  1. Jack London By: Moira

  2. Who were Jack London’s Parents? • Some believe that his father was William Chaney and his mother was Flora Wellman. If Flora Wellman and William Chaney were legally married is unknown. • The documents were destroyed in a fire that followed after the earthquake in 1906. • William Chaney referred to Flora Wellman as wife and Flora called herself Florence Wellman Chaney.

  3. Why was Jack London accused of Plagiarism? • Egerton R. Young claimed that Call of the Wild was copied off of the book My Dogs in Northland. Jack London said he did use the book as a source but claimed to have written a letter thanking him. • Another time Jack London and Frank Norris showed similarity of the two stories. On one Jack London’s short story Moon-Face and Frank’s book The passing of Cock-eye Blacklock. Jack said that the to writer has based their stories on the same news article.

  4. Some more reasons why Jack London was accused of Plagiarism • In 1906 the New York World published a columns that showed eighteen paragraphs of his short story Love of Life next to the similar paragraphs from a nonfiction article by Augustus Biddle and J. K Macdonald. It was called Lost in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

  5. The Beauty Ranch • In 1905 Jack London bough a ranch in Glen, Ellen Sonoma County, California that was 1,000 aces. The price was $26,450. • Jack London said “Next to my wife the ranch is the dearest thing in the world to me.” • Jack London really wanted the ranch to become a successful business enterprise

  6. Jack London’s Early Life • He was born near Third and Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA. The house was burned down in the fire in 1906 after the earthquake. • In 1889 began working at Hickmock’s Cannery. Wanting a way out he borrowed money from his foster mother Virginia Prentiss and became a oyster pirate called French Frank. • After his sloop became damaged Jack London became part of the California Fish Patrol.

  7. 1st Marriage • Jack London married Elisabeth Maddern or Bessie on April 17, 1900. • London’s pet name for Bessie was Mother-Girl while hers for Jack was Daddy-Boy. • They had two children. Their first was Joan and the second was Bessie but they called her Becky. • Jack was kind and loving to Bessie that when his friends came over they didn’t even suspect there marriage break-up.

  8. 2nd Marriage • After having divorced Bessie he married Charmian Kittredge in 1905. • They liked to take trips. One of them were a cruise on a yacht that went to Australia and Hawaii. • Jack and his wife also went to Goldfield, Nevada and met the Bond Brothers. The Bond Brothers were mining engineers. • Once one of their children died after birth and one was a miscarriage.

  9. Jack London’s Death • Jack died November 22, 1916 on the porch of the cottage on his ranch. • He was in really bad pain and was taking morphine. It could be a possibility that he overdosed on it accidental or deliberate and that might be a reason that he died. • London’s ashes are buried next to his second wife’s grave who died in 1955. His grave is marked by a mossy bolder.