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Innovative Schools toolkit

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Innovative Schools toolkit. Workshop 6i-4 – Innovation Project creation and planning. Workshop 4 overview. Your innovation teams. Choose one of the three ‘Student Outcomes’ posters and debate the ideas for projects.

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Innovative Schools toolkit

Workshop 6i-4 – Innovation

Project creation and planning


Your innovation teams

Choose one of the three ‘Student Outcomes’ posters and debate the ideas for projects

Look at the BECTA self review framework to consider what strands of work need to be considered

Your team of four – Decide on four related project ideas you will pursue

How will you review each others progress? How will you know who has been successful and who needs support?

Look at all the ‘BEST’ outcomes and see how your projects can maximise coverage

decide on a common purpose based on student outcomes
Decide on a common purpose, based on student outcomes

Creating your innovation team – step 1

  • How?
    • look at the three posters for ‘student outcomes’ and decide which you personally would like to work on best.
    • Share ideas with others to find some common ground
agree the members of your team four is the ideal structure here are some variations
Agree the members of your teamFour is the ideal structure, here are some variations

Creating your innovation team – step 2

Learner 1

Assistant 1

Teacher 3

Learner 2

Assistant 2

Teacher 1

Teacher 1

Teacher 4

Teacher 1

Teacher 2

Teacher 2

Teacher 2

Teacher of subject 3

Teacher 3

Teacher of subject 4

Teacher of subject 1

Teacher 1

Teacher of subject 2

Teacher 4

Teacher 2


Agree your review methodEffective teams have to stay focussed on learning and on the longer term objectives. Here are three suggestions for how to ensure this happens. These models can be combined or others used.

Creating your innovation team – step 3

Model 1: Co-developed

Model 2: Book club

Model 2: Hot seat

Team agrees this week’s focus

One team member is focussed on once each four weeks

Learners in the team who experience the activities conduct evaluations and feed these back to the group

Next Week’s outcome agreed

Whole team will try the same development with their groups

Whole team fire questions to offer challenge and ideas

Group evaluation and next focus

making sure you are smart your whole team has a common purpose but you need to each be
Making sure you are SMARTYour whole team has a common purpose but you need to each be

Creating your innovation team – step 4

Specific about what you will

Measure to prove you have

Achieved improvements. So what is a

Realistic expectation for one year’s

Time from now?

sustainability making sure it scales

Stage 1: Co-development project (Pilot1)

Stage 2: Consultative project (Pilot2)

Stage 3: Small scale implementation

Stage 4: Large scale implementation - policy

Sustainability: Making sure it scales

Creating your innovation team – step 5

  • Hundreds of interesting projects happen across the world every year but few survive and grow. From day one you must think how you will scale this idea if you are successful.
  • Could another team use your ideas next year?
  • Could another school use them to progress as you have?
managing risk
Managing Risk

Creating your innovation team – step 6

You are reaching the Good phase. Most things are in place. Results begin to plateau. Wide Support and good will

People have understood the vision and it is widely shared – initiatives have kicked in and are achieving change

When you took

over the leadership

Identify new project while energy is high. Innovation and Risk Taking referring to the new vision for direction.Stop doing some things to make space for the new – don’t be afraid to let go.


You crack eggs! Your initiatives have yet to bear fruit. People complain it was better before – and it was!


bringing it all together
Bringing it all together

Creating your innovation team – step 7

  • Who is in your team?
  • What is your common purpose?
  • How often will you meet?
  • How will you review progress and stay focussed?
  • How will you obtain student feedback?
  • How is your project SMART?
  • Would your project scale to whole school?
  • What will get worse and what must be abandoned?

Team task

  • Prepare a presentation that will provide other groups with an overview of what your team are planning
  • Add your ideas to the correct Learner Outcomes Poster

Ideas sorter for learner vision statement 1

Stick here – any ideas that are already happening or have already been replaced with better ideas

Stick here - any ideas that will help take the vision forward and could be achieved by most teachers in 2 years

Stick here - any ideas that definitely would move this vision statement forward but will take more than 4 years to put in place across the whole school

Innovation team 1 Project #1

Put your

first BEST









Our school now

4 years time



  • Original content by Dan Buckley through a collaboration between Microsoft, Imagine Education, Education Impact and Cambridge Education.