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The Benefits of Going Green PowerPoint Presentation
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The Benefits of Going Green

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The Benefits of Going Green
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The Benefits of Going Green

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  1. The Benefits of Going Green Mark Brock Vice President of Marketing CSI - Lustra Car Care Products

  2. Overview • What is “green” • Why is “green” important • Steps toward being “green” • Opportunities to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly • Green chemistry • Ideas on conservation • Importance of marketing

  3. What is “Green”? • “Green” refers to the design, commercialization and use of processes and products that are feasible and economical while reducing the generation of pollution at the source and while minimizing the risk to human health and the environment. • Source: The Urban Green Partnership

  4. Green means Green… $

  5. What does “Green” mean to our industry? • Household washing can be harmful • Communities are banning household washing • Commercial car wash is better for the environment • Public awareness • Car washes commitment to the environment is important to consumers • Implementing “green” initiatives sends a clear message

  6. What is the future of “Green”? • Movement towards “green” • Manufacturers of consumer products are making changes • Major retailers are defining and implementing sustainable initiatives in products, packaging and operations • Consumer perception is growing • Green practices can provide an advantage

  7. Eco-Facts - Water Statistics • 4/5 of our planet is water • 3% is fresh water • 0.5% fresh water is usable by humans

  8. Recycling • Consumers are more aware of recycling • Youngest members of the family are learning the impact on the environment • Recycling aluminum - revenue stream • One aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours or the equivalent of a half gallon of gasoline • • A recycled can is back on the grocery shelf in as little as 60 days

  9. Paper Recycling • Sunday newspapers - 500,000 trees • Recycling a single run of New York Times saves 75,000 trees • If all newspapers were recycled it would save 250 million trees each year

  10. Plastic Recycling • 2.5 million plastic bottles used every hour • Most bottles are being thrown away

  11. Make Recycling Easy • Provide recycling containers by trash receptacles • Place next to gas pumps, entrance to the car wash and/or in front of the store • A simple step - big impact • Cash for cans

  12. Getting Started • Look at your site as a whole • Start small and build on a plan • Be consistent • Make sure ALL you do reflects on your decision to become more “green”

  13. Greenwashing • Companies misleading customers with false claims about a product or service • Seven Sins of Greenwashing (Source: TerraChoice) • Hidden Trade-Off • No Proof • Vague Claims • Worship of False Labels • Irrelevant • Lesser of the Two Evils • Lies or Fibs • Make sure what you do is truly green with the facts to prove it • Source: and Percentage of Product Committing Each Sin (USA) Hidden Trade Off 73% No Proof 59% Vagueness 56% Worshiping False Labels 24% Irrelevance 8% Lesser of Two Evils 4% Fibbing 0%

  14. Comprehensive Plan • Leverage innovation • - rating energy efficient appliances • Do business with companies with high environmental standards • Enforce your commitment to the environment through your support of these businesses

  15. ISO Environmental Standards • Develop performance objectives and regulations • Elimination of wastes, pollution and negative impact • Do business with certified companies ensures they align to the ISO standards • These types of companies can also provide ideas and direction for you • Know who you are doing business with and what they offer

  16. Grants, Loans and Incentives • Visit for small business programs for green initiatives • Canada - check with Natural Resources Canada

  17. Develop a Plan • Look at your business for opportunities • Discover ways to add green initiatives • Start with what is easy and economical • Add initiatives as your time and budget allows

  18. Green Chemistry • Select chemicals to align to green initiatives • Choose high performing products that don’t have a negative impact • Innovative products • Products that are FREE from HF (hydrofluoric acid), ABF (Ammonium Bifluoride), NPE (Nonylphenol Ethoxylates), aromatic solvents, formaldehyde and are biodegradable • Less chemicals will offer less impact and save money

  19. ICA on HF/ABF • “Because of the human toxicity of HF and ABF… the association strongly recommends that car wash owners not use HF or ABF.” • ICA - February 2010

  20. Detergents • Tend to be more harmful • Choose soaps that are phosphate free and biodegradable • Phosphates can get into our water supply • Some communities have banned the use of phosphates in commercial car washes - be proactive • Biodegradable detergents breakdown to non-environmentally hazardous materials

  21. Specialty Products • Know what is in them • Water based has a low environmental impact • Solvent based products have more environmental impact

  22. Sealant and Drying Agents • Generally adhere to the vehicles • Biodegradability of these products is low • Applied in low volumes

  23. Packaging • Are your cartons, bottles, liners and protective layers recyclable? • Packaging represents 65% of household trash • 1/3 average dump site contains packaging materials • Make sure you are able to recycle your packaging

  24. Water Conservation • Reclaim systems • Reduce water use • Savings on water and sewer bills • Expensive to purchase but save money • Requires management of the system

  25. Reclaim Savings

  26. Water Conservation • Water softener or R.O. (Reverese Osmosis) System • Reject water can be used as a mid-rinse • Watering lawns or site plants • Landscaping - chose drought tolerant plants, shrubs and trees that require little water

  27. General Water Conservation • Look for leaks - worn nozzles waste water and product • Make sure equipment is in good workingorder • The higher the pressure in your wash the less water needed • Add rain barrels to collect water for plants • Rain garden on the roof can provide water direct from nature • Water Savers at

  28. Conservation of Energy • Innovations in energy savings • Lighting - highly efficient fixtures and bulbs • Energy credits and incentives for efficiency upgrades • Make sure equipment is sized right for intended use • Solar energy • Vacuums with variable frequency drive

  29. What you can do right away? • Supply recycle containers • Upgrade your lighting to brighter highly efficient lights • Electric bill could drop by 2/3 (Source: Orion Engineered Systems) • Evaluate your chemicals, making sure they are safe • Compare solution suppliers’ green aspects • Start sharing your efforts with the community

  30. Getting the Message Out • Leverage these green ideas • Importance of marketing all aspects • Inform your customers of the your advantages

  31. Esty/Winston • “The most successful green marketing starts with the traditional selling points - price, quality and performance - and only then mentions environmental attributes.”

  32. Getting the Message Out • Use product offerings to show consumers the advantage • Informing customers of green aspects can be your differentiator • Create a meaningful program • Ask your chemical supplier for tools to help get your message out

  33. Getting the Message Out • Come up with a tag line • Develop a spokes figure (something that suggests green)

  34. Getting the Message Out • Review your point of sale • Show consumers green is important

  35. Getting the Message Out

  36. Getting the Message Out • Find out if your chemical supplier has a green program • Create your own program • Be sure to be able to back your claims • Seek help for your point of sale designs if needed • Send a positive message about the benefits of your wash

  37. Getting the Message Out • Sign stating you have reclaim system • Sign listing features in your wash that are green • Use receipts to communicate the message • Display ads in community newspapers

  38. Getting the Message Out • • Plan events around Earth Day (offer specials) • Plan a launch of your “green” wash • Send messages to area schools offering eco-friendly fundraisers • Contact the media (local radio or TV) • Donate to a local wildlife conservation group

  39. Getting the Message Out • Update your website with green initiative information • Leverage social media • Facebook has over 500 million users • Don’t ignore targeting a younger demographic

  40. Conclusion • What benefits “green” can provide your wash • Begin a plan of your own • Leverage this as an opportunity • Build a program • Make each initiative true • Make the commitment

  41. Questions?