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blastoff network is an exclusive social shopping network l.
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  1. Blastoff Network Is An exclusive Social Shopping Network

  2. Blastoff Networkis an exclusive social shopping network that includes a cash back program under which the members get paid when they and their friends shop online through this site.

  3. This network is a unique, fun and free way of shopping and includes features like videos, music, free retro games, sports and updates on the latest entertainment news and much more.

  4. It was founded in 2007 in Texas and is made up of more than 400 major brands and retailers across the world.

  5. It is the only network that helps the users in saving money and also provides them with the niftiest applications, the hottest music and videos, the greatest games and more.

  6. With the help of the Blastoff Network, members can also plan a vacation, track investments and update themselves with the latest news.

  7. Members on this network can receive 1%-10% cash back and cash payments on making online purchases through their Blastoff account and in order to build a large customer base the company incorporates rewards like discounts and cash payments with social networking.

  8. Every member of this social shopping platform is eligible for receiving discounts from over 400 well known retailers and brands.

  9. All the services of Blastoff Network are offered right at the fingertips of the users from a fully customizable homepage.

  10. It is also supported by a personalized marketing platform and a comprehensive contact and tracking system which helps the users in managing affiliates in their network.

  11. And it also allows them to expand their network either by importing their email contacts from outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or any other sources or by inviting friends within social networks like Facebook, Linked IN, My Space or Twitter.

  12. To know more about the services offered by, please browse through :