Changing rooms
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Changing rooms :. designing an information and library service fit for the future. “He who resists change is the architect of decay” Harold Wilson. T he need to move to a smaller location and make the new location a success

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Changing rooms

Changing rooms:

designing an information and library service fit for the future

The challenges turning change and uncertainty into opportunities

The need to move to a smaller location and make the new location a success

The need to maintain a viable, independent role in the information “market place” without undermining partnerships with other services

Building an integrated relationship with the rest of the King’s Fund

Moving to a greater electronic presence and developing services commensurate with that – broadening our reach, deepening our impact

As a team, surviving and thriving during a time of change

The requirement to continue bring in, and increase, income

Ensuring we have the right skill set, structure, outlook and products to ensure we continue to shine as a service

The Challenges:Turning change and uncertainty into opportunities

A work in progress
A work in progress

“ The Information & Library Service (KFILS) is … widely respected for much of what it currently provides, which may just need to be maintained, enhanced and promoted more in the future. However, the ILS team members are not complacent; they realise that if their services are to be as highly esteemed and relevant in the future, they need to do some things differently and provide some things that are new… they must help shape the future rather than waiting to respond to it.”

ILS Development Plan 2007-08

Developing solutions our aims 1
Developing Solutions – Our Aims - 1

  • Creating, developing and running a user-friendly, well-used, physical space which creates a sense of ownership among its users and KFILS staff

Developing solutions our aims 2
Developing Solutions – Our Aims - 2

  • Ensuring that core library services, including those we are under contract to provide, remain relevant, of the highest quality, provide value for money, and are closely aligned with the King’s Fund’s aims and objectives

Developing solutions our aims 3
Developing Solutions – Our Aims - 3

  • Being responsive, innovative, and entrepreneurial in developing high-quality products and services…

Thank you any questions
Thank You. Any Questions?

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