Acts 21 28
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Acts 21-28. Including Paul’s Journey to Rome.

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Acts 21 28

Acts 21-28

Including Paul’s Journey to Rome

Acts 21 28

  • Paul consented to the observation of a Jewish ceremony in order to disprove the accusation that. He was persuading Jews to forsake the law of Moses. In Paul's defense he explains that he is a true Jew who opposed Christianity but that Jesus revealed himself and sent him to preach to the Gentiles. Paul turned the Pharisees and Sadducees against each other by declaring that he was on trial for preaching a doctrine supported by the Pharisees, the resurrection.

Acts 21 28

  • Paul was able to prove false three accusations, sedition, heresy and sacrilege.

  • Sedition- the crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government

  • heresy- a belief or opinion that does not agree with the official belief or opinion of a particular religion

Acts 21 28

  • Procurator/governor heresy and sacrilege.Felix in private was moved by what Paul said but left Paul in prison to please the Jews.

  • Paul appeals to Ceasar.

  • Paul defended himself before King Agrippa by explaining that his preaching of Christ and His resurrection was consistent with the teachings of Moses and the prophets

  • Paul is sent to Rome.

Acts 21 28

  • Caesarea –sailed from this port heresy and sacrilege.

  • Sidon –visited friends

  • Fair havens-Here Paul prophesied that if they left they would encounter a storm. The Ships master did not heed his warning.

  • When they did set out to see they were attacked by a storm , lost everything including the ship, but nobody died. They all made it safely to the island of Melita (Malta). There they stayed 3 months.

Acts 21 28

  • Syracuse- stayed there 3 days heresy and sacrilege.

  • Puteoli Paul found some brethren

  • Rome-He preached to the Jewish leaders. Some believed but most did not. Paul announced that the gospel would be for the gentiles.

While in prison
While in prison heresy and sacrilege.

  • He was safe from all Jews

  • He became conspicuous to all

  • He had the opportunity to witness to the guards

  • He was visited by friends from various churches.

  • He wrote 4 epistles

According to tradition
According to tradition heresy and sacrilege.

  • He was released for 2 years

  • Then arrested and executed during the persecution of Christians under Nero.