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A Graphical I ntegrated D evelopment E nvironment for A LCS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Graphical I ntegrated D evelopment E nvironment for A LCS. Product Updates & Air New Zealand User Experience A LCS U sers G roup December 2-4, Lisbon, Portugal. About TPF Software. Started company to create better test tools for TPF

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A Graphical Integrated Development Environment for ALCS

Product Updates & Air New Zealand User Experience

ALCS Users Group

December 2-4, Lisbon, Portugal

About tpf software
About TPF Software

  • Started company to create better test tools for TPF

  • 20+ years experience creating tools for mainframe programmers

  • Current clients include…

    • American Express, Marriott Hotels, Worldspan, JAL, ANA, others

  • Now includes tools for ALCS and ALCS customers

    • IDEA – IDE for ALCS

    • Air New Zealand

Ide a suite applications
IDEA Suite Applications

Idea suite architecture
IDEA Suite Architecture

  • zIDE

    • Edit and Presentation on Windows Client

    • Compile/Submit/Library on zOS Server


    • Presentation on Windows Client

    • Execution on ALCS Server

  • Resolution/KB

    • Browser based knowledge base to track and resolve issues

Idea product timeline
IDEA – Product Timeline

  • Product developed based on input from Rob Broere – AUG Chairman at a TUG

  • TPF Software Collaborated with IBM ALCS Lab closely and developed IDEA

  • Launched IDEA Suite at the AUG in 2006

  • Air New Zealand was our Beta and Launch Customer

    • They will follow with – “Customer Experiences”

  • Emirates has a Trial Version Installed in Dubai

    • Is currently customizing the Software

    • Emirates seems pleased and we are

    • Waiting for Rob Broere to sign-off


  • Quick demo on zIDE and ALCS/GI

Product updates
Product Updates

  • 3270 Support Included for ALCS/GI

    • One of the terminal for ALCS/GI can be defined as 3270 type

    • Allows to trace 3270-type application entries

    • Normal trace options like Macro trace, Instruction trace can be done

    • Advanced features like SV trace can also be used

Product updates1
Product Updates

  • Search Feature (TSO 3.14) Included for z/IDE

    • Right click on any of DSN in the file view to do the search

    • Search is done in the MVS

    • Results displayed in the output tab of zIDE

    • Double click on the result line to open the file and go to the matching line

Product updates2
Product Updates

  • Library View Integration - Example

    • The sample Library view allows Browse / Edit of programs and macros

      • File list is displayed based on the type of request

    • Data set names will be transparent to users

    • This can be further enhanced

      • Restrict access level (Read-only/Read-write) to different libraries

      • Restrict Edit to the members of a library owned by the user

      • Allow the use of Private libraries for programs / macros

    • Customized library view for Emirates (TALM)

Product updates3
Product Updates

  • Support for C/C++ Edit, Compile, Build and Debug at Source Level

    • Working with ALCS Lab to enable this feature

    • ALCS Lab currently working on supporting Instruction trace for C/C++

    • Waiting for the ALCS Lab to give us feedback

      • Held meeting with the ALCS Lab

      • Provided requirements to them

        • Instruction Trace (ZTRAC) to work

        • Link Map for C/C++

Product updates4
Product Updates

  • Other updates

    • Macro Trace Block Display Support

    • System Core update protection

    • Version support for load modules

      • Can add a Suffix to Load Module Names (Programmer Initials for example)

    • Usage Information for ALCS/GI

    • DF/Explorer Integration to ALCS/GI

  • Major user wish list items

    • C/C++ Support for Edit/Debug

    • DBCS for Editor & Terminal Display (Taiwanese Customers)

Customer feedback richard gill air new zealand

Customer Feedback Richard Gill – Air New Zealand

Carina system idea usage
CARINA System – IDEA usage

  • ANZ is using IDEA since 2006

    • Use z/IDE for Editing (Upgraded to ZREX Server)

    • ALCS/GI for debugging

    • 30+% productivity from using the tools

      • Ex. Previously (2007) we implemented 1600 programs

      • In. 2008 we have already implemented 1946 + 400 (in QA)

      • All this with just 11 programmers

    • These are real numbers

    • Early resistance from old timers, but juniors - cannot live without it

  • Best Features

    • Source View

    • Panel Overlay – XCOR or XFIL with DSECT overlay

    • Message Capture / Run Facility

    • Visual Log – to document and pass issues when errors encountered

  • Productivity Benefits

    • Programmers CANNOT live without SOURCE Level Trace

  • Wish lists

    • C/C++ Support

    • Regression Test Facility

  • We also use Programming Services from TPF Software since 2006

    • We are happy with the Quality and Cost

    • We are moving part Offshore starting December

In closing
In Closing

  • We are looking for More Customers

  • We cannot sustain without the support and backing of the ALCS users

  • The Costs not to use new tools - GUI interfaces means

    • Customers not taking advantage of new Technology

    • Customers are less productive

    • Applications have less features

    • Finally, greater chance of moving to a GDS

  • We are committed to the product suite

    • We are ready to build new features

    • And New Products and Features

  • We would like to see you get the levels of productivity being realized by Air New Zealand

Thank you
Thank You!

  • More Information:

  • Web site:

    • www.tpfsoftware.com