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Model MC600

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Model MC600. Introducing the Total Monitoring Solution for Hydrocarbon, H 2 S and Toxic Gases in Wastewater Plants. Overview…. An Introduction to General Monitors One Stop Customer Shopping 24-Hour Global Service & Support MC600 Introduction System Capability & Flexibility

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Model MC600

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model mc600

Model MC600

Introducing the Total Monitoring Solution for Hydrocarbon, H2S and Toxic Gases in Wastewater Plants

  • An Introduction to General Monitors
  • One Stop Customer Shopping
  • 24-Hour Global Service & Support
  • MC600 Introduction
    • System Capability & Flexibility
    • Compatible Field Devices
    • Available Gases
    • Key Features
    • Accessories
    • Menu & Programming
    • On-line Specifications and Support
    • Applications
    • Summary & Questions
general monitors a worldwide leader
General Monitors – A Worldwide Leader
  • Established in 1961 by Dr. Frank Linville
  • Two Manufacturing facilities and R&D Sites - Lake Forest, CA and Ireland
  • The Best Service & Sales Support
  • World Class Automated SMT Manufacturing
  • Total Quality Management
  • JIT Purchasing & ISO-9001:2008 Status
  • Worldwide Distribution Channels
  • Advanced Proprietary Catalytic Bead, MOS, EC Cell and IR Sensor Technology
one stop customer shopping
One Stop Customer Shopping
  • S4000/S4100 Series Intelligent Sensors for HC’s and H2S
  • IR400/IR5000 Infrared Point/Open Path Detectors for HC’s
  • FL31xx Series Flame Detectors
  • Toxic Gas Detectors, both EC Cell and Infrared plus MC600
  • Gassonic Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detectors
  • Integrated Fire and Gas Detection Systems
global service anytime anywhere
Global Service Anytime, Anywhere

North America 18 Rep Firms

South America 4 Rep Firms

Pacifica 11 Rep Firms

Middle East 7 Rep Firms

Eurafrica 8 Rep Firms

North American Mining 14 Offices

mc600 introduction
MC600 Introduction
  • The MC600 Multi-Channel Controller from General Monitors sets a new industry standard for flexibility, and economy in toxic and combustible gas monitoring systems
  • The 6-channel MC600 offers continuous gas monitoring with either basic HC and H2S sensors, Smart and Intelligent Sensors, IR400, IR5000, IR7000 Infrared Point Gas Detectors, as well as our proven TS-Series toxic gas detectors and Gassonic ultrasonic gas leak detectors
mc600 system capability flexibility
MC600 System Capability & Flexibility

Alarm LED’s

Back-lit LCD Display’s


RS485 Serial

Communications output

via Dual Redundant MODBUS

Optional Sounder

General Monitors Sensor Inputs

HC/H2S Sensors






compatible field devices
Compatible Field Devices
  • S4000CH/S4100C Intelligent Transmitters
  • HC & H2S Sensors
  • IR400 Point Infrared Detector
  • IR5000 Open Path Gas Detector
  • S4000TH/S4100T Intelligent Transmitters
  • IR7000 CO2 Infrared Detector
  • TS400/TS420 Toxic Gas Detectors
  • TS4000H Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector
  • Gassonic Observer and Surveyor Ultrasonic Gas Detectors
available toxic and combustible gases
Available Toxic and Combustible Gases
  • Ammonia 0-50, 0-100 ppm
  • Combustible Gases/Vapors 0-100% LEL
  • Carbon Monoxide 0-100, 0-500 ppm
  • Chlorine 0-10, 0-20 ppm
  • Chlorine Dioxide 0-3 ppm
  • Hydrogen Sulfide 0-20, 0-50 & 0-100 ppm
  • Hydrogen Chloride 0-20 ppm
  • Nitric Oxide 0-100 ppm
  • Nitrogen Dioxide 0-20 ppm
  • Oxygen Deficiency 0-25% by Volume
  • Ozone 0-1 ppm
  • Sulfur Dioxide 0-20, 0-100 ppm
mc600 key features
MC600 Key Features
  • Six (6) channels of continuous gas detection
    • Will accept General Monitors’ HC sensors, H2S sensors, S4000CH/TH, S4100C/T, TS-Series, IR400, IR5000, IR7000, Gassonic Observer & Surveyor detectors
    • No limits to the combination type of gas detector inputs
  • Fiberglass Type 4X enclosure with 316 SS trim
    • Excellent resistance to sun, rain and corrosion.
  • Six (6) individual displays, one for each input with 2 lines of 8 characters per line
    • Detailed information provided per input condition
mc600 key features11
MC600 Key Features

Ready, Fault, Warn, Alarm LED’s are daylight readable so you can see what’s going on.

Up to six channels of continuous monitoring for combustible, toxic and oxygen deficiency.

User-friendly interface panel allows for setup, calibration and gas reading functions to be performed at your fingertips.

Display Setup allows you to adjust the intensity of the LCD and LED displays

Optional 95db sounder can be integrated into the system – no need for external sounder

mc600 key features12
MC600 Key Features

Dual redundant MODBUS communications provides complete status and control capability.

Optional 115/230 VAC power supply – no need for external power supply

Plug-in signal cards allow for various configurations, system expandability and simplified maintenance.

Six 8-amp relays are user configurable with full zoning and voting capability

8-amp fault relay provides two user selectable options – activated/de-activated during setup or cal mode operation

Removable terminal blocks provide ease of installation and wiring.

mc600 key features13
MC600 Key Features

4 mounting holes for simple installation.

Optional remote connector

Lockable stainless steel latches for extra security.

Removable board makes it easier to pull in wires during installation

Conduit holes can also be used to mount detectors directly to unit

mc600 key features14
MC600 Key Features
  • Six (6) SPDT relays at 8 amps for Warn, Low Alarm and High Alarms. They can be configured for three (3) different Zoning capabilities
    • Many combinations of relay outputs to accommodate alarm capabilities and direct wiring to external horns or alarm lights
  • One (1) fault relay
    • Used to indicate all faults
  • Dual redundant Modbus communications
    • Allows 2 wire communication of MC600 readings, relay actions, etc. to PLC’s and DCS systems
mc600 key features15
MC600 Key Features
  • Remaining Sensor life Indication on the HC and H2S direct input sensors
    • Tells the customer when it is time to prepare to replace the sensors.
  • Self-calibration of the HC and H2S direct input sensors
    • Allows simple, fast calibration of the sensors.
  • Removable terminal blocks
    • Allows for easy wiring, installation and maintenance
    • No need to re-wire when replacing card
mc600 accessories
MC600 Accessories
  • Optional 115 VAC to 24 VDC internal power supply
    • No need to purchase an external power supply
  • Optional 95 db sounder on the front panel
    • No need for external local horn
  • Optional remote location of the front display
    • Allows separation of the electronics in the field to the display in a control room, etc. (distance limited)
wastewater plant applications
Wastewater Plant Applications














To Outfall or









ground flares







1. Raw Sewage

2. Primary Sludge

3. Return Activated Sludge

4. Waste Activated Sludge

5. Thickened Sludge

6. Digested Sludge

7. Chemical Additives

8. Effluent

1. Raw Sewage

2. Primary Sludge

3. Return Activated Sludge

4. Waste Activated Sludge

5. Thickened Sludge

6. Digested Sludge

7. Chemical Additives

8. Effluent


Gas Storage







Sludge Disposal

gases products used by process area
Gases/Products used by Process Area

Process AreaGasesProducts

  • Raw Sewage H2S, HC, O2 S4000CH/TH, TS-Series
  • Primary Sludge H2S, HC, O2 S4000CH/TH, TS-Series
  • Return Activated Sludge H2S, HC, O2 S4000CH/TH, TS-Series
  • Waste Activated Sludge H2S, HC, O2 S4000CH/TH, TS-Series
  • Thickened Sludge H2S, HC, O2 S4000CH/TH, TS-Series
  • Digested Sludge HC, O2 S4000CH/TH, TS-Series
  • Chemical Additives SO2, Cl2 TS-Series
  • Effluent Cl2 TS-Series
digester gas monitoring
Digester Gas Monitoring



Methane (CH4) gas generated from anaerobic digesters also contains hydrogen sulfide (H2S) resulting from decomposing sludge. The H2S gas is usually removed. Methane gas is used to fuel compressors, boilers and engines. Any unused gas is then flared off to the atmosphere. Applications exist for Models S4000CH/TH and IR400 Infrared Point Gas Detector because of high O2. The Model IR5000 is also used for CH4 detection in large waste treatment plants.

S4000CH Gas Detector


Digester Tank


Gas Flowmeter

sludge dewatering
Sludge Dewatering

De-watering System

Incoming sludge from waste treatment facilities contains hydrogen sulfide and methane gas. The sludge is transported through a spiral conveyor into the de-watering system where the water is removed. The outgoing conveyor transports the remaining solids to an incinerator. Model S4000TH Intelligent Sensors are positioned so that during operation of the compressor any escaping H2S will be detected.

Outgoing Sludge

to Incinerator



Model S4000TH Intelligent Sensors

are positioned both sides

of the compressor

wet dry wells lift stations
Wet/Dry Wells & Lift Stations

Wet wells and dry wells are confined spaces which can develop a build-up of H2S and CH4. This gas concentration can become explosive and/or toxic to the level of personnel danger. Because personnel are required to service these areas, O2 deficiency monitors are installed to ensure that oxygen levels do not drop below the regulated levels needed to sustain life.

Models TS420/TS4000, S4000CH/TH’s can all be used for these applications.

S4000CH/TH and TS4000


Sewer or Vault


Chlorine Storage Room - Remote Mounting

Cl2 Gas Pipe

TS4000 Base Unit with LED Display, Remote Mounted Outside Cl2 Storage Room

Control Panel

Cl2 Ton Containers

TS4000 Interface Module with J-Box

landfill vapor recovery
Landfill Vapor Recovery

Landfills produce Methane and H2S gas generated from decomposing materials. The recovered methane is used to fuel compressors, engines and co-generation plants.

These facilities provide an excellent opportunity for Model S4000CH Intelligent Sensors to detect the methane gas.




S4000CH Gas Detector






Gas Well

Many sewage treatment facilities use Methane generated from digesters to power electrical generating plants. This power is used to run the facilities as a supplement to purchased power from utility companies. Model S4000CH Intelligent Sensors are used to monitor leaks in the co-generation building.Cogeneration

S4000CH Gas Detector

low cost per point safety
Low Cost Per Point Safety
  • The MC600 when configured with our Highly Reliable Combustible Gas, MOS/H2S, TS-Series Toxic Gas, and Gassonic ultrasonic gas sensors provides a breakthrough in economical safety monitoring systems.
  • The result is a high performance, low cost per point safety monitoring system that is easy to install with long life, reducing safety system life cycle costs, and offering an attractive return on investment.
mc600 summary
MC600 Summary
  • The MC600 meets most plant safety requirements and can be easily scaled to suit the changing needs of tomorrow
  • When configured with our Highly Reliable Combustible Gas/HC, MOS/H2S, TS-Series Toxic and/or Gassonic Ultrasonic Gas Detectors, the MC600 provides a breakthrough in economical safety monitoring systems
  • Included in its design criteria are:
    • Control and annunciation of a wide range of combustible/toxic gases
    • Ease of use
    • Advanced non-volatile digital logic microprocessor design
    • Modularity for easy access, testing and service
    • Ability to withstand rugged environmental environments
    • Lowest possible cost of ownership
    • CSA and CE Marking approved
  • Call us at 1-800-330-9161 for any questions
  • You can obtain data sheets, interactive demo, brochure, instruction manual, specifications by visiting the following websites: