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Marketing Research

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Marketing Research. Translating Research to Action. Agenda. About Gelb Brand Management Experience Management Conclusion. About gelb. An Overview. Gelb helps organizations maximize their potential. Our collaborative and information-driven approach forms clarity of purpose for action.

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marketing research

Marketing Research

Translating Research to Action


About Gelb

Brand Management

Experience Management


an overview
An Overview

Gelb helps organizations maximize their potential.

Our collaborative and information-driven approach forms clarity of purpose for action.

building trusted brands
Building Trusted Brands

High performance brands engender a sense of trust.

Our brand development process builds upon the ways key audiences evaluate, differentiate, and experience brands.

go to market
Go to Market

Bringing new products takes planning and anticipating competitive response.

Our team identifies the right segments, pricing/feature combinations, and approach to successfully launch new products.

strategic marketing planning
Strategic Marketing Planning

Marketing management decisions require foresight.

Our planning process assesses business strengths and market opportunities.

experience management
Experience Management

An exceptional experience creates customer loyalty and advocacy.

We are pioneers in the area of experience mapping, a disciplined process aimed at orienting staff toward ideal service standards.

product innovation
Product Innovation

Innovation is not accidental.

Armed with four international benchmarking studies, our consultants define and implement processes for sustainable innovation.

brand protection
Brand Protection

Your brand is an asset, so protect it.

Our team of expert witnesses stand ready to support your efforts in litigation of brand, trade dress and trademark issues.

why consultants are hired an important role for marketing research
Why consultants are hired…an important role for marketing research
  • A quick fix
  • A catalyst for change
  • An investigator
  • A shield
  • But ultimately…
    • Having a higher level of confidence
    • By reduction of decision risk
    • And getting an initiative completed
reasons to choose gelb
Reasons to Choose Gelb

Collaborative: We ensure your team understands what we do, what we learn, and how to take action

Insight-based: Each organization is different – particularly your capabilities and your customers’ expectations – so we use the “voice of the customer” to help guide your decision making

Proven: Global organizations have successfully used this approach and have embraced it as their means to organize service improvement and marketing efforts

Leverageable: We strive to help our clients learn this process so it can be used repeatedly; we don’t use “black-box” processes

Respected: Our work is recognized in publications, awards and presentations by the AMA and BMA

a brand
A Brand…
  • Is more than the product or service
  • Adds dimensions that differentiate the organization in a meaningful way
  • Is the promise made to employees, customers, and stakeholders
  • Is a means for prospects to reduce decision risk
  • Is forged by perceptions in the marketplace, but can be effectively managed by the organization
  • Is delivered through various interactions or touchpoints
  • Is NOT just your name or a logo
  • Is NOT only a “marketing activity,” but will have an impact on all aspects of the organization
trust matters
Trust Matters

A high performance brand is a trusted brand, one that customers will recommend to others

Therefore, a comprehensive, information-based framework is necessary to understand how customers make choices, how they distinguish one brand from another, and how they evaluate delivery of the brand’s promise.

elements of brand trust
Elements of Brand Trust

The quality of the experience delivered by the organization; how well the brand lives up to its promise

The criteria used by decision makers to establish the considered set

The attributes used to distinguish one product/services company from another

Familiarity is required for consumers to recognize and choose brands

A trusted brand consistently delivers superior value compared to competing brands

Brand Equity = Familiarity X Trust

leveraging brand trust elements

Consistent Experience

High importance

High performance

Moderate importance

Moderate performance

Low importance

Low performance

Leveraging Brand Trust Elements

Communication with customer

Friendliness of staff


Offers latest technology

Product availability



Customer Value

Provides hope

Competitive Difference



Consistently delivers on its promises


case studies
Case Studies

Senior management was faced with an opportunity to tap into a rapidly growing market. As a brand with strength in local, national, and international markets, it was important to redefine a brand strategy that met the demands of a changing marketplace. Using Gelb Consulting’s brand research approach, marketers examined the ways in which the brand consistently delivered customer value in a differentiated way. Focus group interviews and online surveys of consumers and referring physicians were used to understand current perceptions of the hospital brands vis-à-vis the competition. To formulate the new brand strategy, the highly leverageable attributes were identified. The marketing team and branding firm were able to use these elements to develop a branding strategy to craft a brand promise and value proposition. This research was also used to develop a messaging strategy and an advertising campaign to reposition the brand.

An international cancer center engaged Gelb Consulting to highlight its new children’s hospital. Their combined medical research and patient care focus was unique in the marketplace, but parents were not aware of the services offered by this institution. It was therefore important to establish a distinct brand for this service line/hospital. Marketing management engaged Gelb Consulting to help them define the customer value, competitive difference and experience provided by the program. The result of this research was a refined brand focused solely on the children’s hospital, aligned with overall marketing efforts. In addition to this work, Gelb assessed the appeal of their newly developed logo. The result was a visual identity that remained consistent with the brand and increased consumer preference.

an overview24
An Overview
  • Experience Mapping is an in-depth qualitative research technique that utilizes a visual cue (the experience map) to help patients, family members, and/or referring physicians recall specific episodes in their journey
  • Respondents are interviewed at key steps in their journey:
    • In-clinic: to provide additional visual cues for recall
    • With their family/support system: to understand roles and needs
    • At various steps: to build a composite view of the total patient experience
  • The experience map provides a framework for action:
    • Each step has experience stewards (e.g., nursing, auxiliary) who are responsible for delivery
    • Every steward can appreciate the relationship of their actions to the remainder of the patient journey
    • Interactions or “touchpoints” are categorized at each step
exceptional experiences endear
Exceptional Experiences Endear

To increase customer volume…

You need customers and influencers who become advocates…

Because they are enthusiastic about an exceptional experience

experience touchpoints
Experience Touchpoints

A touchpoint is the interaction between an organization and its customers; this is how customers recognize the promise of the organizations’ brand. Like a door enables one to access a room or building, a touchpoint enables customers to access an organization.

Touchpoints include: written communications, personal interactions, websites, physical environments, telephone conversations

Experience mapping enables us to rate the most important touchpoints at each step of the process as being of high, moderate, or low performance

the experience map
The Experience Map








Internet research

Evaluation and selection of healthcare provider

Diagnosis confirmation

Financial and medical paperwork

Nursing consultation

Scheduling visit


Organizing accommodations/travel



Finding the right area

Post treatment recovery

Treatment follow-up appointments

Communication with referring physician

Call-backs for assistance


Waiting area


Additional lab and diagnostic testing

Treatment prep


Nursing/tech care

Physician care

Inpatient stay

Family support

Referral source:

Physician referred

Physician directed



benefits of experience mapping
Benefits of Experience Mapping
  • Reviews the total experience, including:
    • Expectations prior to the first encounter with the organization
    • Multiple activities (e.g., parking, check-in, exams, follow-up)
    • Multiple touchpoints (e.g., materials, conversations, website)
    • Recognizes changes in attitudes, if any, through each stage of the customer experience
  • Goes beyond mystery shopping:
    • By engaging actual patients and their stories, results provide rich insights beyond audit statistics
    • Taps into the emotional needs of patients, particularly those with life-changing events like cancer
    • Increases face validity for staff responsible for making changes
    • Does not tax medical resources
    • Includes actual comments (via digital audio files and verbatim comment) to improve empathy





Strategic Questions

“What is the current experience?”

“How can we make this experience exceptional?”

“How do we deliver a consistent experience?”

“Are we meeting expectations?”

Touchpoint inventory

Staff interviews

Patient interviews

Referring physician interviews

Operations/ business processes review

Resources/technology review

Rollout plan

Customer satisfaction

Touchpoint performance

Employee commitment

Operational performance improvement


Experience creation workshop

Implementation planning


Touchpoint priority

Day in the Life

Ideal experience map

Touchpoint guidelines

Implementation strategy

Touchpoint performance dashboard

Experience dashboard

Organizational excellence dashboard

a framework for action
A Framework for Action

Interactions are categorized using the experience map

Each step/touchpoint has experience stewards who are responsible for delivery

With an experience map, every steward can see the relationship of their actions to the rest of the journey

dashboard process overview
Dashboard Process Overview

Customers provide feedback as part of their experience

Results are tabulated in Gelb’s system in real-time

Reports are accessed via Gelb’s secure portal

Our approach asks for participation in context of the experience, rather than waiting for an arbitrary date. We accommodate any interviewing mode.

As soon as results are entered, they are tabulated. “At-risk” responses are escalated immediately via email.

Administrators can access the results from anywhere and, depending on access, view all results.


Customer Experience Dashboard




March 2006

Survey Results

You are viewing “General Satisfaction” survey responses for March 2008


Customer Experience Dashboard


Quarter 1



Survey Results

You are viewing the “Report Card” for Q1-2006

Overall Satisfaction

Percentage Completely/Mostly Satisfied

You are viewing the “Report Card” for Q1-2006


Percentage Completely/Mostly Satisfied


Customer Experience Dashboard


Quarter 1



Response Rate

You are viewing “Response Rates” for Q1-2006


Customer Experience Dashboard


Quarter 1



At Risk Customers

You are viewing “At Risk” customers for Q1-2006


Customer Experience Dashboard


Quarter 1



Survey Results

At Risk customer detail view

Not Contacted

< Back to list


What was the worst part of your experience?

My interaction with your sales rep was unprofessional. Your sales staff should really learn to develop their people skills.

You indicated that [company name] performed below average. What specific actions can we take to improve your satisfaction?

Maybe you could hold training on how to interact with customers.


Customer Experience Dashboard


Quarter 1



Request a Call

You are viewing “Request A Call” customers for Q1-2006

benefits of the dashboard
Benefits of the Dashboard
  • A standardized way to elicit feedback from customers
  • A volume of responses sufficient for tracking (sample size may vary based on survey process)
  • Direct input into questionnaire design, customized to address your needs
  • Automatic escalation of dissatisfied customer responses for action
  • Ability to compare results across all locations
  • Real-time distribution of responses to key internal stakeholders through an online system
  • Ability to further refine the Experience Dashboard to incorporate additional metrics (e.g., touchpoint performance)
case studies40
Case Studies

One of the country’s largest professional employer organizations hired Gelb Consulting to assess the demand for a customized suite of services for a new market segment. Our consultants helped them determine the “ideal customer experience.” Our process included an online survey to optimize a set of key benefits and price points. This information was then translated into a new marketing strategy for this segment. As a result of this effort, the organization now offers on-site human resources management to large clients.

An international cancer center engaged Gelb Consulting to define the ideal patient experience for a new clinical facility. The goal was to ensure high patient satisfaction by creating a patient-focused clinic experience. Through the use of Experience Mapping, administrators and marketers were able to identify and prioritize high importance patient needs. Working with the clinical and marketing teams, we determined how the clinic could meet patient expectations at each stage of their experience.


John McKeever

Gelb Consulting Group, Inc.

1011 Highway 6 South, Suite 120

Houston, TX 77077

+1 281.759.3600