deep dive on sharepoint ribbon development and extensibility n.
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Deep Dive on SharePoint Ribbon Development and Extensibility PowerPoint Presentation
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Deep Dive on SharePoint Ribbon Development and Extensibility

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Deep Dive on SharePoint Ribbon Development and Extensibility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OSP433. Deep Dive on SharePoint Ribbon Development and Extensibility . Chris O’Brien SharePoint MVP Independent. Introduction. Independent SharePoint consultant Blog: Twitter: @ ChrisO_Brien Book: Real World SharePoint 2010 (20 MVPs)

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Deep Dive on SharePoint Ribbon Development and Extensibility

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Presentation Transcript
  • Independent SharePoint consultant
  • Blog:
  • Twitter: @ChrisO_Brien
  • Book: Real World SharePoint 2010 (20 MVPs)
  • LinkedIn:
  • Ribbon architecture
  • Customizing the ribbon
  • Ribbon commands
    • Command UI Handler
    • Page Component
  • Sandbox considerations
  • Advanced ribbon controls
  • Ribbon development tips & tricks
ribbon architecture how does it work
Ribbon Architecture How Does it Work?
  • Powered by XML and JavaScript
    • XML defines visual components
    • JavaScript for logic – commands, disabling etc.
    • Create a Feature to put customization in the ribbon
  • Actions implemented using commands
    • Command name specified in XML
    • JavaScript ‘listens’ for command
  • Standard ribbon mainly defined in CMDUI.xml file:


ribbon user experience ui
Ribbon User Experience / UI

contextual tab group


contextual tab



  • group{template}
ribbon architecture key ribbon locations
Ribbon Architecture Key ribbon locations
  • Ribbon.Read
  • Ribbon.BDCAdmin
  • Ribbon.DocLibListFormEdit
  • Ribbon.ListForm.Display
  • Ribbon.ListForm.Edit
  • Ribbon.PostListForm.Edit
  • Ribbon.SvcApp
  • Ribbon.Solution
  • Ribbon.UsageReport
  • Ribbon.WikiPageTab
  • Ribbon.PublishTab
  • Ribbon.WebPartPage
  • Ribbon.WebApp
  • Ribbon.SiteCollections
  • Ribbon.CustomCommands
customizing the sharepoint ribbon

Customizing the SharePoint Ribbon

Chris O’Brien

SharePoint MVP


ribbon ui best practices
Ribbon UI Best Practices
  • Do not remove OOTB controls from the Ribbon
    • Bad user experience & inconsistent from rest of SharePoint
  • Group templates: *ALWAYS* create your own
    • Copy-paste instead of reusing those included with SharePoint
  • Provide multiple layouts & scaling options for best UX
  • Be selective - only add customizations to pages that need it
  • Do *NOT* modify ribbon controls with jQuery
ribbon commands
Ribbon Commands
  • Ribbon Command: a named object that performs an action
  • Each user interface (UI) control assigned a command
  • Similar to XAML command framework
  • Allows a loose coupling of logic with UI components
  • Commands have three characteristics:
    • Name: easy way to associate with a control
    • Execute: what they do
    • CanExecute: logic defining when it is available
  • Example: Paste in Microsoft Office Word
option 1 command ui handler
Option 1 - Command UI Handler
  • Define command declaratively within the Feature
  • Defined with XML
  • Execute & CanExecute portions defined with JavaScript
command ui handler code sample
Command UI Handler – code sample
  • <CommandUIHandlers>
  • <CommandUIHandler
  • Command="MyCommandName"CommandAction="javascript:doSomething();"EnabledScript="javascript:checkSomething();" />
  • </CommandUIHandlers>
option 2 page component
Option 2 - Page Component
  • Define command entirely in a JavaScript object
    • Resides in custom JavaScript file (*.js)
    • No XML components
  • JS object provides certain functions
    • init, canHandleCommand, handleCommand
page component code sample
Page component – code sample
  • canHandleCommand: function myCheckFunction (commandID) {
  • return (commandID === "MyCommand") ? true : false;
  • },
  • handleCommand: function myHandleFunction (commandID, properties, sequence) {
  • if (commandID === "MyCommand") {
  • // do stuff here..
  • }
  • }
global vs focused commands
Global vs. Focused Commands
  • Used when page has multiple web parts (e.g.) of same type
    • Which one does pressing your ribbon button refer to? 
ribbon commands1

Ribbon commands

Chris O’Brien

SharePoint MVP


ribbon command best practices
Ribbon Command Best Practices
  • Command UI Handler
    • Good for very small commands
    • Good for isolated commands (one-time use)
  • Page Component
    • Ideal for complex commands
    • Ideal for performance considerations with page weight
    • Easier to debug
sandbox considerations
Sandbox Considerations
  • Most advanced ribbon customizations work well in sandbox
  • Typically only 2 changes required:
    • Files provisioned in a Module must be published in code (draft by default)
    • Page components must be initialized via CustomAction/ScriptOnDemand
  • Exception:
    • Contextual tab - SPRibbon[.MakeTabAvailable] not in sandbox
going beyond buttons
Going Beyond Buttons
  • SplitButton
    • Easy default plus sub-menu
  • ToggleButton
    • Off or on
  • Spinner
    • Select within a range
going beyond buttons1
Going Beyond Buttons
  • ‘Menu’ selection controls:
    • DropDown, SplitButton, FlyoutAnchor etc.
  • Two presentation options:
    • Controls
    • Gallery (provide InnerHTML or image) – powerful!
  • Two data options:
    • Declarative - static XML
    • Imperative/dynamic (e.g. from SP list) - build XML in JavaScript
advanced ribbon customizations

Advanced ribbon customizations

Chris O’Brien

SharePoint MVP


menu control gotchas
Menu Control Gotchas
  • Although share same XML schema, beware differences:
    • Do NOT specify TemplateAlias for controls in menu controls.
    • Do NOT specify DisplayMode on MenuSection
    • Do NOT specify Image16x16/Image32x32 on Button controls in DropDowns
    • Unlike Buttons, DO specify same Command for all DropDown/menu items
  • Menus *require* page component - object passed to handleCommand used to determine selected item
working with a new control cheatsheet
Working with a new control - cheatsheet
  • Search in CMDUI.xml (and others) for examples
  • Identify associated JavaScript/page component
    • Find command names and search in {SharePointRoot} files (.js)
  • To see execution:
    • Ensure app in debug mode (so that non-minified JS files used)
      • <compilation debug="true">
    • Add breakpoint in JavaScript debugger, then step-through
    • Note the properties of JavaScript objects passed to handleCommand
code you need to know
Code you need to know
  • Server side:
  • JavaScript:
chris tips tricks
Chris’ Tips & Tricks
  • Avoiding Cached JS & CSS:
    • Development: aggressively clear client & server cache
    • Deployment: May need to reference files with QS paramto avoid end-user browser caching e.g: …/MyScript.js?Rev=2012.06.13
  • Find your favorite JavaScript debugging tool – you’ll need it
  • CKS:Devcontextual tab project item – great sample
  • Chris O’Brien : ribbon samples -
    • (adding a tab/group/button, cool controls [SplitButton, ToggleButton, Spinner], static/dynamic FlyoutAnchor samples)
  • Andrew Connell : ribbon samples -
    • (contextual tabs, commands explained, async processing, dialogs)
  • Ribbon Architecture
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Ribbon Commands
    • Command UI Handler
    • Page Component
  • Sandbox Considerations
  • Advanced Ribbon Controls
  • Ribbon Development Tips & Tricks
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