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DoDHE: Data Submission via Architech PowerPoint Presentation
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DoDHE: Data Submission via Architech

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DoDHE: Data Submission via Architech - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DoDHE: Data Submission via Architech
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  1. DoDHE: Data Submission via Architech Michael R Gettes Lead Application Systems Integrator Georgetown University f Technologist, University of Colorado at Boulder

  2. State the problem! • Directory of Directories for Higher Education • A component is a Central Deposit Service for those sites that wish to submit data centrally for searching. Sites could opt to have their directories search directly or submit centrally. • If submitting centrally, how to achieve this? • Given institutional LDIF from a dump of the LDAP directory – clean it and transform it for public consumption and submit it to the CDS.

  3. CDS Inputs: Local Site View Submit final LDIF to CDS using authenticated POST via HTTPS. Local Data Source LDAP Filter LDIF according to local policy. Generate new LDIF for submission. DODHE Generate LDIF Data

  4. Architech Product Info • • Higher Education Contact for USA • Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin – Madison • • This product is available free of charge to Higher Ed in USA • Source code will be in escrow. See Keith for further details.

  5. Architech Features • GUI development environment • NOT a Meta-Directory, but a tool to build same functionality • Various Languages: JavaScript, Java, Perl, Rexx, etc… • Various Parsers: XML, LDIF, CSV, Script Interface, etc … • for input and output • Various Connectors: COMport, Files, HTTP, HTTPserver, FTP, LDAP, JDBC, Oracle and more … • The product is ALL Java

  6. Architech Structure • Assembly Lines contain Connectors • Connectors contain • access method (LDAP, FTP, JDBC, etc) • Parser (LDIF, XML, etc) • handler overrides (change how a lookup works in LDAP) • handler result processing(if GetNext OK then…) • Code can be applied to each attribute and/or each handler • “Batch mode” or “continuous processing” handled by triggers & command-line to perform this is given at each GUI “RUN”

  7. DoDHE LDIFTransformer • Demo the LDIF Transformer to clean LDIF data for submission to the Directory of Directories • Need ability to submit data centrally via HTTPS – not there yet but Architech needs to provide it.

  8. This begs the following … • A question similar to the following … • If you were given both this Architech LDIFTransformer and a Perl script that is the basis for the same functionality – each need to be customized for local purposes – which appears more attractive to you?