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Accounting and Control System PowerPoint Presentation
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Accounting and Control System

Accounting and Control System

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Accounting and Control System

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  1. Accounting and Control System

  2. Inventory Control Flow Chart Supply Chain Mgr Places order Inventory Mgr checks Out presold chairs Inventory Mgr checks Out remaining chairs As needed Inventory Mgr & Staff receives order and inspects it Inventory Mgr updates Inventory control system Head of Accounting collects cash every meeting Inventory Mgr counts and stores remaining inventory Double checks numbers With head of accounting Treasurer Makes Deposits Inventory Mgr reports final inventory count

  3. The Supply Chain Manager calls Promoter Advertising for order Payment method is worked out (3 payments of about $5000) are made Supply Chain Manager goes to post office and mails the first payment. The check is received by by Promoter Advertising October 1st. Order is received on October 12th at UCM loading dock Ordering Process

  4. INVENTORYARRIVES • Mr. Ward calls Supply Chain Manger when order arrives • Supply Chain Manager calls President and Inventory Manager to check each chair • Damage Policy: if a large amount of chairs are damaged, they will be remade and shipped out within 10 days, and if a small amount of chairs are damaged, they will be taken off the invoice • Supply Chain Manager calls Promoter Advertising to tell verify that order has arrived without any damages

  5. DELIVERY Order is packed up and moved to President’s house by UCM shipping Order is unloaded in President’s house Inventory Manager labels boxes in number order

  6. Salesperson calls Inventory Manager and requests chairs to sell Salesperson and Inventory Manager meet at President’s house Salesperson checks out needed inventory They both sign inventory sheet Inventory Manager updates database Salesperson goes to sell chairs Check Out Inventory

  7. Personal Sales • Salesperson sells chair to customer • Salesperson takes money and writes receipt • White receipt goes to customer

  8. Salesperson takes money and other two receipts to the company meeting Salesperson gives pink receipt and money to VP of Accounting Salesperson gives yellow receipt to Inventory Control Cash and Receipt Collection

  9. BOOKKEEPING AND RECORDS VP of Accounting counts and compares money to receipts VP of Finance then counts and compares to double check the total for deposit Accounting and Finance check numbers with Inventory Control Accounting and Inventory Control update database on Friday at the company meeting

  10. VP of Accounting gives money to Treasurer for deposit during company meeting • Treasurer goes to bank and makes deposit • Treasurer gets bank statement and gives it to VP of Accounting to update records Deposit Cash

  11. The Head of CIS checks online sales Gives internet sales report to Inventory Manager and Dr. McCord Inventory Manager updates current inventory and ships chairs from post office. Dr. McCord gets check from UCM and gives it to Head of CIS. VP of Accounting records the check and continues with the cash receiving process stated in previous slides. VP of Accounting gives check and receipt to Treasurer. Treasurer deposits check and gives bank statement to VP of Accounting Internet Sales

  12. Salesperson goes to Treasurer to take out petty cash for UCM event Treasurer and Salesperson go to the bank to withdrawal petty cash amount Salesperson signs petty cash sheet Treasurer brings bank statement to VP of Accounting to update books and statement is shown to VP of Finances to record in database Petty Cash

  13. Inventory Manager goes to President’s house Remaining inventory is counted and is compared to inventory database Any chairs remaining will be sold to a pre-established business. Final Inventory