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WSCA/NASPO eProcurement eMarket Center and Cooperative Contract Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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WSCA/NASPO eProcurement eMarket Center and Cooperative Contract Overview

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WSCA/NASPO eProcurement eMarket Center and Cooperative Contract Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WSCA/NASPO eProcurement eMarket Center and Cooperative Contract Overview

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  1. WSCA/NASPO eProcurement eMarket Center and Cooperative Contract Overview John Utterback and Kate Offerdahl NASPO Eastern Region Meeting Portland, Maine May 21, 2012

  2. WSCA/NASPO eProcurement Cooperative Initiative WSCA/NASPO eProcurement Solutions and Services Master Cooperative Agreement • Comprehensive multi- state solicitation led by Colorado on behalf of WSCA/NASPO resulted in an award to SciQuest with Partners IBM and Binary Fountain. • 38 eProcurement related firms responded to the RFI • 17 States participated in the RFP solicitation • 15 eProcurement providers responded to the RFP • 9 States participated in the RFP evaluation

  3. Business Objectives for the WSCA/NASPO eProcurement Cooperative Initiative • “The ultimate goal of this solicitation process is to identify a provider(or providers) with the capabilities and qualifications to assist the participating states in achieving the following business objectives:” • Improve the procurement costs of state government programs and services by achieving improved consolidation and leverage of spend for common purchases across the participating states and their higher education institutions, political subdivisions and other authorized entities. • Increase the efficiency and service levels of procurement services delivered to state government agencies by streamlining, automating and standardizing existing purchasing processes.

  4. Business Objectives for the WSCA/NASPO eProcurement Cooperative Initiative • Improve planning, decision making, reporting and general data transparency by centralizing, standardizing and improving the accuracy and quality of procurement information across disparate state agencies and other institutions. • Achieve high quality relationships with suppliers of goods and services to state governments by developing a reputation for "being easy to do business with" and by supporting the development needs of small, diversity and disadvantaged businesses. • Utilize the resources made available by WSCA to overcome the barriers typically faced by individual states attempting to deploy eProcurement solutions and related services.

  5. eProcurement Solutions ProgramHighlights • WSCA/NASPO eProcurement Solutions and Services Cooperative Agreement provides a number of strategic and economic benefits to States and other Public Sector entities • This agreement leveraged the potential of multiple states and local governments to bring: • significant pricing opportunities • exceptional functionality. • opportunities for collaboration among states as they implement • SciQuest makes its complete suite of products available

  6. Key Functional Requirements for the eProcurement Solution and Available in the Awarded Contract

  7. eProcurement Solutions ProgramHighlights Objectives: Provide resources and expertise to assist WSCA/NASPO member states in bringing eProcurement solutions and services into their operations through utilization of the WSCA/NASPO eProcurement Cooperative.  Develop eProcurement Solution Project Managers Group to benefit implementations and collaborate on improvements in the solution. Develop the partnership between WSCA/NASPO and SciQuest. Utilize the success of the WSCA/NASPO eMarket Center as a powerful benefit and opportunity for program outreach efforts.

  8. SciQuest Collaboration Solutions Supplier Information Management Spend & Performance Analysis pCard Marketplace t Sourcing & Contract Management Simple purchasing from pre-negotiated contracts SciQuest Supplier Network Consortium Shared contracts, catalogs and spend data SciQuest Supplier Network Settlement Management Complete Source-To-Settle Suite Marketplace & eProcurement Multi-Business Unit • Modular SaaS eProcurement solution spanning the full source-to-settle process from supplier management to settlement Center-led with local autonomy SciQuest Supplier Network Inventory & Supply Chain Integration

  9. SciQuest Source-To-Settle Solutions • ATTRACT, ON-BOARD AND MANAGE YOUR SUPPLIER • Total Supplier Manager • Supplier Diversity COMPREHENSIVE MANAGED SUPPLIER NETWORK Supplier Network • COMPETITIVELY SOURCE & NEGOTIATE CONTRACTS • Sourcing Director • Contract Management & Authoring • UNDERSTAND & MANAGE YOUR SPEND • Comprehensive In-Application Reports • SciQuest Client Partners • INCREASE CONTRACT COMPLIANCE & SAVINGS • Spend Director Enterprise • Multi-Business Unit • Consortium • pCard Marketplace • Requisition Manager • Order Manager • AUTOMATE INVOICE RECEIPT, MANAGEMENT & PAYMENT • Settlement Manager • INTEGRATE & TRACK INVENTORY • Supplies Manager

  10. WSCA/NASPO Collaborative Solution • WSCA / NASPO eMarket Center • All WSCA/NASPO Contracts • Hosted & Punch-out Catalogs • pCard Purchasing for all eligible Members • Roll-up Reports on Spend WSCA/NASPO Contracts & Catalogs Spend on WSCA/NASPO Contracts • Member State’s eProcurement Solution • Full Source-to –Settle or Collaborative Solution • Integrated with the State financial system • WSCA contracts & catalogs (inherited) • State specific contracts & catalogs • Roll-up Reports on Spend State Contracts & Catalogs Spend on State Contracts State’s Polisubs eProcurement Solution • Easy pCard Purchasing from State eMarket Center • Specific Source-to-Settle Solution • State and WSCA/NASPO contacts & catalogs (inherited) • Polisubs leverage their own financial system • Polisub specific contracts and catalos • Roll-up Reports on Spend Network Supplier Information Management Supplier Information Management Spend & Performance Analysis Spend & Performance Analysis Sourcing & Contract Management Sourcing & Contract Management State pCardeMarket Center Accounts Payable Accounts Payable Marketplace & eProcurement Marketplace & eProcurement HE Contracts & Catalogs Inventory & Supply Chain Integration Inventory & Supply Chain Integration County Contracts & Catalogs

  11. eProcurement Program Snapshot May 2012 State Implementations Cities, Counties, Higher Ed

  12. Midwest SciQuest Customers- State Higher Ed Eastern SciQuest Customers- Higher Education • Connecticut- University of Connecticut, Yale University • District of Columbia- Howard University, George Washington University, University Of The District Of Columbia • Maine- The University of Maine System • Maryland- Johns Hopkins University • Massachusetts- Harvard University, Mass. Institute of Technology • New Hampshire- Dartmouth College • New Jersey- University of Medicine and Dentistry, Stevens Institute of Technology • New York- Cornell University, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York University, Pace University, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rockefeller University, State University of New York System • Pennsylvania- Bryn Mawr College, Bucknell University, Harrisburg Area Community College, Haverford College, Pennsylvania State University Rosemont College, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh

  13. One eProcurement Solution Platform SciQuest On Demand Solutions are designed as a modular platform with seamless integration. Implement modules at your own speed and priority. As the total procurement solution or around your ERP core.

  14. SciQuest Marketplace & eProcurement • Spend Director Enterprise • Requisition Manager • Order Manager • Business Intelligence

  15. Consortium Community Solution A coalition of buying entities to coordinate purchases and leverage their collective buying power. Shared Marketplace Shared Catalogs Shared Contracts Shared Technology Shared and Consolidated Reporting Shared Services

  16. Coming Up! Education and Outreach Opportunities • eMarketCenter Webinars • eProcurement Solution Contract Webinars • Thought Leadership Webinars • Events / Association Conferences • NASPO Regional Meetings • NIGP Forum-August 16-22, Seattle • NASPO Annual Conference- Sept. 9-12 Louisville

  17. For more information and assistance • Contact John Utterback- WSCA/NASPO eProcurement Services Consultant • Email- • Telephone- 303-772-1959 • Patti Whitaker- SciQuest Business Development Director- Public Sector • Email- • Telephone-919-306-6097

  18. WSCA/NASPO eMarket Center (WNeMC) Kate Offerdahl WSCA/NASPO Cooperative Development Team Analyst

  19. WSCA/NASPO eMarket Center (WNeMC) WSCA and NASPO together serving their members WSCA eProcurement Solutions Contract Colorado Master Price Agreement eProcurement Steering Team eProcurement Steering Team serves as managing directors of both WNeMC and eProcurement Solutions process eProcurement Solutions Participating Addenda managed by Colorado eProcurement Steering Team WSCA/NASPO eMarket Center (WNeMC) (based on WSCA PA) Paul Stembler Program Mgr. eProcurement Steering Team T H E G R E A T W A L L Colorado PA Oregon PA (Dianne/Jacquie) Washington PA (Christine/Servando) All NASPO members using a shared application to shop, buy, print & share common documents. Purchases made with both pCard & Purchase order #’s issued from outside WNeMC State PA State PA State PA Adopting states installing modules to create state eProcurement applications – level of adoption will vary to meet state’s needs WSCA/NAPSO Cooperative Contracts serve as a base for both WNeMC and eProcurement Solution Implementations If you have questions, please contact Paul Stembler, WNeMC Program Manager at or 651-206-3858 (cell)

  20. Suppliers Colorado Oregon Powered By Utah Nevada WSCA / NASPO eMarketCenter Conceptual Overview The WSCA/NASPO eMarketCenter is designed to electronically enable easier access to WSCA Price Agreements by States with signed Participating Addenda. Buyers (States) First Implementers Pilot States

  21. What is or will be in the eMarket Center? • All WSCA and NASPO cooperative contracts - a single, shared, uniform searching and buying experience • Contractor Enablement • Rolled out in phases- currently wrapping up phase one vendors and in beginning stages with phase two vendors • Order of contract enablement was based on total sales • The eMarket Center allows for several possible types of enablement • Lead Managed Catalog (No cost because does not require a license) • Ordering Instructions (No cost because does not require a license) • Hosted Catalog (license is required) • Punch-out (license is required) • Level 2 Punch-out (license is required) • Some contracts will be visible in the eMarket Center but will not have any functionality because of the nature of the contract • For example: Walk-In Building Supplies Contract (Utah) or Background Screening Services (Utah)

  22. WSCA/NASPO eMarket Center Wave ISupplier Enablement Status Summary Wave I - 25 Total Suppliers – 76% Wave I Enabled (19) 11 Total • Xerox • Transource • Ace • CTL • Grace Global • Kyocera • Lexmark • Xiotech • NetApp • Quantam • Conserve • -A-Watt 7 Total 7 Total • Office Max • Staples • Coastwide Labs • Oracle • Ricoh • Metro Office • IBM • Howard • Dell • HP • Apple • Waxie • Mt Hood • Lenovo • EMC Update on Phase I As of Vendors April 13

  23. Wave II Suppliers Wave II Count = 36 Total Suppliers • WSCA Wireless Services • & Devices (Being Signed) • EXP – Oct 2017 • AT&T • Sprint • T-Mobile • Verizon • Discount Cell • TESSCO • Facilities MRO • EXP – Feb 2014 • 1 Yr with 3 Options • Fastenal • Grainger • MSC • Codale • Industrial Supply Company • North Coast Electric • Body Armor • EXP – July 2013 • 1 Option • Mine Safety Appliances Company • US Armor, Inc. • Armor Shield USA, LLC • Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. • Safariland, LLC • Survival Armor, Inc. • CL/Armor Express • Protective Products Enterprises, Inc. • Sentry/GH Armor Systems • Diamondback Tactical, LLLP • Multi-Functional Devices • EXP- June 2012 • 2(1) Options • Cannon • KIP America • Konica Minolta • Ricoh America • Sharp Electronics • Toshiba America • Xerox • Fire Suppression • EXP-Oct 2012 • Simplex Grinell • Office Supplies • EXP –Jan 2013 • Office Depot • Lab Supplies • EXP June 2013 • 2(1) year options • Fisher • VWR Computers EXP August 2014 1.Fujitsu 2.Panasonic 3.Toshiba 23

  24. What is or will be in the eMarket Center? Contract Visibility to States Contractors that have a signed PA with your state will only be visible by your users The WNeMC Administrator will be regulating the visibility of each contractor Authorized Users State Coordinators have the ability to approve or deny each user The State Coordinator will at this time assign each user with a purchasing limit if needed. Each authorized user will have the ability to search, compare and order Order made using a pCard or Purchase Order (issued from outside the eMarket Center)

  25. What is or will be in the eMarket Center? • Single location for WSCA/NASPO essential documents • Solicitations, Master Price Agreements and Participating Addendums • Public Site • Will be a replica of the eMarket Center, but will only allow people to sign in as Guests and see everything except the prices. • Data Gathering • The eMarket Center will act like a portal for data gathering • SciQuest has partnered with Binary Fountain to manage spend data

  26. eMarket Center pCard Process User Login Shops eMarket Center pCard Purchase SQI Orders Supplier Delivers Settle and Pay Bank vv SQI Issues Order Bank Pays Supplier User Org Reconciles & Pays Bank

  27. How to prepare for next steps of Participation • Decide if your state will be purchasing a solution or not • If not your state will only be purchasing the state’s WSCA/NASPO contracts through the eMarket Center not state created contracts • States that purchase the SciQuest Solution can access through their own ePro site. • State will execute an eMarket Center Participating Agreement • State CPO will designate a State Coordinator • State Coordinator will be the state administrator in the eMarket Center • Approve or deny end users • Serves as the single point of contract for approved users and WNeMC Administrator for all state related issues • Provide all training necessary for approved users, i.e.. Train the trainer, snippets and written guides. • Roll out/Marketing to state and local entities to begin registering in the eMarket Center • This decision will be made on a state by state basis.

  28. Current Typical State Involvement on Facilitating Cooperative Ordering Contact MN they own the contract State Staff 1 3 separate local entities asking about how to purchase from computer contract Go to MN’s PC Website and search for each vendor’s WSCA website to order Go to WSCA website State Staff 2 Contact WSCA/NASPO Coop Dev Team State Staff 3

  29. Future Typical State Involvement in eMarket Center Already Registered User 3 separate local entities asking about how to purchase from computer contract eMarket Center -------------------- All WSCA/NASPO Coop Contracts can be searched and purchased from State eMarket Center Coordinator Questions Questions and registration Not Registered User

  30. Questions? Kate Offerdahl Paul Stembler