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Welcome To Scholarship Night

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Welcome To Scholarship Night. Ways to Pay for College. Scholarships Grants College Work Study (CWS) Loans. What Makes a Strong Candidate?. Strong GPA and class rank Strong SAT or ACT score Involved in extracurriculars Demonstrated leader Rigorous college prep curriculum

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Ways to Pay for College

  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • College Work Study (CWS)
  • Loans

What Makes a Strong Candidate?

  • Strong GPA and class rank
  • Strong SAT or ACT score
  • Involved in extracurriculars
  • Demonstrated leader
  • Rigorous college prep curriculum
  • Excellent writer
  • Unique
  • Financial need

Dobson Scholarships

Scholarships awarded


  • Merit 72%
  • Academic 22%
  • Athletic 2%
  • Military 2%
  • Other 2%

Types of Scholarships

  • Merit Scholarships
    • Academic
    • Sport
    • Talent
  • Need Scholarships
  • Local Scholarships
  • State Scholarships
  • National Scholarships

Merit Based Awards

  • Your Application
  • ABOR GPA (16 Core Classes) on 4.0 scale
  • Test Scores:



  • Class Rank




What is the ABOR GPA?

  • 4 English
      • Writing and Literature
  • 4 Math
  • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry
  • or higher
  • 3 Science
  • Essential Elements of Science, Biology, Applied
  • Biological Systems, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Earth Science,
  • Physics, Human Anatomy, Environmental Science
  • 2 Social Studies
  • American/Arizona History + Government or
  • World Studies
  • 2 World Languages
  • 2 years of the same language: Spanish, German
  • French, Sign Language
  • 1 Fine Art
    • Drawing, Ceramics, Jewelry,
    • Drama, Band, Orchestra, Chorus

Volunteer Experience

  • Volunteer/Leadership experience is often a selection criteria for scholarships
  • How Can Dobson Students Volunteer?
    • Mesa Public Schools Honor for Excellence in Service Learning
      • Students who earn 150+ hours on approved projects will have this honor printed on their transcript
      • Visit this website for information and project ideas: www.mesaservicelearning.org
      • Contact Ms. Schoof our Service Learning Coach to get your project approved
        • Room D32
        • (480) 472- 3292
        • sschoof@mpsaz.org

AIMS High Honors Scholarship

The following academic requirements:

    • 16 core competency courses with a B or better
    • GPA of 3.5 – unweighted 4.0 scale OR
    • Class Rank in the top 5% of graduating class


ONE of the following assessment options:

    • EXCEED Standards on all 3 AIMS tests
    • EXCEED Standards on 2 AIMS tests and MEET on 1

(Plus score at least 3 on two AP tests)


MUSTscore a 29 on ACT or 1300 on SAT (Reading and Math)

  • 25% state university tuition waiver for 1 year
  • Renewable for four years if requirements met
  • Notified of award in July (after graduation)

MCC President’s Scholarship

  • Waivers for Top 15 %
  • Waivers for top ASSET Scores
    • English: Placement in Honors English
    • Reading: Exempted from CRE101
    • Math: Placement in MAT120 or Higher
  • Must join Honors College
  • Must submit application

Western Undergraduate Exchange

  • Select western states: Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
  • Select schools, various criteria
  • 150% of instate tuition
  • Students must apply to receive the rate



Athletic Scholarships

  • Scholastic Diploma recommended
  • Get list of approved Dobson classes
  • Must register with clearinghouse

Additional University Scholarships

  • University financial aid website
  • University department website
  • Take PSAT Saturday, October 19, 2013 of junior year for national scholarships

Letters of Recommendation

  • Very common part of a scholarship application
  • Chose your recommenders wisely
  • Give them plenty of notice (At least 2 to 3 weeks)
  • Give them a copy of your resume and any other information that is important for the scholarship
  • Follow up with them to make sure they remember due dates


Free Application For Federal Student Aid

This form is used to apply free for federal and state student grants, work-study and loans.

  • File Electronically! www.fafsa.ed.gov
  • Read the form! Answer questions carefully!
  • Apply Early! Check deadlines!
  • Opens January 1st

Should I Fill Out the FAFSA?

  • Everyone should fill out the FAFSA.
  • To be eligible for some scholarships you must have a completed FAFSA.
  • Fill it out even if you know that you do not have financial need.

Dobson High School Financial Aid Night

Dobson High School

Tuesday, December 3rd at 6:30PM

Come hear a presentation about how to complete the FAFSA



  • Gift Money
  • No-Repayment
  • 2 Specific Kinds
    • PELL Grant
    • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Must submit a FAFSA to qualify

College Work Study

  • College administered
  • Earn hourly wage
  • Campus jobs
  • Usually 10 to 20 hours per week
  • Recommend 15 hours

Federal Loans

  • Must repay
  • Low interest rate
  • No payments while still enrolled in school
  • Specific kinds
    • Subsidized = Interest does not accumulate while student is in school
    • Unsubsidized= Interest does accumulate while student is in school

Service Academies

Air Force

Merchant Marine


West Point

Coast Guard

Very Competitive

Full Scholarship with Admittance


ROTC Scholarships

Partial to Full Scholarships

Air Force



Attend a traditional University/College

Must serve term in the military


Beware of Scams

  • Send money.
  • You are one of the finalists.
  • Your name was drawn from a list of many students across the United States
  • Request credit card #.
  • Everyone is eligible.
  • Service will do application work.
  • Scholarship winner guarantee.

Scholarship Resources

  • Dobson Published Scholarships List
    • Updated throughout the week
    • Direct links to scholarships
    • Available on the Dobson Counseling website
  • Dobson Counseling News Feed
    • Events and opportunities for Dobson students
    • Sign up to get e-mail notifications
  • Schedule an appointment with your counselor if you have questions about scholarships and your applications

Mustang To Do List

  • Check the Dobson Counseling website regularly
  • Sign up for the Dobson Counseling News Feed
  • Prepare a resume
  • Pre-plan letters of recommendation
  • Write essays and proofread
  • Write Thank You Notes
  • Attend Financial Aid Night at Dobson on December 3rd