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Using LinkedIn for Brand Marketing

Using LinkedIn for Brand Marketing.

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Using LinkedIn for Brand Marketing

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  1. Candace Kim • Associate Product Marketing Manager • LinkedIn • Mohamad Bozo • Marketing Strategy Analyst • StarTex Software Using LinkedIn for Brand Marketing

  2. Got a question? Submit it in the Q&A box. Tweet along with #LinkedInBrandMktg Follow us for more: @LinkedInMktg How to Engage with Us

  3. Let’s talk about • What’s the buyer’s journey really like? • Rethinking brand marketing with LinkedIn • Success story: StarTex Software • Q&A

  4. Today’s buyer’s journey • The only thing predictable about it is its unpredictability

  5. It’s a challenging world 10 Pieces of content are consumed before a purchasing decision is made 1 4+ functional groups within a company are involved in the average purchase decision 2 1 Source: Zero Moment of Truth Study, Google 2 Source: Rethink the B2B Buyers Journey research report, LinkedIn, Global, 2016

  6. We can do better.

  7. Missed opportunities For B2B decision-makers, online communities are one of the most popular sources of content in the purchase decision 61% of B2B marketers aren’t using mobile marketing 95% of website visitors don’t fill out a form 80% aren’t opening emails Half of business decisions are made outside of the office 1. eMarketer 2.. SiriusDecisions 3. eMarketer 4. MarketingProfs 5. B2B Marketing

  8. For the first time in the history of media you can engage with the world’s professionals in one place

  9. Our digital lives converge on very few big destinations

  10. The largest global community of professionals 61M senior-level influencers 40M decision makers 433M professionals are on LinkedIn 22M MassAffluent 10M opinion leaders 6M C-level execs 4M IT decision makers

  11. The world’s professionals come to LinkedIn for knowledge Industry News Expert Advice Professional Learning Peer Recommendations 500+ Influencers Peer Insights

  12. How can we rethinkbrand marketing?

  13. To shape the outcome of the purchase decision, get their attention where they’re spending time in a professional context

  14. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads • Personalize your creative to resonate with buyers Drive engagement with premium audiences using dynamically generated ads, powered by profile data, customizable to meet your campaign objectives.

  15. Your prospects are searching for answers — will you be there to help them at the right moment? 12 Number of online searches a B2B buyer performs before going to a brand’s website. -Source: Google

  16. Content helps you build relationships with prospects early in their buyer’s journey 90% Amount of purchase process that buyers complete before making contact with vendor. -Source: Forrester

  17. Target the right audiences and deliver helpful content to create trust & build brand consideration 74% Of B2B buyers choose a vendor that’s first to help them with useful content. -Source: Inside Sales

  18. Get to the Right Professional Audiences Interest-based targeting Group Membership, Skills, Field of Study Rich demographic data Job Function, Seniority, Company Name, Geo, Industry Your own audience data Target Account Lists Persona targeting Job Searchers, Opinion Leaders, Mass Affluent, Business Travelers

  19. Danielle NAME Seattle, WA USA LOCATION IP SCHOOL Boston University FIELD OF STUDY Communication DEGREE Bachelor of Science 2011, 25-34 AGE GRADUATION Simply Measured, 51-200, Internet SIZE COMPANY INDUSTRY Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing, Senior IC YEARS OF EXPERIENCE JOB TITLE FUNCTION SENIORITY CMA, LEWIS, Social Tools GROUPS SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging SKILLS

  20. Why Content marketing on LinkedIn? Professional mindset that makes members receptive to brand content Premium audience of influencers and business decision-makers Accurate profile-based targeting

  21. Sponsored Content • Engage your prospects with relevant content in the world’s only professional feed Build customer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey by targeting content to your most valuable audiences wherever they spend their time. 22

  22. Sponsored Content • Engage your prospects with relevant content in the world’s only professional feed Target your most valuable audiences Publish your content in a premium context Grow your business at every stage Reach the people that matter most using accurate, profile-based, first-party data Sponsor content in the brand-friendly environment of the LinkedIn feed to an audience of influencers and business decision-makers Drive quality leads, generate engagement, and raise brand awareness with a powerful advertising platform

  23. Your company website is a great place to look for content to sponsor Where to look What to look for Specifics Relevant ContentEngaging ImagesCadence Company Blog VideosWhitepapersOther Destinations Company Resources CompanyWebsite Promoting other Social Media Channels ‘About Us’ Section Company AnnouncementsIndustry news PR/NewsSection

  24. Visual is the new headline Always include images in your updates: Images lead to higher engagement “Snackable” content that appeals to busy prospects hungry for quick insights Be Concise: Keep your intro textto 70-150 characters … Shorter text correlates with higher engagement Images should be 1200x627 pixels, and any text in the image should stay in a 1000x586 area Link images to your site to drive high-quality traffic from clicks on your content

  25. Think like a journalist Captivate your audience with a compelling headline that stands out from the crowd Humor works...even on LinkedIn! • Think like a journalist: • Ask a compelling question • Cite a surprising stat • Make a bold argument • Tie in with current events or pop culture • Quote a well-known leader or executive

  26. Rich media updates: More engaging than link shares Uploaded rich media Link share with preview image Uploaded images often get up to 38% higher CTR vs. link shares with a preview image

  27. Turn your content into strategy with a content calendar Content Calendar Example Intro Copy Content Title URL Week of March 3 Monday, March 3, 14Tuesday, March 4, 14Wednesday, March 5, 14Thursday, March 6, 14Friday, March 7, 14Monday, March 10, 14Tuesday, March 11, 14Wednesday, March 12, 14Thursday, March 13, 14Friday, March 14, 14Monday, March 17, 14Tuesday, March 18, 14Wednesday, March 19, 14Thursday, March 20, 14 Content Calendar is a planning document that gives you and your team at LinkedIn a plan of attack for a successful Sponsored Update campaign: Creates a publishing schedule that helps you maintain a consistent presence Visualizes your marketing strategy Acts as a communication point for all parties Week of March 10 Week of March 17 How much content is enough? It depends on your goals. Top-performing companies post at least once per day, while others post several times per day. They are often using Direct Sponsored Content to manage the volume. X7

  28. Be where your prospects are Reach prospects wherever they spend time Seeks relevant information, guidance, inspiration Feel connected

  29. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail • Send timely, convenient, and relevant private messages to the people that matter most to your business

  30. StarTex Software Overview StarTex Software is the company behind EHS Insight, the world's most flexible, powerful, easy-to-use environmental, health and safety (EHS) software.

  31. Challenges Reaching target audience Creating dialogue and user engagement Lack of data insight Increasing digital brand presence

  32. Solution: Sponsored Content

  33. Solution: Sponsored Content

  34. Solution: Sponsored Content

  35. Solution: Sponsored Content

  36. Results • Efficiently reached and engaged senior-level EHS members • Over one million in quality impressions resulting in 119% growth in brand awareness • 50% more marketing qualified leads than other paid ad channels • Created quality dialogue and user engagement, thanks to LinkedIn’s campaign data • Blog Sponsored Content generated 264,399 in impressions and an average 1.49% click through rate

  37. 5 takeaways for Sponsored Content success • Create brief, yet compelling ad copy • Promote your ads to the right audiences • Listen to your campaign data • A/B test your ad copy and design • Structure your campaigns

  38. Q&A

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