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Content Marketing on LinkedIn PowerPoint Presentation
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Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Content Marketing on LinkedIn

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Content Marketing on LinkedIn

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  1. Content Marketing on LinkedIn April 26th, 2016

  2. Introductions Peter Weinberg Agency Consultant, LinkedIn

  3. • Why should I build a brand on Agenda LinkedIn? • How do I build a brand on LinkedIn?

  4. Of B2B marketers believe social media is an effective marketing channel 79% 80% Of B2B leads come from LinkedIn According to HubSpot, 43% of marketers say that they have sourced a customer from LinkedIn 43%

  5. Marketers with a documented strategy are 4x more effective of marketers have a documented content marketing strategy 28% of marketers feel their marketing strategy is effective 30%

  6. There are 4 reasons to build a brand on LinkedIn Our purpose, our scale, our data, + our context

  7. 1. PURPOSE > we connect the world to opportunity Our “Economic Graph” is a digital map of the global economy

  8. 2. SCALE > we are the largest professional network 414+ million professional users around the world

  9. 3. DATA > we have the richest professional data set All of the information in a user’s profile is targetable

  10. 4. CONTEXT > your brand is additive to the experience

  11. CONCLUSION > we are the most effective B2B platform


  13. 1. Audience Insights

  14. First, size up your potential audience 100 MM BDM’s Sphere of Influence 27 M BDMs 10 M CXOs

  15. Is this audience visiting your client’s sitetoday? What % of traffic comes from your target audience? 23% Corporate Manufacturing Transportation Finance Agriculture Service Consumer High Tech 16% EXAMPLE

  16. Is this audience following your client today? What % of Company Page followers belong to your target audience? EXAMPLE

  17. How do we bridge the gap between our sites? And transform your client’s site from an “end point” to a “start point”

  18. By observing the audience’s habits

  19. By understanding the audience’s interests

  20. And by telling you the audience’s secrets Custom Research can give your client a competitive edge… EXAMPLE

  21. 2. Creative Strategy

  22. “On what topic can you be the leading informational expert in the world?” - Content Marketing Institute

  23. People buy your thought leadership Not your products and services “BUYERS DON’T BUY YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES UNTIL THEY BUY YOUR APPROACH TO SOLVING THEIR PROBLEMS”

  24. Good thought leadership means owning a topic By building a sustainable “Content Franchise”

  25. A content franchise consists of many different pieces And can fuel an always-on content marketing calendar

  26. Which are mapped to each stage of the funnel And tied together with sequential story-telling

  27. It builds brands and drives leads at the same time How? Well, some of the content is gated, some of it isn’t

  28. Don’t lose sight of these three basic principles There are a few boxes you need to tick before executing Develop Brand Guidelines 1 Look Beyond Your Team To Source Content 2 3 Build An Editorial Calendar

  29. 3. Distribution Strategy

  30. Distribute from your owned properties A sturdy social architecture will get you into your audience’s News Feed Company Page Showcase Page Employee Profiles

  31. First by using organic media Maximize reach against followers and your extended network Long-Form Posts Slideshare StatusUpdates

  32. Tell me more about this publishing platform? Hit a nerve, then amplify with organic/paid media Controversial Hot Topic Useful

  33. Next, extend your reach with paid media The hyper-targeted amplification of organic content Sponsored Content Follower Ads Elevate

  34. Oh, tell me more about Sponsored Content! It’s a native, cross-device content ad

  35. This is what good Sponsored Content looks like Expertise that aligns with audience’s core interests Emerson Want to know the average yearly salary for mechanical engineers? 5 Mechanical Engineering Trends to Know – Mechanical engineering is a rapidly evolving field. Find out about the trends that are defining its future. • Crystal Clear Value Exchange (Business intelligence/career development) • Uber-Compelling Hook (“What is the average salary?!”) • Perfectly Targeted (Only seen by Mechanical Engineers) • Eye-Catching Visual • (Futuristic blueprint)

  36. You should also try videos and rich media posts

  37. Run A/B tests to refine creative approach You should have at least four unique updates live Original post Comcast Business Network performance isn’t just about raw throughput. Latency is a significant factor – and applications are not equally affected. This IT Pro Portal article looks at how latency affects different applications and provides tips for reducing latency. Layers and latency: Configuring your network for best performance – In this feature, we will look at applications that tolerate latency, those that don’t and which aspects of your network affect important part… 156% lift! Dark post Comcast Business Strong network performance all comes down to one important factor. The Most Overlooked Factor In Network Performance – Configuring your network for best performance.

  38. Target broadly with a focus on relevance Broad is easier to optimize, more cost effective, and empowers algorithms

  39. Once thought leadership is established, capture leads And optimize the user experience with Autofill

  40. And nurture leads with account-based marketing Nurtured leads drive 47% more revenue than non-nurtured leads

  41. 4. Measuring Success

  42. B2B marketing is all about quality, not quantity Use 1st Party Data to validate every impression, click, + conversion 42

  43. Run research to track changes in perception Brand Impact Studies will measure efficacy among non-clickers

  44. Measure lead quality to prove ROI Compare sales of nurtured vs. non-nurtured leads COST PER LEAD MARKETING QUALIFIED LEADS SALES QUALIFIED LEADS REVENUE PER OPPORTUNITY

  45. Q&A

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