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Chris Spurvey, Vice President - KPMG shares his LinkedIn success story PowerPoint Presentation
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Chris Spurvey, Vice President - KPMG shares his LinkedIn success story

Chris Spurvey, Vice President - KPMG shares his LinkedIn success story

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Chris Spurvey, Vice President - KPMG shares his LinkedIn success story

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Presentation Transcript

  1. My Life On LinkedIn Since 2006 A Case Study for Sales and Personal Branding

  2. I signed up for LinkedIn on November 22, 2006. cc: clasesdeperiodismo -

  3. I saw the platform as an opportunity to post my resume online. cc: buyalex -

  4. I mainly responded to connection requests from other people and spent very little time on the site itself. cc: kenteegardin -

  5. In early 2007, I had jumped into the sales profession, joining an IT consulting boutique. cc: Caucas' -

  6. My job was to diversify the company by growing its network of consultants and landing new clients. cc: kenteegardin -

  7. Very quickly, I realized how LinkedIn could help me do both. cc: theanthonyryan -

  8. I spent the next four or five years adding every person who I connected with on a professional basis as a connection on LinkedIn. Before meeting someone new, I looked him or her up on LinkedIn so that we could relate that much better. cc: GroggyFroggy -

  9. My big breakthrough happened in 2009. cc: Thragor -

  10. That small IT consulting company landed a large, multi-year contract, and we needed people with specialized skill sets. cc: reynermedia -

  11. I leveraged LinkedIn and found subject-matter experts around the world. I contacted them, began dialogues, and transitioned the relationships to phone calls and eventually visits to Newfoundland. cc: LK-GA -

  12. In 2012 we decided it was time to grow the company geographically. cc: Free Grunge Textures - -

  13. I scheduled multiple business-development trips to other provinces. cc: ***Bud*** -

  14. I spent hours on LinkedIn, looking up key individuals in the provinces I planned to visit. I sent inMail messages to those I wanted to meet. cc: Joe Shlabotnik -

  15. LinkedIn has facilitated hundreds if not thousands of coffee chats for me. Some have led to business. Virtually all have led to new connections. cc: Richard Clark (Digimist) -

  16. In 2013 the company was acquired by KPMG Canada. I lead business-development efforts for the Microsoft practice. cc: Esparta -

  17. Interestingly enough, the Microsoft practice originated with that boutique firm about a year prior to its acquisition, when two Microsoft MVPs used LinkedIn to contact me and form a relationship. cc: striatic -

  18. In mid-2014 I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of writing a book. cc: Klardrommar -

  19. I wanted to share with entrepreneurs and new sales professionals the message that, with the right mind-set, they can embrace selling and become very effective at it. cc: flazingo_photos -

  20. It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set, self-published in December 2015, has sold many thousands more copies than I ever expected.

  21. How? cc: Leo Reynolds -

  22. A few months after I began writing the book, I began to research how to promote a book. I came to realize that without a platform doing so would be very difficult. cc: Roberto_Ventre -

  23. I took notice of a few people I knew who were publishing articles on LinkedIn’s new publishing platform. I decided to jump on board. cc: Sean MacEntee -

  24. To date I have published just shy of one hundred articles and attracted a whole new network of thought leaders and influencers. cc: DavidSpinks -

  25. I also have leveraged the SlideShare platform as another avenue for communicating my message. cc: sylvain kalache -

  26. My platform has expanded to include the It’s Time to Sell podcast. All thirty guests who have been on the podcast are connections that I made via LinkedIn. cc: Colleen AF Venable -

  27. Around the same time that I began publishing on LinkedIn, I embraced another new LinkedIn tool: Sales Navigator. cc: Glyn Lowe Photoworks. -

  28. I use Sales Navigator to stay up to date on key accounts, clients, and leads. cc: chrisinplymouth -

  29. My use of Sales Navigator, in particular, leads to the reason that I am excited about Microsoft’s potential acquisition of LinkedIn.

  30. Under its Dynamics brand, Microsoft has a powerful suite of enterprise applications. CRM is one of them. cc: Michael Kappel -

  31. I see huge potential in the combination of Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. cc: M0les -

  32. How Microsoft and LinkedIn integrate those products will be interesting to see. cc: kevin dooley -

  33. Could this be the next chapter in my life on LinkedIn? cc: clasesdeperiodismo -

  34. Time will tell. cc: .scribe -