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45 minute crash course: Free vs. Paid Tools on LinkedIn PowerPoint Presentation
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45 minute crash course: Free vs. Paid Tools on LinkedIn

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45 minute crash course: Free vs. Paid Tools on LinkedIn - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here's a crash course guide on the different options on paid and non paid tools for LinkedIn and how they are both beneficial to your personal brand growth.

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45 minute crash course: Free vs. Paid Tools on LinkedIn

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. 45-Minute Crash Course: Free vs. Paid Tools on LinkedIn Tuesday, September 15th– starting at 11am PT #Staffing #HiretoWin

    2. Michael Shamshoian Account Executive

    3. What we’ll cover in the next 35 minutes Explain the recent changes made to Share tips on making the most of free tools on LinkedIn Conduct a live demo of LinkedIn Recruiter, a powerful tool that helps you quickly find the right candidate Give a quick preview of how you can promote your job openings and market at scale to source new clients 1 2 3 4

    4. Recent changes to

    5. Recent changes to Visibility increase Visibility increased to include 3rd degree connections Commercial Usage Limit A limit on the amount of searching members can do in a commercial capacity on

    6. Capitalize on the changes Boolean searching 7

    7. Boolean searching Improve effectiveness and efficiency ANDfinance AND accounting OR finance OR accounting NOT finance NOT accounting “ ” finance AND “project manager” () (manager OR director) AND (java OR C+)

    8. Make the most of free tools LinkedIn 9

    9. 1 Add a professional photo 14x More likely to be viewed if you have photo

    10. 2 Write an attention- grabbing headline Explain what it is you do Show your passion and value

    11. 3 Draft a compelling summary 40 words or more – about you Include keywords, not buzzwords Write for your target audience

    12. 4 Add a company overview & your role specifics 12x More likely to be viewed if have more than 1 position listed

    13. Your professional brand doesn’t stop at your profile Industry news Your network Groups Companies

    14. Building a LinkedIn Company Page

    15. Company page basics Visit to get started Creating a page is easy Add a company logo, banner image and description. Speak to your target audiences Make sure your content resonates with both clients and candidates. Speak to your target audiences Think search keywords or SEO when you’re listing your specialities. 16

    16. 3 company pages we love 17

    17. 100% Followers are 100% more likely to respond to an InMail 18

    18. 79% 79% of members are interested in job opportunities from companies they are following 19

    19. 61% Members are 61% more likely to share information as a result of following your company 20

    20. Maximize efficiency with paid tools

    21. Live demo of LinkedIn Recruiter

    22. Relevance is key to engagement Personalized jobs add relevance to your branding throughout LinkedIn JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN Project Manager Java Architect Java Engineer XYZ Staffing XYZ Staffing XYZ Staffing Program Manager Sr. Java Engineer Java Architect Bank of America Gap Inc. Amazon More applicants on LinkedIn find jobs through automated recommendations than search 23

    23. Market to the masses Sponsor Updates on LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: One of the most targeted ad products on LinkedIn Desktop click-through rates on LinkedIn are 10x as high as traditional display ads. Content generates 6x more engagement than jobs. 24

    24. Get in front of a broader audience Share relevant content, at the right time, to the right people 25

    25. Consider the member experience On the LinkedIn homepage In their Inbox When they network with your employees When they search for jobs When they research your company Via mobile LinkedIn app 26

    26. Questions ?

    27. Next Steps  Check out the LinkedIn Company Page help center – get started!  Download the Boolean search & profile tip sheets  Take a look at our Recruiting & Staffing Page: 28

    28. Thank you! ©2014 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 2015