Proof translation and smt lib certification
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Proof translation and SMT LIB certification. Yeting Ge Clark Barrett SMT 2008 July 7 Princeton. SMT solvers are more complicated. CVC3 contains over 100,000 lines of code Are SMT solvers correct?. Quest for correct SMT solvers?. To verify a SMT solver is correct?

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Presentation Transcript
Proof translation and smt lib certification

Proof translation and SMT LIB certification

YetingGe Clark Barrett

SMT 2008

July 7 Princeton

Smt solvers are more complicated
SMT solvers are more complicated

CVC3 contains over 100,000 lines of code

  • Are SMT solvers correct?

Quest for correct smt solvers
Quest for correct SMT solvers?

  • To verify a SMT solver is correct?

  • To develop a correct SMT solver?

Good news we have proofs
Good news: we have proofs

  • Some SMT solvers could produce proofs

  • Proof checking should be easier than proving the correctness of a SMT solver

    • A proof could be represented as a proof tree

Bad news proof checking for smt solvers is not so easy
Bad news: Proof checking for SMT solvers is not so easy

  • Theory proof rules require the proof checker to have theory reasoning ability

    • a/2 = b

  • Choice of proof rules

    • A small set of simple proof rules?

      • Good for proof checking

    • Large set of complex proof rules?

      • Good for performance (CVC3 has 298 rules)

      • The correctness of the proof checker becomes questionable

  • SMT solvers are in constant change

The idea
The idea

Use a second prover to check the proof

  • Translate the proof into the second prover

  • The benefits

    • Could easily handle both simple and complex proof rules

    • Flexible

  • The challenges

    • A suitable second prover

      • The correctness is reduced to the second prover

    • Efficiency

    • Translation

      This is feasible!

Smt lib certification
SMT LIB certification


    • A collection of over 40,000 SMT benchmarks, most of which from industry applications

    • Each file contains a status field

    • Some files are incorrectly labeled

  • The proof in the second prover is a certificate

  • A certified SMT LIB will be beneficial to SMT community

  • Prove as many unsatisfiable cases as possible

(benchmark tmp

:source {piVC}

:status unsat

:category { industrial } :difficulty { 0 } :logic AUFLIA :extrafuns ((V_6 Int))

Proof translation and smt lib certification

  • A proof is a tree

  • A proof rule maps a set of proofs to a proof

  • Some proof rules are rather complex

The second prover hol light
The second prover: HOL Light

  • Simple

    • The core:

      • 430 lines of Ocaml, 10 inference rules, 3 axioms

    • Definitional extension guarantees correctness

      • Except equality, all logic symbols are defined

    • All proofs in HOL Light can be broken down into the 10 rules and 3 axioms, if needed

  • “it sets a very exacting standard of correctness”

    • Efforts to verify the correctness of the core

Hol light
HOL Light

  • Powerful

    • Capable of formalizing most mathematics (up to axiom of choice)

  • Flexible

    • Programmable

      • Ocaml as meta-language

    • A number of built-in theories

      • Reals, integers

    • A lot of useful tools

      • Decision procedures for first-order logic, propositional logic

      • Decision procedures for reals, integers, …

Translation of terms
Translation of terms

  • HOL Light and CVC3 are connected through C API functions of CVC3

  • distinct(x1,x2,…,xn)

    • Define a predicate on the fly

  • Mixed integers and reals

    • Lift to reals

  • Skolem constant

    • Choice operator (@x.P)

Translation of proof rules
Translation of proof rules

  • An Ocaml function for each proof rule

  • Naïve method

    • call HOL Light’s decision procedure

  • Exploit HOL Light’s capability of higher order reasoning

    • Prove a meta-theorem off-line

    • During the translation, instantiate the meta-theorem

  • Engineering the translation of a proof rule

Propositional reasoning
Propositional reasoning

  • SAT solvers can dump a resolution proof

  • Sequent representation

  • Definitional CNF and ITE


Hard cases in simplify1: CVC3 spent more than 20 seconds


  • Found one proof rule that does not preserve validity in CVC3

  • Found one faulty proof rule in CVC3

  • Found two mis-labled SMT LIB cases in AUFLIA


  • Instantiating a meta-theorem in HOL Light is almost like rewriting

  • Most proof rules can be converted into some meta-theorem

  • Other methods to improve efficiency

    • Compiling

      HOL Light


  • It is feasible to translate proofs from CVC3 into HOL Light

  • It is possible to certify many SMT LIB cases in HOL Light

Future works
Future works

  • Prove more SMT LIB cases

  • Improve the translation of arithmetic proof rules

  • Support more proof rules

  • Support more theories

  • Improve the proof rules of CVC3


  • John Harrison for help with HOL Ligh

  • Sean McLaughlin for writing the first version of the translator


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