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How to Optimize B2B Facebook Advertising Costs PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Optimize B2B Facebook Advertising Costs

How to Optimize B2B Facebook Advertising Costs

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How to Optimize B2B Facebook Advertising Costs

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  2. FACEBOOK IS CHANGING. ARE YOU? In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg vowed to make Facebook and its News Feed more 'people-friendly'. This decision has made the social platform difficult to advertise on. Since the change, users will see more activity from friends and family; and less activity from brands. Consequently, Facebook’s ad prices saw a record- breaking increase of almost 122%. This was the highest spike in cost in nearly 14 months.

  3. HOW ARE WE GOING TO ADVERTISE EFFECTIVELY ON FACEBOOK NOW? One Word: Opt i mi zati on I n si mpl e wor ds, opt i mi zat i on al l ows you t o get t he most out of each dol l ar t hat you spend on sendi ng out your message. Facebook ads management and Facebook ad anal yt i cs become t he most ef f i ci ent when opt i mi zed.

  4. Factors That Impact B2B Facebook Advertising Costs INDUSTRY B2B markets usually make ad costs go higher owing to their niche nature. All in all, the industry that your organization belongs to, will have an impact on the end cost of Facebook advertising. CORE OBJECTIVE Engagement that demands a stronger buy-in on behalf of the customer, usually, will cost more. Actions such as downloading an app, signing up, providing multi- layered opinions or info are all activities that will cost higher to advertise. TIME OF THE YEAR As is the case with most other advertising platforms, the holidays are an expensive time even for B2B Facebook advertising campaigns. When the fourth quarter rolls out, ads costs skyrocket.

  5. How to Optimize B2B Facebook Advertising Costs: Picking the Core Campaign Objective In Facebook advertising, core objectives are of three main types: Brand Awareness and Reach: Focuses on generating interest in your brand, product or service. Consideration: Spans app installation, engagement, video views, traffic, messages and lead generation. Here, the focus is on targeting customers who are already aware of your brand. Conversion: The result of such objectives is that your prospect or customer successfully associates with your brand as desired.

  6. How to Optimize B2B Facebook Advertising Costs: Picking the Right Bid Strategy CPM stands for “Cost Per Mille” (Mille means “thousand”). With this option selected, you are charged for every 1,000 “impressions”. “CPC” simply stands for “Cost Per Click”. With a CPM bid strategy, the risk is a little higher. In this scenario, your team pays for impressions, as opposed to clicks. So, in the off chance that the creative and copy isn’t compelling, it’s like virtually putting money down the drain. On the other hand, the CPC bid strategy is slightly less risky. Here, your team is sharing the risk with Facebook on equal footing. Here, you pay for the clicks you receive.

  7. How to Optimize B2B Facebook Advertising Costs: Picking the Right Target Group When it comes to Facebook, targeting your ads to a custom audience surely brings in better results. Facebook’s intelligent analytics will generate a larger user group that is likely to respond to your advertising efforts. These users ‘look like’ the people you wish to gear your outreach efforts to. Additionally, if you choose to tap into this wealth of profiles, you have ready access to a list of prospects most likely to convert to users.

  8. How to Optimize B2B Facebook Advertising Costs: Create Compelling Ad Communication Advertising, in general, is only as effective as it can attract attention from the right people. When the Copy team sits down to write an ad, the aim is to write something so compelling that it automatically cuts through the clutter to grab eyeballs. After all, on a platform where your customers don’t expect to be solicited for anything, asking them to act requires well-written, persuasive ad creative. Only compelling ads have to potential to attract even the most distracted among your audiences.

  9. How to Craft Compelling Ads SPARK CURIOSITY BLEND IN FOCUS ON FEELINGS A little intrigue or curiosity can bring in so many rewards in the marketing scenario.Instead of writing something uninspired and straightforward like ‘Buy our XYZ product’, go for something like ‘XYZ’s users have one thing in common – increased sales’. Make sure that your ad is designed to fit naturally into the look-and-feel of the news feed. By choosing an image that looks like something a known person might share, it helps in creating a positive first impression among your target group. Features are great and surely have value for prospects, but they appeal strongly to the logical part of the brain. Sadly enough, this appeal isn’t enough to drive action from your prospects. Instead, focus on the more emotionally-appealing alternatives.

  10. How to Optimize B2B Facebook Advertising Costs: Set Up Facebook Pixel Facebook Pixel refers to the few lines of code that you can insert into your website to track access data and conversions among your clients. It helps you track the clients and visitors to your page, down to their individual Facebook profile page. Iit also collects a wealth of other valuable data, answering questions like –  Where do your clients live? What is their median yearly income? How many kids do they have? How much do they spend on purchases on an average? What purchases have they recently made?

  11. The Bottom Line: Tying It All Together The key element to successful returns on your ad campaigns is good quality, reliable data.Without this, it will be impossible to accurate undertake any projects - marketing, ads, and even sales. BizProspex is a manual data mining company specialized in CRM data Cleaning, CRM data appending with over six years of experience catering to B2B clients. Our highly skilled, well-trained, and experienced team can help you with custom-mined data lists for all your B2B Facebook advertising campaigns.

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