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BITRECHARGE-One for all cryptocurrency travel booking. PowerPoint Presentation
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BITRECHARGE-One for all cryptocurrency travel booking.

BITRECHARGE-One for all cryptocurrency travel booking.

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BITRECHARGE-One for all cryptocurrency travel booking.

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  1. BitRecharge

  2. About Bitrechargeis India's leading online travel booking brand providing range of choice for hotels, flights for travelers. Our core value differentiator is the most trusted user experience, be it in terms of quickest search and booking, fastest payments, settlement or refund processes. Our customers enjoy standardised stay experience at certified hotel properties. With industry first virtual travel booking currency with evencoin and travel social network, Rewards – Bitrecharge is the number one choice for new India on the move.

  3. BitRecharge • Cryptocurrencies are definitely the future of financial transactions. They are the high-tech currencies or alternate money and are astonishingly discreet and anonymous. • The decentralized blockchain mechanism serves great to keep cryptocurrency transactions fast, secure, and convenient. This is the reason, that there is an accelerating trend of using cryptocurrencies all around the globe. • With the increasing popularity of these electric cryptocurrencies, people are using them for a variety of general life purposes, such as Hotel bookings, Flight bookings, mobile recharges, travel bookings, etc. using bitcoins, evencoin, ethernum, etc.

  4. Like earlier times, people are not buying cryptocurrencies, just in hope of selling them, when they see their prices going up. Instead, they are using them to pay for numerous international services, to refrain from hefty transaction charges. • According to a digital currency news site CoinDesk, people prefer cryptocurrencies such as, Bitcoins, Ethernum, EvenCoin, etc. to avoid cash withdrawal fees, currency conversion charges, and transaction fees, which haunts each and every person, who earns or deal in different currencies. • We duly recognize the variety of benefits cryptocurrencies provide to their users. hence, we want to combine it with our passion for traveling and offer our customers the world's best traveling tools, not limited to, but powered by cryptocurrencies.

  5. We offer our clients an innovative travel tool, for flight booking, hotel booking, mobile recharge, and holiday bookings, by using the latest and advanced payment gateways, through our partners such as PayPal, VISA, Bitcoins, EtherNum, MasterCard, and EvenCoin. We rely upon our state-of-the-art infrastructure and our skilfull tech team, who are always coming up with exciting and affordable flights, hotels, and holiday packages, to some of the most exotic places around. And respecting the undisputed urges of our generation to enjoy their life and their freedom, we provide a fast and secure payment infrastructure, supporting most advanced payment gateways including cryptocurrencies. We are here to give you the most convenient and seamless ways to book flights, hotels, holiday packages, etc. Once you start using, you won't need to go anywhere else ever.We are the face of the new generation of innovative, swift, and secure travel booking facilitators, and we are constantly evolving to make sure, that you always get the best booking experience, through our interactive website and Mobile App

  6. BITRECHARGE-One for all cryptocurrency travel booking.

  7. Our products • Flight Booking • Hotel booking • Mobile Recharge • Holiday Package Booking

  8. Contact ADDRESS : KEMP HOUSE, 160 CITY ROAD, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, EC1V NX. E-mail : • • Website :