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LD PowerPoint Project Learning Essentials and Self Discovery

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LD PowerPoint Project Learning Essentials and Self Discovery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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David Horn. LD PowerPoint Project Learning Essentials and Self Discovery. Introduction. I am from Bethesda Maryland I graduated from the Chelsea School which is located in Silver Spring, Maryland

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  • I am from Bethesda Maryland
  • I graduated from the Chelsea School which is located in Silver Spring, Maryland
  • I originally chose Beacon College because it has a Computer, Information Systems track as well as the amount of support that this College provides
symptoms of adhd inattentive
Symptoms ofADHD Inattentive
  • Not paying attention to detail
  • Making careless mistakes
  • Failing to pay attention and keep on task
  • Not listening
  • Being unable to follow or understand instructions
  • Avoiding tasks that involve effort
  • Being distracted or forgetful
  • Losing things that are needed to complete tasks
  • Difficulty identifying single words
  • Problems understanding sounds in words, order of sounds or and rhythms
  • Problems with spelling
  • Transposing letters in words
  • Omitting or substituting words
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Slow reading speed
  • Delay in spoken language
  • Confusion with directions, or right and left handedness
  • Confusion with opposites
  • Math Disorder
  • Dysgraphia
  • Trouble with reading, writing and copying numbers
  • Problems counting and adding numbers
  • Difficulty differentiating adding and subtraction
  • Problems understanding math symbols and word problems
  • Unable to line up numbers properly
  • Unable to make number lines
  • Unable to understand graphs
  • Illegible print, cursive
  • Writes both print and cursive in the same sentence
  • Leaves words out of sentences
  • Doesn’t finish words or letters
  • Doesn’t leave enough space between words when writing
  • Strange wrist or paper position
  • Writes Slow
  • Doesn’t leave enough space when writing
  • Individual complains of sore hand after writing
  • Individual has difficulty writing with out planning before hand
  • Has difficulty visualizing letters, and words before writing
  • Hasdifficulty understanding what others have said
  • Problems following oral directions
  • Difficult to organize thoughts
  • Hard to make sentences
  • Often says “um”
  • Low vocabulary
  • Word reputation
  • Improper use of tenses
quick facts
Quick Facts
  • Also referred to as developmental coordination disorder
  • Lifelong neurological condition
  • More common in males then females
  • Difficulties controlling the speech organs
  • Difficulties making speech sounds
  • Difficulty sequencing sounds
    • Within a word
    • Forming words into sentences
  • Difficulty controlling breathing
  • Slow language development
  • Difficulty with feeding
  • Difficulty learning basic movement patterns
  • Difficulty developing a desired writing style
  • The acquision of graphemes
  • Difficulty establishing the correct pencil grip
  • Hand aching while writing
  • Poor timing
  • Poor balance
  • Tripping over your own feet
  • Difficulty sequencing movement
  • Difficulty remembering movement sequence
  • Problems realizing where you are in space
  • Trouble holding objects
  • Ambidextrous
  • Pain in extremities
  • Discoloration in extremities
  • Sensation of cold and numbing in extremities
adhd inattentive
ADHD Inattentive
  • I always ask for a writing implement
reading disorder1
Reading Disorder
  • I don’t enjoy reading
  • I don’t enjoy reading because I always loose my place
  • I would rather talk on the phone then read a book
mathematics disorder1
Mathematics Disorder
  • I can’t solve math equations
  • Teachers often can’t read my writing
receptive expressive language disorder1
Receptive Expressive Language Disorder
  • It takes longer for me to understand what someone is saying, or asking
developmental dyspraxia1
Developmental Dyspraxia
  • I am occasionally late to class because I don’t realize what time it is and I take more time then most to get where I am going
reynolds syndrome1
Reynolds Syndrome
  • I am always cold
adhd inattentive1
ADHD Inattentive
  • I always forget to clean my room so I will be reminded by my roommates to do it
  • There is always a mess around me
  • I often will start an idea and not complete the steps necessary to finish it
reading disorder2
Reading Disorder
  • I always read street signs
mathematics disorder2
Mathematics Disorder
  • Counting money is hard
  • It is difficult for me to keep a budget
  • My writing is most often eligible
  • Although I enjoy writing poetry
  • Couldn’t write a love letter if I wanted to
receptive expressive language disorder2
Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder
  • I can’t have a decent conversation with my friends because it is so hard to communicate with others
developmental dyspraxia2
Developmental Dyspraxia
  • I occasionally drop things
reynolds syndrome2
Reynolds Syndrome
  • It freaks people out
  • I am a come lien
adhd inattentive2
ADHD Inattentive
  • If I can’t find a pencil I will ask for one
reading disorder3
Reading Disorder
  • I have used kurzwell to listen to text
mathematics disorder3
Mathematics Disorder
  • I use a calculator when I am asked to solve anything more then a simple math equation
  • I have a tablet computer to assist with my typing
  • I also have a smart pen that can record audio while I write
receptive expressive language disorder3
Receptive Expressive Language Disorder
  • I ask for the instructions to be repeated
developmental dyspraxia3
Developmental Dyspraxia
  • I where ankle braces when I walk
  • I was once told that one of my legs is longer then the other
reynolds syndrome3
Reynolds Syndrome
  • I often where an extra layer or two of clothing
  • I am always cold
  • Despite all the disabilities I am diagnosed with I think I am a pretty cool person and people should get to know me
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