zero garbage project an expression of our love for environment n.
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Zero Garbage Project - An Expression of our love for Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Zero Garbage Project - An Expression of our love for Environment

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Zero Garbage Project - An Expression of our love for Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zero Garbage Project - An Expression of our love for Environment.

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CHURCH ON ENVIRONMENTWHAT DOES POPE SAYS “The environment is God’s gift to everyone, and in our use of it we have a responsibility toward the poor, towards future generations and toward humanity as a whole” (Pope Benedict XVI- Courtesy: Petrus, Sep.09) )2009)


Issues of Urban Solid Waste – INDIA Shining?INDIA WILL WIN NOBEL FOR FILTH, SAYS RAMESH“If there is a Nobel prize for dirt and filth, India will win it hands down. There is no competition for that and we have to do something dramatic on municipal solid waste” Environment Minister JairamRamesh (courtesy: TOI, Nov. 21, 2009)

issues of urban solid waste india shining
Issues of Urban Solid Waste – INDIA Shining?
  • With increasing urbanization and changing life styles, Indian cities now generate 8 times more solid waste than they used to in 1947.
  • This is due to
    • increase in the number of urban dwellers and
    • increase in the amount of waste generated per capita.
  • generation of waste per capita increases from 1 to 1.33 % per year.
  • Not only have quantities increased, but also the constitution of the wastes - Quantities of plastic matter are 70 times higher than in the 1960s.
  • Throughout the country, more than 1/3rd of all waste generated remains uncleared on the streets and what is collected is dumped in insanitary dumpsites polluting ground water and degrading the environment.
solid waste scenario at mumbai navi mumbai thane
Solid Waste Scenario at Mumbai/Navi Mumbai/THANE
  • Thousands of tons of waste is generated daily
  • Hundreds of Crores of Tax Payers’ money is spent in transporting waste to the dumping grounds, besides increasing air pollution by the garbage carrying vehicles.
  • Accumulated garbage on the road side bins causes stray dog menace, floods, various decease like dengue, Malaria and so on.
  • Unsegregated waste dumped in dumping grounds poses threat to environment contaminating ground water table and destroying the ecosystems.
  • Recyclable material goes waste resulting in loss of national income, besides losing thousands of tons of wet garbage which can be used to produce fertile Manure.
  • Hundreds of acres of land is used as dumping grounds.
mumbai navi mumbai thane are overflowing with garbage generated by you and me
Mumbai/Navi Mumbai/Thane are overflowing with garbage generated by you and me

Plastic waste strewn all over the land …..


and Water bodies

In desperation and ignorance people burn accumulated garbage which produces Toxic fumes.

Are we solving the problem or creating more?

Plastics burning results in Air and soil pollution and

release of carcinogenic Dioxins and Furans


AS RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS AND COMMITTED CATHOLICS WHAT CAN WE DO?Encourage Community participation to work towards a garbage free society by initiating waste management techniques such as ‘Zero Waste’. Our SCCs, Women’s Groups, Civic/Political Cells, Bombay Catholic Sabha units can play a crucial role, and make a difference!

traditional vs modern
Traditional vs. Modern


Total reliance on Municipality

But can Municipality cope up? NO


Public Private partnership i.e. by Sharing of responsibility between public, private and voluntary sectors.

zero garbage means
Zero GARBAGE means…

Reducing the volume of generation of

garbage by using the method of


Segregation at source means separating the

wet and dry garbage in the kitchen itself.

Two bins are kept in the kitchen for wet

garbage and dry garbage separately.

Which is wet and which is dry garbage? See


wet and dry garbage

Plastics, Metal

Coconut shell

Thermacol, foam


Battery cells






Bio degradable

Vegetable waste

Food waste

Garden waste

Wood pieces


Egg shells



Used cotton…

Wet and dry garbage

Dry Garbage

Wet Garbage

benefits of zero waste
Benefits of Zero waste
  • Valuable recyclable materials will not be wasted at dumping grounds.
  • Conversion of wet garbage into manure, nature’s wealth being restored.
  • Cleaner roads, lesser pollution
  • And many more…..
3 steps to attaining zero garbage first step
3 Steps to attaining Zero Garbage.first step

1. Awareness / education

  • Handouts, PowerPoint Presentation, street plays, group meetings and so on
  • Key points explaining:
    • What is segregation of garbage at source?
    • Which is wet and dry garbage?
    • Which is Recyclable & Biodegradable garbage?
    • What are the benefits of segregation?
    • What is Composting?
    • How to make your society a ‘zero garbage’ society?
3 steps to attaining zero garbage step 2
3 Steps to attaining Zero Garbage.step 2

2. Trial Segregation

  • Daily segregation at source by each family – wet and dry in two separate bins.
  • Society circular to ensure-


  • Daily monitoring by the team.
  • Review and correction of -

families who fail to segregate.

3 steps to attaining zero garbage step 3
3 Steps to attaining Zero Garbage – STEP 3

3. Achieve total Zero garbage

After successful trial segregation, the society

workers will be instructed to dump all the wet

waste from the residents in the Society

Compost Pit or Neighbourhood Compost Pit (As

Planned Beforehand).


The wet garbage collected from all the flats

of your society will be dumped in the

compost Pit. Over it Spray EM (Effective

Micro Organism) Solution daily. EM solution

prevents smell and speeds

up the decomposition process.

There are also NGOs who train the housing

society workers/residents on the method of

Composting more scientifically ( see later)

composting at your own home

It is ideal if all the residents of the society segregate their household

Waste and join the ‘zero garbage project’. But for some reasons if this is

not possible, you can compost your daily wet waste at your own home.


Daily shift the wet garbage from your small kitchen bin to a bigger plastic

bucket kept a the terrace, balcony or courtyard. Spray the activated EM

solution daily. It will take long time to get your bucket full, since the wet

garbage keep on reducing its volume as it keeps on decomposing. After

2-3 months use another, bucket. Keep the earlier bucket idle till its

contents dries and turns into powdery form. This is the fertile manure

your are looking out for. This can be used for your home grown plants or

housing society plants, or even can be sold!

what is em solution
What is EM solution?

EM, in short, is Effective Micro-organism. It

is a liquid solution of effective micro

organism. Activated EM solution (see next

slide) should be sprayed daily over the wet

garbage. This would speed up the

decomposition process and prevents the

smell. (More details on EM solution are

available on the net, refer ‘maple EM1


activation of em solution


  • 1 liter Concentrated -

Maple - EM1 Solution.

  • 18 liters of clean water.
  • 1 kg of jaggery/molasses.


Take a 20 liter capacity bucket. Fill 18 liters of clean water, 1 liter concentrated

EM solution and 1 Kg of jaggery. Stir the water till all ingredients dissolve

completely in the water. Close the bucket with an air tight cover and place it at

a dark place (away from the sunlight). Daily open the cover of the bucket to

release the gas. In 5-7 days, the surface of the contents in the bucket will be

covered by whitish substance. This means, the EM is now Activated, and is

ready for use.

where maple em1 solution is available

Concentrated Maple EM 1 solution is available at Pune, and may be received by currier services.


MrJere M M

Bhumi Agro Services, Pune

Mobile 98230 36910



THE PROJECTS WHICH CAN SAVE THEMOTHER EARTH.Organic Waste Management Sewage Management Bio- sludge management Waste-Water recycling Waterless Urinal Infection control Odor management Bio- Gas generation Solar Energy Generation Systems Organic Garden development.Water Harvesting

Thank You!

The PowerPoint produced by Ruth D’Souza

With the inputs given by Karuna Kendra,

CCO Our Lady of Mercy Church, Pokhran


QUESTIONS FOR GROUPDISCUSSION(you may adapt the questions depending the type of group participating)Q1. There are people who say, the environmental issues like solid waste management is the problem of government. It is not citizens’ problem. Comment.Q. 2 – In civic/political issues like zero garbage, we may have to involve people of all faiths in our neighbourhood/housing society. What are some of the hurdles you are expected to face. How do you overcome them?Q. 3 – After today's, session, what is your suggested for follow-up – Example - this group meeting periodically or any other?