Understanding and using your millennial goggles
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Understanding and Using Your Millennial Goggles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding and Using Your Millennial Goggles. @ katiehartranft @ Jake_Rudy #NODAC2012. Our Roadmap for Today. Working with Millennials , and their parents Are Millennials different than Gen X, Gen Y, etc? How? How does this impact enrollment & retention?

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Understanding and using your millennial goggles

Understanding and Using Your Millennial Goggles




Our roadmap for today
Our Roadmap for Today

  • Working with Millennials, and their parents

  • Are Millennials different than Gen X, Gen Y, etc? How?

  • How does this impact enrollment & retention?

  • Viewing your program through Millennial goggles

Just who are these millennials
Just WHO are these “Millennials”?!

  • Generations and Birth Cohorts used formally & informally for decades

  • Millennials: Generally born after 1980, coming of age around 2000

  • Other recent generational groups: X, Y, Silent, Boom

  • Millennials learn, behave, & experience college differently than other groups before

Generational generalities
Generational Generalities

  • How Millennial are you?

  • Generational work is conducted on a broad scale

  • Important to recognize that each student is still an individual with their own unique needs, experiences, & expectations

  • Generational work does help connect and focus institutional resources

More generational generalities
More Generational Generalities

  • Research from numerous fields on Millennials

  • Common Themes for Millennial Students:

    • Connectivity (tech, people, news, sharing, politics)

    • Accessibility (space, services, convenience)

    • Individuality (developmentally, self-worth)

    • What else?

  • Knowing these themes could impact how you work with individuals and groups of Millennials

Why poms matter
Why POMs Matter

  • Generational differences in parenting styles

  • Parents Of Millennials (POMs)

  • Significant impact in effectiveness of orientation, transition, & retention programming

Pom helicopter black hawk helicopter
POM – Helicopter – Black Hawk Helicopter

  • POMs & Millennials may view college differently than previous generational groups

    • Access & Accountability (FERPA as a burden)

    • Customer-orientation (Immediate answers/service)

    • Check-list (Certification/jobs orientation)

  • Some continuing trends, others intensified

  • Empowered POMs require more intentional service and strategic communication, earlier & more often

Do you wear the right goggles
Do You Wear the Right Goggles?

  • Campus populations shifting

  • “Nontraditional” is now the “Traditional”

  • How does this impact orientation processes?

  • Millennials still matter

    • Particularly for student staff

  • Millennial to Millennial conversation

    • Student point of view is strongest

  • How does this inform your work?

Works referenced
Works Referenced

  • Pew Research Center. (2010). Millennials: A

    portrait of generation next.